Shots Fired Between Liz Cheney And Ilhan Omar
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The battle between Republican Rep. Liz Cheney and Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar is heating up.

Omar is lashing out at Cheney after the Republican slammed Rep. Rashida Tlaib for saying “There’s a calming feeling I always tell folks when I think of the Holocaust.” 

Cheney blasted Tlaib’s comment and her defense of it as “a fantasy based on lies spread to delegitimize the state of Israel.”

That prompted Omar to come to Tlaib’s defense in an attack that blatantly accusing Cheney of Islamophobia. 

Omar may claim to be fighting on Tlaib’s behalf, but she likely still sore over the lashing she took from Cheney just days before on Twitter. 

The fight is one sided though. Where as Tlaib and Omar seem to be sticking up for one another, that’s about it. Most Democrats have just barely managed damage control in the aftermath of their outrageous comments and none support statements like Tlaib has made about the Holocaust. 

  1. Both of the Islamic women in Congress should understand a simple historical fact. There has never been a state of Palestine. In Roman times, it was called Judea. Jews have been there for over 2 millennia. The very term Palestine was a Roman slur that came from the Jew’s ancient enemy, the Philistines. Of course, neither Omar nor Tlaib are interested in facts. Their only interest is in hatred for anybody who doesn’t agree with their lies.

    1. Because our country was founded on “freedom of speech”, The right to oppose the viewpoint of anyone or anything or any country without the fear of reprisal, This is a “right” that is basically is not granted “anywhere” else in the world.

      When you go about your business, take a moment and thank your “Creator” for allowing you to be born here.

    2. The Muslims got into the government because of the political lies they told during their campaigns. And, the voters believed them & voted for them. As in other things, buyer beware.

      Our country was built on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Historically we’ve always supported the state of Israel. We know that the holocaust had no “calming effect.” Our military was there when people were freed from the inhumanity of the concentration camps.

  2. Is this the greatest country in the world or what? I celebrate my existence here every day of my life. A country where, regardless of your view and background, you are allowed to “protest” them without fear of retribution. I would like to see what would happen if they returned to the countries of origin and attempted to do and say there, the things that they do and say here.

    God bless the United States of America and all my fellow citizens. MAGA

  3. Omar the Muslim SWINE a/k/a “COCKROACH” will have her Naturalization, be voided for Perjury and will be DEPORTED to her Native NEST, where she will be met by “Billy the Exterminator”.

  4. Omar should be in jail right now for her incestuous marriage to her brother to allow him into America. Her belief in Islam and Sharia Law is against American law and tradition. We fought against women’s sufferage 100 years ago and women became equal in the ways of Americanism and were respected in America. The Muslims have no respect for their women under Sharia law. If I catch any Muslim man treating a woman in a bad way, I will act accordingly and will whip his ass as an American man would. Don’t let me see you do it in America you Muslim bastards. You will get yours.

    1. These women were elected to go to Washington to represent their districts from their states. Instead of representing their states, they are representing only their religious views. Are the voters back home watching them to see their actions? Might any of them be considering a recall election?

  5. These are terrorists plants that claim to be good Muslims but they are really terrorist trash. They are there to disrupt Congress and cheapen life in the US. They should be exiled back to the Near East and let the critters eat them!

  6. The House of Representatives is becoming a sounding board for anti-Jewish comments. The peak of all of these is when Pelosi asked the radical Imam to open a session of the House with a “prayer.” The spineless Democrats are letting a few radicals take control of the House of Representatives and eventually there will be no way back to sensible governing. It will take years to clear away the damage these radicals have been doing to our government.

  7. LSUGene

  8. These two MUSLIM women don’t care about history facts. They are nothing but troublemakers who are totally against Jews and AMERICANS. Only the ignorant would listen to these hate-filled, vengeful, lawless women. They came to our Country to be nothing but trojans, spreading their hate-filled propaganda.

  9. Ilhan Omar never met a non-Muslim she didn’t vilify…especially the Jews. Her hatred is not disguised and we easily see that she is far from being a just person. She follows Sharia and that means she feels entitled to say/do whatever she wants to Islamic non-believers. I can’t believe this woman sits in the American House of Representatives! Her comments warrant censure!

  10. A lot of the blame goes back to Pelosi, as a Dem with power she’s let the 3 woman of color bitches get away with it ! She could have supported stopping this b.s. at anytime , but likes the turmoilmits causing! I hope these issues blow up in their in there Dem Faces and costs them millions of voters in 2020. It’s all so dam disgusting, never dreamed America would have to deal with this kind of crap in leadership. If your independent or middle of the road voter take a good look at the childish behavior adult Dem leadership is dispkaying: threats, lawsuits, backstabbing, killing babies, reparations for blacks, free college ( already lazy people would love that, money to wipe out Stu loans, open border, sanctuary cities, more benefits for aliens, no money for needed beds at the border, eliminating farting cows, REALLY!, o air travel ( that really made the bitch from Hawaii mad), pushing socialism. Candidates that love/ loved communistic countries, Biden – China, Sanders- Russia and Cuba.
    MAGA 2020 ! But need to start now, block those left- wing assholes!

  11. My money is on Cheney in this dispute. I have often agreed with her and have respect for her ability and knowledge. In addition I believe she is a patriot.

  12. Boot these two Hadjis back to Arabia! Obama imported all the Hadjiis who voted for them, on Midnight Flights from Moslem Lands! American voters were never told about this! The American People Paid for their own Enemies to come here! One day soon, we will have to DEAL with them All!

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