With Every Word, Comey Digs His Hole Deeper
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Former FBI Director James Comey is feeling the heat as investigations against him and his organizations mount. But he isn’t helping himself by speaking in public.

Currently there are three investigations being led against Comey. Attorney General William Barr has appointed John Durham to investigate the FBI. This adds to the investigations led by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Huber.  

These investigations become easy to justify when Comey is constantly shifting his story, a telling trait of a liar. 

He recently went on a media tour in an attempt to direct the blame at anyone other than himself. First he blasted President Trump calling him “amoral,” a “chronic liar” and someone who “eats your soul in small bites.” While insulting to the president, these remarks do not indicate any wrongdoing. 

When that didn’t work Comey attacked Attorney General Barr and former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein saying that they lacked inner strength and character. Neither remark is factual or provide a prompt for Comey’s previous actions.

Finally Comey tried appealing to emotions, saying Trump HAD to be investigated for being a miserable person that needed to be “stopped.”

Unfortunately for Comey that isn’t going to work either. The FBI is supposed to be comprised of level headed professionals and as such, is prohibited from acting on the emotion that someone just isn’t the nicest person.

Nothing Comey has come out to say reveals wrong doing by the Trump administration that would have merited the FBI’s investigation into his campaign. Instead Comey is trying to draw attention to literally anything else as the walls close in around him, which is doing more harm to himself than good.

  1. It will be a good day for America when Comey is behind bars. No minimum security for this liar. He has done all he can to damage Trump’s and America’s reputations. He’s a lowlife snake that needs to be stopped before he can dfo any more damage.

  2. Sean Hannity keeps telling Comey that he has the right to remain silent and he should exercise it. But, the arrogant stuffed shirt just won’t pay attention. Some people just have to learn the hard way.

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