Ocasio-Cortez’s Newest Role
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Things could be getting MUCH worse…

If New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio succeeds in his just-announced quest to win the White House in 2020, that would leave a vacancy in the tough job of leading America’s largest city.

One local newspaper thinks it has spotted the perfect candidate to succeed de Blasio: U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In a recent editorial, the New York Sun argues that the freshman Democratic congresswoman from the Bronx (whose 14th Congressional District also represents part of Queens) might find the House of Representatives an unpleasant place if the GOP recaptures the chamber in 2020 – and would perhaps appreciate a chance to come home from Washington.

In a Republican-controlled House, the Sun argues, Ocasio-Cortez would be “faced with the interminable drudgery of being without seniority and in a minority.”

Running for mayor of New York, however, might “look attractive to the young firebrand with a … quick wit and taste for the limelight,” the Sun wrote.

The Sun’s suggestion comes just as de Blasio – now in his second term – is facing much ridicule over his presidential aspirations, with 76 percent of city residents saying he should not run, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

But the Sun ends its editorial with a bit of intrigue.

A suggested mayoral run by AOC might fail, the newspaper suggests, if local Republicans “were to discover a high-spirited millennial with Republican principles to take her on.”

Does the Sun have a particular Republican in mind? The editorial doesn’t say.

Src: Fox News

  1. Excellent idea, AOC could implement the “Green New Deal” on New York City as a primary example of how well it works.

  2. First of all, like most of the Socialist/far-left Dems in the race, DeBlahsio has absolutely zero chance of going all the way, even in his own party, much less in 2020. Still, there is one good possibility if Rep. Cow Farts does take over for him (such as DeBlahsio being forced to resign or gets kicked out due to illegalities). If AOC does succeed him, the one good part is that, in the House, her complete stupidity could affect the entire nation. If she gets in the NYC Mayor’s chair, then her idiocy wold be limited to NYC itself…among the most deserving cities in America that would be ruined by a mentally deficient libtard leader like her.

  3. For the Sun, or anyone to think that mayor of NYC would be attractive to AOC, you must first believe much of what she has said and wants to be done are lies. For example, if she really believes carbon emissions must reach net zero in the U.S. in the next 12 years or we all die, then there is NO WAY Mayor of NYC would have ANY appeal.

  4. NY people are clueless when it comes to politics. They would probably elect her, she has the credentials, stealing funds that were suppose to be for her election, so she qualifies in the eyes of Democrats. Look forward for lots of skat boards challenging he bike for the best way to get around when AOC makes cars and busses of the street. I hope you do not eat any kind of meat sold in restaurants and grocery stores, those will be the big black market items. Welcome NY to socialism and bankruptcy very quickly with business leaving in groves.

  5. Get her out of Washington but please don’t do this to NYC. This woman is dangerous, lives in a dream world, and is delusional. Time is to come when people like her is going to be the ruination on not only NYC but the US.

  6. YHES give her to NY so the rest of the nation doesn’t put up with this poor girl. Give us a break from this ill informed young woman.

  7. I’m sure with her wonderful green ideas she could manage to bankrupt New York in one term. Maybe they will vote her in, I hope they do. They deserve her.

  8. They have elected a horses azz twice, why not an ignorant donkey face ? Sorry to be
    so insulting to donkeys/jackasses, but she look like one when she smiles. If she is so
    brilliant as many seem to think, how come she couldn’t get a job in NYC other than
    bartender. Yeah, you got the answer.

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