Gay Wedding Kicks Off New Season of Popular Kids’ Show
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Not even children are safe from the culture war the left is staging. 

Looking to bypass public discussion and go straight to brainwashing future generations, the liberal media is just broadcast a gay wedding as the opening of a popular kids cartoon. 

The premiere episode for the 22nd season of “Arthur,” a cartoon about an anthropomorphic aardvark, depicted a gay wedding held for the title character’s elementary school teacher.  

The program’s target audience is in the 4-8 year old range. 

  1. This is just another sneaky way for the Left to override the parents if they are not paying attention as they should. They are trying to sell the idea to kids, that this is a normal act acceptable to everyone, when we know that isn’t true. How come NOW, is the time to teach THAT? Because enough people are involved in it, that makes Politicians fear they will lose out on those votes if they don’t agree with those who are engaged in this lifestyle. Frankly, I don’t believe in, or agree to the reality of the term Transgender. Instead, I look at it as being mentally disturbed. The left looks at it as opportunity, to to use it as an advantage to gain more votes. THAT to me is gross and I would never vote for ANYONE that is THAT hard up for self gain.

  2. What does these people gain by corrupting our children’s minds with “gay” issues. This is what upsets me; they try to enter the mind of children with this agenda to getting them used to reading, seeing and hearing (cartoons) with gay issues and agendas. The 1 or 2% who are involved in this type of oddity should not dictate for the 98 or 99% of the population of the U.S.Shame, shame on you! I just had to make this note.

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