Democrat Chases Illegal Immigrant Vote
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It’s becoming common knowledge that multiple Democrat candidates want to allow illegal immigrants to vote in order to boost their numbers. Now one candidate is even making policies for them. 

Senator Kamala Harris announced to CNN’s Jake Tapper how she would be “opposed to any policy” that didn’t allow for Medicare-for-All to be accessible by any U.S. resident, even if they were in the country illegally. 

“Let me just be very clear about this: I am opposed to any policy that would deny in our country any human being from access to public safety, public education, or public health. Period,” Harris declared. 

This is similar to claims made by socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. Harris claims that the benefits of American society should be a “right” for everyone, not just a “privilege” for those of us who work year round, pay our fair share of taxes, and fight for our country. 

“What we know is that to live in a civil society, to be true to the ideals and the spirit of who we say we are as a country, we have to appreciate and understand that access to health care is a — should not be thought of as a privilege. It should be understood to be a right,” Harris said.

  1. Well Dems. Everything you dream up backfires! The wave of immigrants may vote Democrat next elections but eventually they will vote all elections PRI. You will be on the curb too. It’s all about power! “Puro Tijuana!”

    1. “No human is illegal” is just another way of saying borders don’t count and there should be no borders. However, open-borders means NO borders and NO borders means NO country. Even Bernie Sanders, in 2015, said: “….open borders means NO nation….and is even against the very concept of nation-state….and I don’t think most countries are ready for that…” Well, that’s what the open-borders Democrats are working for, the destruction of the country. Like the recent Antifa chant: “NO BORDERS, NO WALL, NO USA AT ALL !!!” Once illegal migrants cross the border they become OUR problem. They’re destitute and they cannot be allowed to just die in the streets. So, in a way, Harris is right, they have to be provided free medical care(and also thereby preventing the spread of contagious diseases to other people). For the same reasons they have to be given the whole welfare benefit “cascade”. Realistically, and humanely, what else can we do?? This should make it obvious and self-evident that you CANNOT have both open-borders and a welfare state at the same time(and we DO have a welfare state.) And if all the illegals have to be given EVERYTHING free, how can it be denied to any ordinary American citizen?? So, then what, EVEYBODY has to be given EVERYTHING for free?? That’s either hard-line Communism or insanity. Solution? Build and defend the wall and fix the immigration laws. Help the illegal immigrants solve their problems in their own home countries. Anyone in Congress who is obstructing the wall is working for the destruction of the country and voting for any of them is a betrayal of country.

  2. Sorry, Kamala, but you are, as usual, uninformed and just wrong. First, public education, safety and health are not free. They cost money that comes from taxes. You spend all that money on people who do not work year round as you say you will, and the taxpayers are punished. But then you know that, don;t you. Moreover, there is no “right ” to free education or health care (safety is different — the police will protect everyone from criminals, even other criminals). They are privileges that come with citizenship and/or legal residency. Those here illegally are just that — illegal. (I know, there are no illegal humans. But there are humans whose immigration status is “illegal,” so let’s stop splitting hairs.) They are entitled to NO public benefits other than the protection of law enforcement and they are entitled to that only until their illegal status is remedied and they are either here legally or gone entirely. But then, you do not care about being right, logical, or realistic; you only care about saying what is emotionally popular at the moment. I might have considered voting for you if you had stayed in the moderate area of the Democratic party. But your move to the extreme left for the sake of your false perception of political expediency by appeasing the vocal extremists make you an untenable as a candidate. The proof is your standing in the polls among other Democrats.

  3. This no good liberal black POS is a socialist and dangerous period.. Take it from me this POS is nothing more than a communist and isn’t fit to run a low class brothel in Las Vegas> Her proposal for FREE healthcare for illegals, well kama;a, not on my watch. As a native San Franciscan i’ve had the displeasure of having to deal with this joke of DA. She screwed willie brown and when she got through with him, she dumped, him, and as San Francisco’s worst DA , she screwed us with a crappy record of criminal convictions and as a state senator eshe screwed California and it’s legal citizens, so what will be different if this no good snake gets the nomination?,There’s so much more and the dirt on this snake could fill my vineyard and vegetable garden with more crap left over.

  4. Build the wall and start deporting illegals as fast as possible, that is the only way we can make the US safe from criminals, disease and GOD only knows what else, I know it sounds heartless but these illegals need to go back to their country and fight for their rights after all this country fought and won our independence from a tyrant country who was not treating the people right, the only way to fix their country is to do the same, not to run to another country and illegally enter without authorization

  5. Just who does this ignorant, communist-socialist-anti-American-modern day democRAT think has to pay for all of this free access to public safety, public education, and public health? The AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, Period.
    The Question: What is President Trump’s biggest asset to re-election? The Answer: democRATs.

  6. The “Sanctuary”, Democrat State of California has now passed a bill to give all illegal immigrants California Medical for free, where do you think the money for this is going to come from ??? The California Democrats guesstimate is $100 million for 100,000 illegal immigrants for the first year. The cost of proceeding years, I bet it will be a lot more than $100 million.

    The citizens and tax payers of America have earned the right for the benefits of American society, shouldn’t the illegal immigrants earn the rights as well ??

    Democrat California, the blue print for American if the Democrats are able to take control of our government.

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