Barr’s ONE Question For Pelosi
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Attorney General William Barr is willing to make use of an opportunity when he sees one. 

Barr was attending the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service when he had an encounter with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he couldn’t pass up. 

After Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have been suggesting placing the attorney general under arrest, he took the moment to approach Pelosi, shake her hand and ask:

“Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?”

Hilariously bold. Barr knows that Pelosi knows such a move would cause a firestorm that the Democrats would not be able to recover from. 

To her credit Pelosi did manage to reply that the House sergeant-at-arms was present should an arrest prove necessary. However it was clear to everyone that was not going to happen and it was Barr who walked away laughing. 

  1. Hail to you Attorney General Barr. This is just what these lunatic Dems need, especially that Pelosi. They are a joke. Thank you for your bravery and keen discernment. That was great!

  2. Shows this AG has a sense of humor at least.
    Should prove interesting down the road when he starts sending the police to the homes of the criminals – say at 5am.
    We always fear the GOP is soft, unwilling to pursue traitors, while the demoloons try to arrest everyone – for made up crimes.
    Why just recently someone said (on the qt – insider source) that there was an arrest warrant, subpoena and formal charges being prepared against Trump for air pollution.
    Seems he passed gas one day.

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