Delusional Abrams Boasts Her Ability To “Win”
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I think her loss in Georgia gave her a little bit of brain damage.

Recently, on “MSNBC Live,” failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams stated some rumors that she is headed toward the crowded field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Abrams stated she is still watching very closely and trying to decide if she wants to enter the race. She also stated she is confident she could enter the race whenever she pleased even “as late as the fall and still have a chance to win.”

“I think we’ve got a robust crop of candidates and I think they’re having important conversations, but my mission is to make certain that we are keeping that attention focused all the way through the campaign. So, I’m going to keep watching and decide if I need to jump in,” Abrams said.

She also declared, “I do believe I could enter the conversation as late as the fall and still have a real chance to win.”

  1. ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY NO!!!!!! One pos poor loser is enough and 1 already did his muzzzzzzlim best to try to ruin THE GREATEST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!! Shes a poor cheating LOSER!

  2. The Democratic Party’s byword is H-A-T-E. Next to sins of a sexual nature HATING is the reason more people send themselves to perdition (eternal damnation) than any other. The reason for this is because people feel that their HATE is justified; and it is all but impossible to ask forgiveness for something for which you feel justified. It is the rationale behind people saying, “I can never forgive (him or her).”

    After death infinite mercy is supplanted by infinite justice. If you die in your sin of hate you will, as Jesus told the Pharisees, be condemned. This is the reason Jesus taught us to “turn the other cheek, do good to those who hate you, and love your enemies”. If a person lives by these edicts he can avoid the self-condemning spiritual trap of hating someone.
    Many Democrats, by their vile statements about the President, fall into this HATE category. They don’t believe what I said above, but truth is truth whether one believes it to be so or not. It is the curse of believing in relative truth; and if you don’t believe the truth in this life, you will have reason to know the truth in the next. Because ‘Immediately after one dies, he or she no longer has the privilege of expressing a personal opinion about what is true. Whether what one professed in life was the absolute truth, a relative half truth or blatantly wrong, the indisputable truth now shorn of any ambiguity appears irrefutably clear and unmistakably eternal.’”

  3. Please Stacey, run! Only you save the world from all these evil and loathsome conservatives. You can go down in history as the woman who made America safe for socialism…..Up is the new down. right is wrong. Wrong is right and people who take oaths to defend our nation are treated like those that won’t. Our representatives take and oath to defend the constitution and the very first thing they do is attack the bill of rights. But they call themselves “noble”. God Help America! Jack in seattle

  4. Absolutely she could win. She got 48.8% of the votes in Georgia, not known as a Democratic stronghold. Super impressed by her poise and intelligence.

  5. We know her presidential bid is coming…. she’s whined non-stop every since she lost ! So 0prah is going to endorse her….. whoopty doo…! Abrams has played the race card til I’m sick of even looking at her, overweight, mouthy, and dammed racist! She really should consider running 2 Nd to Biden, but she’ll have to rein in her hatred of other races! The voters in her state must have had their heads upon their asses and were sucking for air when voting!
    Let’s give her a message, Americans don’t want a pregudice and racist a President!

  6. WHO paid this woman’s hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of unpaid bills off????
    Abrams has NO J-O-B, soooooooo WHERE did the money come from to pay off her debts????
    WHO does she owe a favor?????

  7. She should jump in. She will, for sure, get thousands of votes. She needs democratic money and donations, help her get it. Fair is Fair. She did not win before so the world will give her the presidency. Hurray, jump in! Go for it.

  8. Abrams is an idiot. She refuses to concede the election in Georgia where she lost the governor’s race by 74,000 votes. She keeps saying she won, and now she thinks she could be president. I think all the fat on her body has gone to her brain. I live in Georgia, and I voted against her. She actually wanted illegals to vote. She had all the big guns here to campaign for her, and she still lost. Can you see this fat mama as our president? I think not.

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