Conservatives Get Last Laugh After Student Lashes Out
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A progressive college student is learning a valuable life lesson after getting into an altercation with a conservative activist. 

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill a group of pro-life activists were peacefully advocating for future generations until a young woman with pro-abortion views came to cause a scene. 

The woman was so outraged that people would advocate for the lives of children that she attempted to disrupt the protest by stealing one of the activists signs. 

She rips the sign from one man and attempts to walk off with it but the pro-lifer isn’t having it. 

Without resorting to any type of physical altercation, the activist follows the woman while recoding her via cell phone. That is until a police officer comes into view. 

The man flags the officer down and explains that the woman has stolen his sign, things quickly fall apart for  the young woman who apparently is surprised that actions have consequences.

“Why’d you rip it out of his hands?” the officer asked.

“Because,” came the weak reply, “this restricts women’s rights.” 

The woman was annoyed to learn that she would have to return the property, muttering “I can’t believe y’all protect them,” before attempting to leave. 

But the officer blocked her escape and had news for her. “Nope. You’re not going anywhere. Right now you’re being detained, okay?”

“Detained for what?” the stunned student asked. 

“Uh… larceny,” the officer told her. “You stole his sign.”

“He has it back!” she stammered. “I moved it 50 yards!”

“I don’t care if you moved it one foot,” he answered. “You don’t have a right to take someone’s property, okay? Period.”

At this point the woman has lost all the bluster she had earlier, she cries, begs and pleads with the officer not to be arrested. 

“Am I being arrested right now?” she asked, adding that “I won’t mess with the sign again.”

But it was too late as the officer told her “Put your arms and hands behind your back, you’re under arrest for larceny.”

The pro-life activist and the officer should both be commended for keeping a cool head while maintaining the peace. While hopefully the young woman learned that stealing is never ok.

  1. I’d hate to have to admit I was her parent. Spoiled, entitled brat. She is too immature to be in college and should be back at home to finish growing up. Guess maybe she can do some of that from jail now.

  2. This is the attitude of Liberals and Progressives, they think that they are above reproach and cannot be penalized for their actions. We need to see more of this whenever groups, regardless of their background are arrested and fined whenever they violate the laws of our country.

  3. They are learning bad behavior by watching the unhinged left! They are mad because people like me do not like the fact these females ( not real women) are using abortion as birth control!!! SHAME ON YOU MURDERERS!!!!!

  4. She could have verbally objected, but she chose to steal an object. There by taking the rights of the person expressing their views from freedom of speech. She should get arrested and thrown into jail. Perhaps it will give her a few minutes in jail to learn about other person’s rights.

  5. This is the result of years of allowing every leftist cuase to be called politically correct and all conservative cuases to be called racist. The left does not have to follow the law anymore becuase they are morally superior. Thst is why la Raza (Hispanic supremicists) can beat people in line at trump rallies and black Panthers and black lives matter people can guard polling places and ambush cops.. I am glad this one cop had the guts to step in . In Portland or Seattle they would not have.

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