Trump Turns Democrat Argument Against Them
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President Donald Trump just turned the tables on Democrats.

The progressive party has been on a consistent rant that Trump created a “Constitutional crisis” by permitting Attorney General William Barr to refuse removing redactions from the Mueller report. 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler have especially taken to the term. 

Trump is hitting back though and charges that Democrats have created a ‘Constitutional crisis” by refusing to work with his administration. 

Democrats beware as Trump has proven in the past he is adept at turning attacks against him back on the assailant. Much like how Trump turned the term “fake news” into his own talking point.

  1. democrats have become BRAIN DEAD bumbling IDIOTS. They cares nothing about AMERICA or the AMERICAN PEOPLE. MONEY POWER and GET TRUMP
    That is their agenda. Disband the democrats they are the EVIL ENEMY of AMERICA.

    1. And the democrats refuse to acknowledge the fact that if Barr released the fully redacted report, he would be breaking the law! You cannot release Grand Jury testimony and that is what the dems want! The other thing they won’t tell you is that AG Barr did not have to release any of the report to anyone redacted or not!

  2. DEMonics, all if a sudden the dems come out of their 8 year hybernation and cant remember how to WORK TOGETHER! Most shoukd be trecalled and tossed out on their ass!

  3. If you are not a Russian troll, try listening to some real news about the dangers Donald Trump is inflicting on our country. Even some on Fox News are. Now being honest. Trump is NOT an intelligent person, and has no leadership skills_his expertise is as a con man, and you are one of those swollowing the cons.

    1. You must have your head in the sand not to see the myriad benefits of Trump’s presidency! Or perhaps you’re just a dumb dem!

  4. Trump will never stoop to the levels that the dems has. Dems does not care for America. If people has been watching all the crap that that dems has piled up . Something smells bad in DC , it’s the crap dems pushed and got trapped under. Some things doesn’t disappear. Some things stain forever.

  5. Any person with an IQ above a snail (or a Schiff) knows it is the Dimwits who have created the “Constitutional Crisis”. The asinine push to overthrow a duly elected US President through innuendo and hyperbole is a constitutional crisis.

  6. The Democrats are DESTROYING America and should be lined up and put on a plane and sent to a SOCIALIST COUNTRY and left there. They aren’t doing anything to help America to come together in the country is not doing well under their behavior of anti-American beliefs. They are destroying America in a hand basket.

  7. The dems have to realize that socialism and communism doesn’t work. They to look at our history to see how those things don’t work for us. America needs to open there eyes and see what’s happening! Don’t let the radical left rob America of being who we as a Great Country! MAGA !!!

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