TEACHER Caught Committing DESPICABLE Act
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They are literally PLANTING fake Evidence.

A Southbridge, Massachusetts, school teacher allegedly planted live ammunition at his school then called 911 to report having found the ammo.

According to WCVB, 57-year-old  Alfred Purcell, reported finding “9 mm ammunition in the rear stairwell” of Southbridge High School. His report led to a lockdown, during which the police examined surveillance footage and saw Purcell allegedly taken ammo out of his own pocket, “dropping it on the floor and quickly leaving the area.”

ABC News reports that Purcell was arrested and police found over 100 live rounds in car. He allegedly told officer he planted the ammo to “prove to the school that they needed to get metal detectors.”

Southbridge Police Chief Shane Woodson saying, “There was no kids that were injured, nobody was seriously impacted by this other than we went into a lockdown for an hour and we had to investigate a teacher who was doing things he shouldn’t be doing,”

Southbridge superintendent Jeffrey Villar said, “This individual acted in a disgusting manner. I feel very badly for our students because it is an adult who failed them.”

Src: Breitbart

    1. Whether or not he is charged with a felony will be determined by state law.
      He will probably lose his job: And he will also probably lose his teaching certificate/license.

  1. This guy was obviously not very smart. This is not the type of people that needs to be teaching our children. Make sure that his activities are reflective in his work record.

  2. Another Democrat (?) I’d suspect, trying to promote a sick agenda. The Derangement continues. Pathetic isn’t it?

  3. Since he is obviously a Left-Winged nutball he won’t be charged. The Democrats will probably award him with their own medal of honor. What a messed up world the Liberals have made it. .

  4. Strange brain libs will do anything to destroy our children’s understanding of their own U.S. Constitution and distort the true meaning of their own country’s Bill of Rights. It is my opinion that these nutty libs are at war with this country.. The enemy is working it’s horror via school books. Revisionist are teaching ‘hate the USA’ and ‘hate our founding fathers’ to each and every public school child. Many of our teachers today are produces of this very teachings themselves. I believe this evil attack on and via our children started in late 1960′ s. Today’s US history and civics books are full of revisionist LIES.. The cleansing of the hate and division in our country we are experiencing MUST start in the BOOKS used in all our educational institutions throughout this country. Of late they are even teaching ‘all white men are everyone’s enemy’. Wake up America. These libs are breeding hate today with an ounce of truth and a hundred pounds of lies, The media is reiterating ..no, building on these lies.
    Guns have never been a problem in the USA (over 200 years at least) not until the late 1960’s that is. This too is the liberals attempt to disarm this country and create a civil war. The Democrat party has within it socialist and Islamist striking out against our our US system. Keep in mind the USA fought a civil war to free slaves in the 1860’s..Islam has never given up slavery and they have been given the “right” to hold slaves in their Holy Books (the Koran and Hadiths). Islamist slaveholders are common place throughout the world TODAY. Wake up Americans if you give up our constitutional government (by voting socialist or Islamist into government power) you, me “WE the people” will never get it back without a civil war. Socialism and Islam do NOT allow the people to vote them out of power.

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