Giuliani Puts Schiff In His Crosshairs
Image credit: Chicago Tribune

Giuliani has got Adam Schiff shaking in his boots.

Recently on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said he would like to put Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) “under oath” and see what he knows since he has claimed to have evidence of collusion on Trump.

Giuliani said the House Democrats have no evidence of collusion and applauded Trump for “resisting” the subpoenas.

“The president is doing the right thing and resisting their subpoenas — not because he doesn’t want to cooperate. He cooperated with the special counsel. He gave him 1.4 million documents. We just don’t want to do it over again. We did it. They have that at all. Go read it. They want to have a show on television during the afternoon so that Nadler can get his face on television, so that Cummings can pretend that he wants the truth. He had a chance with Cohen. He let Cohen lie and get away with it. And Schiff, I don’t know what he’s about.”

He continued, “Schiff should be a witness. He claimed a year ago that he had evidence of collusion. Direct evidence. Since Mueller couldn’t find it, instead of holding a hearing, [Schiff] should be testifying about it. If I could find a way to put him under oath and ask him what that stuff is that he has, I’d ask him.“

  1. This INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, will one day in the near future reap what he has sown. That will be a day of national celebration, his parents must be so proud.

  2. Unfortunately being under oath means nothing to the dems. They took an oath to uphold America and the Constitution and do their job. So far it has been a miserable failure.They don’t care about truth. They only care about power.

      1. IF big if, schiff actually had anything on trump regarding collusion then he should be arrested for obstructing justice for not revealing what he knows, on the other hand if he has been lying all this time and accusing President Trump then AGAIN he is obstructing justice. No matter what Schiff has put hm self in the untenable position of being legally WRONG AND SHOULD BE CHARGED AT THE VERY LEAST OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

      2. Never mind the “oath”. send some FBI agent to interview him. If he lies to the FBI by sticking to his fake evidence story arrest and prosecute him. If he admits he was lying and has nothing, hold him up to public ridicule.

    1. Yes, Old Biker, Schiff is that rat’s real Jewish name, and he is probably a descendant of the Jewish rat named Jacob Schiff of the New York banking firm who sent millions of American dollars to the Jewish leaders of the communist Russian Revolution which eventually resulted in the deaths of some sixty million Christian Russians.

  3. Ah Rudy. The bag of wind grows each time you open that mouth. Along with the thoughtful comments listed here we have a perfect Trump trifecta. Such examples of patriotism! Makes one proud to be an American?

  4. I hope that Rudy applies pressure to Schiff and forces him to show the evidence or proof that he has on collusion that he has on President Trump. If he can’t produce proof Rudy should sue him for every thing he has. We are all sick and tired of listening to this piece of shit. I heard that Schiff has two moving parts and they are his mouth and his asshole and they are interchangeable.

  5. Shifty Schiff knows he has NO EVIDENCE of collusion. If he actually did, we’d know it as much as he likes camera time. Schhiff is sticking to the playbook that Trump surely did something illegal to be elected & he must pay for depriving their darling candidate of becoming the country’s first female President.

    1. Perhaps the _Senate_ Intelligence committee can subpoena Schiff and ask him to present his evidence to them! He could either fight the subpoena and get sanctioned by the Senate or choose to testify and show his evidence to them. Or lack thereof.

    1. Bull schiffer’s a deer in the headlights stare is as freeky as I’ve ever seen. Forever to be referred to as Adam B Schiff. He’s full of it!

  6. None of them have anything, not just Schiff. Waters, Cummings, Nadler, they are all failed pigs in the slop! There is nothing there dummies! Nadler and Waters can’t even carry a conversation without blubbering all over themselves! Cummings behaves as if he is all knowing but when fact checked he is a liar too!

  7. Can’t wait until the day when the swamp is totally drained!!! Then whatever is left on the slime on the bottom can be covered over with cement and used as a parking lot!!!

  8. The Mayor is Hot, Hot, Hot!!! Pitiful what de Blasio has done to NYC. What a joke him running for President. Such a loser. I wish Giuliani all sorts o luck and good fortune in slamming the weasel Schiff. Yuk!!

  9. Adam Schiff’s full of Bull Schiff. Hence Adam B.Schiff needs a DCSwamp bath to clean up his deplorable lying mouth. 2020 must be the election of left coast trash to be swept off the LA SanFran sewers. With Mr. Bull Schiffer pushing a broom.

  10. Cummings Wife, stole 850 Million Dollars of taxpayers money. For those of you Democrats that don’t understand, if you are employed and pay income tax, she took your tax money for their personal use without even so much as a thank you.
    Is this clear?

  11. Shifty Schiff needs to present his evidence of collusion (if he has any at all) under oath. If his evidence is fictitious & made up, get him for perjury & lock him up!

  12. Schiff isn’t even worth a bullet to shoot him with. Schiff is a waste of otherwise usable space and air.

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