Pro-Choice Celebs Accidentally Make FOOLS Of Themselves
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In an attempt to protect abortion, they just did exactly what conservatives have been asking people to do.

Alyssa Milano and her female pro-abortion pals have gone on a sex strike as a form of protest over pro-life legislation.

In other words, Ms. Milano and company have taken up and are promoting abstinence — the most effective way to ward off unwanted pregnancy — to stick it to the conservatives. And, ironically, the women who hate “being told what to do with their bodies” — as the factually inaccurate pro-abortion talking point goes — are telling other women what to do with their bodies.

Yeah, the plan was not very well thought out.

“Our reproductive rights are being erased,” wrote the actress in a tweet published Saturday. “Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.”

In a follow-up tweet, Milano posted: “We can LOVE sex and fight for our bodily autonomy. There are lots of alternatives to cis men. Protect your vaginas, ladies. Men in positions of power are trying to legislate them.”

Other feminists joined in, too. “Our feminist foremothers fought for sexual liberation, which goes hand in hand with bodily autonomy. It’s up to us to protect it. Desperate times call for desperate measures,” wrote Maureen Shaw, Editor-in-Chief of

“Hey everyone upset about Alyssa Milano’s #sexstrike. Thanks for helping this trend, that was the point, [because] women’s lives are in danger,” claimed PoliticsUSA columnist Sarah Reese Jones. “P.S. It’s not [Alyssa Milano]’s fault our culture is patriarchal; she doesn’t own that just b/c she’s acknowledging it.”

However, politicos, smacked with the idiocy of a sex strike somehow saving abortion, were quick to call out Milano.

“First time I’ve ever seen a pro-choicer advocate for personal responsibility. Kudos! If y’all have a rally [let me know] I’ll be there,” mocked Blaze TV’s Allie Beth Stuckey.

“Becoming morally abstinent to own the social conservatives,” popular political account Neontaster sarcastically pointed out.

Live Action founder and fierce pro-life advocate Lila Rose replied: “I’m totally with you, [Alyssa Milano] on not having sex. But the issue isn’t ‘reproductive rights.’ The issue is reproductive responsibilities & fidelity. No one should have sex until they’re ready to embrace the privilege & responsibility of lifelong commitment & raising a child.”

“We’re going on a sex strike which will result in fewer abortions. Owned, cons,” mocked conservative columnist Stephen Miller, adding, “Feminists are openly promoting less sex. It’s wild.”

Campus Reform contributor Ben McDonald noted that the “transphobia” of the sex strike “is off the charts.”

Pro-abortion women similarly called for a sex strike to save abortion in July.

“Spooked by the Supreme Court vacancy of Justice Anthony Kennedy, Harper’s Bazaar political editor-at-large Jennifer Wright called for a sex strike from fellow pro-abortion gals to save landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade. Wright instructed her pro-abortion allies to withhold sex and dating ‘with anyone who doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose,’” The Daily Wire previously reported.

Src: The Daily Wire

  1. abstinence or contraceptive rights. All women have these rights,BUT there are too many contraceptive options that come BEFORE ANY so called right to murder a human being.Morning After pill can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. It PREVENTS a pregnancy from happening!!

  2. Celebs are not exactly known for their high IQ’s.
    Especially, people like Alyssa…. would be good for her to stop procreating.

  3. SHIT

  4. The women who are pro-choice, how about being more pro-careful. If you have unprotected sex and get pregnant, you should be more educated as to what causes pregnancy. SEX CAUSES IT! TAKE birth control, use condoms, or better “just say no”. If you are not mature enough to know which to use, or have no way to support and care for a child, DO NOT HAVE SEX, YET. THAT MURDERED ABORTED BABY DID NOT ASK TO BE CONCEIVED, BECAUSE TWO DUMB, IMMATURE MORONS COULDN’T CONTROL THEIR OWN LIBIDOS. YOUR WEAKNESS FOR SOME QUICK PLEASURE, COSTS A BABY, HIS OR HER A LIFE! WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CHILD YOU ABORTED AND A CHILD YOU DECIDED TO KEEP ??? ONE DAY THE CHILD YOU KEPT WILL KNOW HIS MAMA THREW YOUR BABY SISTER OR BROTHER IN THE TRASH AFTER IT WAS MURDERED! A LIFE THEY MAY HAVE HAD, TO LOVE AND SHARE MEMORIES WITH FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE.

  5. Alyssa I am truly sorry for your parents. You seem to hold such a high opinion of yourself that you think the women and men of this country value your opinion. Guess what? They couldn’t care less what a dumb nobody like you has to say. You haven’t had an original thing to say in your lifetime. You memorize lines that someone else wrote for you. This doesn’t make you smart. It makes you a sad case. You are not smart you are a regurgitator, someone who pukes back what is put inside them. You have no business trying to put your beliefs on others. Keep your self-important views to yourself. When you look in the mirror what do you see? We see a delusional moron that seems to think that being a television actress makes her special. Well it doesn’t and keep in mind if people hadn’t wanted to be entertained you wouldn’t have had a job. We are why you got a paycheck so instead of thinking we care what you think, how about just saying thank you for keeping you off the welfare rolls.

  6. I remember when most of these same people were saying that abstinence was unrealistic and should not be taught to young people as a way to prevent pregnancy. Now they seem to be all in. Christian Conservatives should be proud of them. These leftist fools now stand with the very people they hate.

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