Low Blow, Democrat Threatens Trump Staff
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The obsession with President Trump is taking an ugly turn as one Democrat suggests targeting the president’s staff.

Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff is taking aim at the staff of the Trump administration who are defending the president by refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas. 

Schiff is suggests these individuals be held with inherent contempt, which could lead to fines as steep as $25,000 each day or incarceration. 

“I don’t know how many are going to want to take that risk for Donald Trump. But we’re going to have to use that device if necessary,” Schiff declared on ABC News. “We’re going to have to use the power of the purse if necessary. We’re going to have to enforce our ability to do oversight.”

Democratic congressman Ro Khanna agrees that “fines would be appropriate.” Given that this tactic was used to break down the Nixon administration, Khanna stated, “I do think it could be a game changer. Not everyone is going to want to incur a fine to protect this president, not everyone is going to want to be held in contempt of congress to protect this president.”

Democrats have become crazed in their relentless pursuit of Trump’s tax returns, documents from former White House lawyer Don McGahn and the unredacted Mueller report.

  1. When is something going to be done about these CRAZY Democrats. They are going against our Constitution, They are going against all morality. They are going agasinst the people of this nation. WE ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP AND WE STAND WITH HIM. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, NOT THE POSSESSION OF A FEW CRAZY POLITICIANS.


  3. The US Constitution mandates oversight duties to Congress. It is the basis for America’s proverbial call for governmental checks and balances. Congress must use every legal tool to get that job done. Of course, it’s political. That is the purpose of our Constitution. Our laws dictate the process. Trump erroneously believes he now owns SCOTUS. He hopes to run his dictatorial process to the top court for its approval. Yes, the court leans conservative. None the less, Trump will lose. Tue Conservatism will produce that loss. He is running another of his life-long legal delay tactics. We all know that, including conservative federal justices. Their choice is simple: Democracy under our Constitution or Dictatorship.

    1. You’re watching way too much CNN, a known fake news provaricator and elitist fascist/neo-nazi BS outlet. I hope your brainwashing wears off and you can see the truth before these rehtorical lying neo-nazis crush the Constitution.

    2. Another INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, reports you must follow Adolph Hitler’s playbook.
      God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO. MAGA
      P.S learn to proof read and spell.

    3. It seems to me that the democrats in Congress are acting more like dictators than Trump is!! I would love to see a “lie detector challenge” happen between them and Trump!!

    4. The Oversight Committees need some type of oversight over them, It is ridiculous how absurdly political the Dumbocrats have turned Washington. The long-awaited Mueller report didn’t bring the results they wanted to impeach the President. Now, they are chasing fantasies to attempt to create something out of nothing. They want to see Trump’s tax returns. How about the House Intelligence Committee members presenting their tax returns for every year they have been in office? Tit for tat! How many of them would pass the litmus test they want to apply to the President?

    5. One its a Republic, and two Congress has no judicial powers. The chance of them making this stick is nil, the same as it was when the R’s were in control. They couldn’t get anyone to testify. Hence the Special Counsel. Further…Schiff? Dems need to find a better flag carrier as Schiff lives in his own demented world of making up stories with no foundation. Only a fool would not be embarrassed by his statements.

    6. The Democrats are not going by the Constitution. They have been breaking every law and refuse to admit that there was NO COLLUSION BETWEEN TRUMP AND RUSSIA. THE FALSE DOSSIER WAS PAID FOR BY CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON, SERVO BROKE ALL KINDS OF LAWS. Adam Schiff is nothing but another crook who lies. Trump should sue Schiff for defamation of character. Schiff defames Trump every time he opens his lying mouth. That is not freedom of speech, that is a crime.

  4. Who are going to impose these fines THEM ? These doofuscratic idiots are obvious misanthropes. These vitriol entities that opposes our duly elected President, should be MACED and MUSSELED like the rabid DOGS they are . . .; This will continue even when Donald Trump wins the 2020 race . . . CIVIL WAR ? Will BOB BARR restore the lady’s justice and force these “Vacationers in government” to be ARRESTED for their crimes ? Something will need to stop these Excrement individuals from clogging the political toilet . . .

  5. I wish Schiff would do his job – and that’s not to climb up Trump’s ass with a microscope trying to find anything he might have done as serious as jay-walking once in his 20’s or knowing someone who tore the tag off a mattress. I want to see Schiff’s tax returns for every year he’s been in office. I’m sure there are plenty of shade activity to be found there.

    1. Adam Schiff, now there is a laugh!!! This is the same Adam Schiff who told the world a hundred of times that he had seen the proof of collusion. “I have seen the proofs of collusion and it is bad.” Unfortunately, this lying asshole never came across with the goods. Trump shouldn’t let any of his staff testify before this lying asshole!!!

  6. Democrats are a disgrace to our country.They want to cheat and do anything to get there way.they accuse President Trump of being a racist it was obymmer that started racist in this country . but then him and the democrats are the ones who messed this country up.

  7. The Congressional role of oversight is based on some legitimate legislative purpose.
    The Constitution does not empower Congress to do fishing expeditions for political purposes. Remember, throughout the Mueller Probe, President Trump did not ONCE invoke Executive Privilege, although he would have been well within his rights and powers to do so. Now that the Mueller Report sys “no collusion,” Democrats are crazed with grief and disbelief, and are engaged in utterly baseless harassment of the President and his staff.

  8. WTF…I don’t get it.
    Mueller gives a report.
    Barr summarizes it
    A redacted copy is turned over…redacted PER THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY (to preserve grand jury info, national security, etc.)
    The Demoncraps want it unredacted which would be against the law.
    Now they are threatening to impose FINES for NOT breaking the law???
    These blathering idiots are the bane of our existence. If they truly were working for the good of the country, they would put aside their pettiness and stop boo-hooing about losing an election two years ago.

  9. If you want to pursue those who refuse tyo do what you think is right, how about pursuing those in the democratic party who everyone knows are breaking the law. It’s high time you put your own under scrutiny.

  10. The disgusting lengths Democrats will go to when they are voted out by the people, just to negate the American people’s vote. They have no shame, no honor, they are thieves and liars.

  11. Barr has put a couple of his top head hunters on this Russian Collusion Fraud. The Rats in government service in Intel and D.O.J. are turning on each other and the Congressional Rats are in hyper Freak Out mode. I have a feeling they are so addled by the turn of events they are going to get even more stupid unhinged than they already are. They are liable to do some really outrageous stupid things. This whole thing makes Watergate look like a minor traffic infraction.

  12. schiff is trying anything because he will be found out about his involvement with the Russian hoax.

  13. first this exact fine senario was discussed on marc levin’s show sunday and they cannot do it–and the pres doesn’t have to comply–also trump runs the show not congress–trump has way more constitutional power should he chose to exercise it– Barr’ investigation starting at the beginning will catch more than half of congress and all the biggys all will get lengthy jail sentences some will be tried for treason and hanged at gitmo–personally i think donald should build gallows on the white house lawn to scare the crap out of the demorat sheeple–

  14. How dose an insane Democratic spell H-a-r-a-s-s-m-e-n-t? They don’t, as that would take a person with intelligence enough to know how and what the word even meant in the first place!

  15. The Dem-Coms will be MAD until they become Socialists. Then after about 2 years as Socialism starts to crumble they will want Communism, after that, probably war. IF not before!!

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