Liberals REELING After Governor Hits Back
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One Republican governor is knocking down opponents left and right as he opened fire on celebrities, liberals and the left in general. 

While at the Georgia Republican Convention, Governor Brian Kemp was ready to rumble after multiple celebrities threatened to boycott the state in response to him signing the heartbeat bill into law. 

“I understand that some folks don’t like this new law,” Kemp said. “I’m fine with that. We’re elected to do what’s right — and standing up for precious life is always the right thing to do.”

Sharing that the Republican Party is the “party of freedom and opportunity,” Kemp openly mocked the celebrities who would choose to end the life of a child. 

“We value and protect innocent life,” Kemp declared, “even though that makes C-list celebrities squawk.”

The GA governor had more to share though and called on his fellow party members to stand firm against the coming storm. 

“We fought every liberal activist in the country – and we won. And I’ll say it again for the folks in the back of the room: we won. But make no mistake, we cannot rest on our laurels. We have to double down and do it again.”

Kemp reiterated this in his closing statements, sharing hope for the Republican state but noting that the left was out of the control and that it had never been more important to stand and oppose them.

“I still believe our best days are ahead in this great state,” he said. “Folks, this is a battleground state in 2020. And it’s time to hunker down and fight. The left is angry, they’re radical and they’re ridiculous.”

    1. Thank heaven for the great state of Georgia; along with Texas, maybe our last hope. And please remember, Leftism is poison and destroys everything it touches.

  1. To end a life in the third tri-mester, or after being born, because the mother decides she doesn’t want it, is pure and simple MURDER! Hypocritical of the liberals to want to end the death penalty for murderers and rapists, yet say it’s ok to murder a child that has no means of protection. Any mother, and assisting medical personnel, ;who let a child lie there unattended until he/she dies, should be tried for murder.

  2. The choice is either education or birth control. To offer anyone a blank check is not very smart as you end up with the system as it is currently. The assumption is that all women are smart, that is patently untrue, the percentages of intelligent humans is the same regardless of gender. We need American population growth to compensate the number of people dying from disease, accidents, or old age.
    There are plenty of people that want to emigrate here, unfortunately, we are getting the best and the brightest, we are attracting people that want to work with their hands and job creation is going to be jobs that work with brain power, so we need people that know the language, know basic math and have basic communication skills. The illegals coming here do not possess these skills, these folks need to be eliminated from the equation of living in this country. Secure the southern border with any means that works and countries that allow transients to roam through them need to pay the price of supporting these people. Revise our immigration laws that allow for “immediate” deportation when they are apprehended by the Border Patrol. We either do it now or we will have illiterate unskilled people that will have to resort to crime to support themselves.

    1. Thank you governor Kemp, our country needs more leaders like you. The looney left must be stop or we will loose our great nation. Our governor in Oregon needs to go!

  3. I am so tired of hearing about abortion. There is no reason to have a one. These stupid women should all use birth control. There are so many birth control methods that there should not be any abortions.
    Some women use abortion as birth control. Shame on them.

  4. Physician assisted suicide without consent of the living being. Physician assisted suicide illegal. Physician’s give an other to protect a life at all costs. We protect our pets better than we protect our unborn child.

  5. I really want to know why hollywood elites, both the actors and the companies want to go to states that give tax breaks for filming.

    Isnm’t that rich, the rich we are told aren’t paying their fair share, and taxes aren’t high enough, but then why do states need to give tax breaks and incentives to bring them to their states to film.

    And if it is good enougn for hollywood elites, why not for the rest of us.

  6. Did anyone ever hear of condoms? Time to grow up. Babies are not to be thrown away.
    They might become President one day. They are God’s creation. My son committed
    suicide but I would never give up the 27 years I had him.

  7. Liberals are completely out of control they don’t mind digging up and slinging dirt at others but they hate when the shoe is on the other foot . New York elected an anti American nut case and there are no kind words at all for California. Liberals are horrible they want to kill all Christian beliefs like other countries that are punishing them and killing them for what they believe. It’s time conservatives unite and stop these crazy liberals.

  8. Unfortunately I live in NY state in the Buffalo suburbs. I am also a Republican. I can tell you that the people I know do not agree with the 3rd trimester and after birth abortions. Our government officials have lost their minds starting with Governor Cuomo. I never even heard of this law until Cuomo signed the bill. Kudos to Governor Kemp. I have voted since I was 18 yrs old and now I just turn 65. Haven’t won a lot elections. But keep hoping…

  9. I stand behind Georgia’s Governor Kemp!
    He is brave and courageous and will be
    Blessed for his stand against abortion.
    I just wish more states would follow suit.
    I am from Louisiana and I wish we had a
    Conservative governor, but he is a
    Democrat, so he is a Liberal.
    God Bless & Keep You, Governor Kemp!

  10. I live in NC and I have to say when I read this article about Gov. Kemp I wished for that moment that I lived in Georgia. I am so proud of Gov. Kemp for standing up for those that can not. God bless you for your morals and good judgment and for your courage to stand your ground. I wish there were more people like you. Thank you, Gov. Kemp and God bless you.

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