Parkland Father EXPOSES Democrats
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They don’t want you to know the sad truth.

Parkland high school father Andrew Pollack says Democrats use school shootings as “an opportunity” to push more gun control.

Pollack’s daughter Meadow was killed in the February 14, 2018, attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “The media and national Democrat politicians didn’t care about the families or why it happened. To them, my daughter’s murder was just an opportunity to promote their gun control agenda.”

Pollack continued, “We protect airports. We protect concerts, stadiums, embassies, the Department of Education that I walked in today that has a security guard in the elevator. How do you think that makes me feel? In the elevator, they got a security guard.”

Yet he stressed his view that Democrat politicians do not take protecting schools as seriously, that they instead are reactionary, using the school shootings as justification for more gun laws.

Pollack told Breitbart News, “Democrats aren’t interested in keeping our children safe while in school. If they were, they would focus on the real issues, like hardening our schools and mental illness.”

He contends that this is evident in the way Democrats and their establishment media surrogates quickly move past school shootings that fail to fit a narrative that makes gun control more attractive. For example, he noted in how the recent Colorado STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting received minor coverage, relatively speaking, from the media. He said this is because the attackers allegedly “used stolen handguns, not AR-15s,” and the views of at least one of them was reportedly pro-Obama, pro-Democrat.

Pollack noted how students marched out of a vigil for the STEM School Highlands Ranch victims when Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) and Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), both tried to use it to push gun control. Pollack noted that the kids were not interested in hearing about gun control, rather, “[They] are looking at the real issues, which center on things like mental health.”

  1. I hope people can see through the democrats lies as Andrew Pollack said. We need security in our schools. You can take the guns away from law abiding citizens, but the criminals aren’t going to turn in their illegal guns. IN COLORADO ONE FATHER. IS ANEX-CON AND IS ILLEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY. THAT IS WHY THE LIBERAL MEDIA WASN’T INTERESTED IN COVERING THE STORY. PLUS ONE OF THE GIRLS WAS TRANSGENDER. IT DOSEN’T FIT THEIR NARRATIVE. WHAT A SHAME. TRUMP BY A LANDSLIDE !!

    1. I believe it is time that we the people organize to save this country from the Democrat leftist communist agenda which is to destroy the country and its founding documentation.
      What is happening today started many years ago with the assignation of JOHN F.KENNEDY.

  2. The Democrats constantly show that their agenda is to remove our Amendments and destroy America. For more than two years, they have done NOTHING TO HELP THE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Those who voted for these despicable Democrats are not true American citizens. They are out for themselves only, raising children to be self-centered egoistic idiots or insisting on murdering innocent babies. That is evil, which is not what our Country was built on

  3. To obtain the goal of the socialist demorats they care not about the citizens safety or the Constitution. They want to do away with religion so that citizens worship government, citizens to go on the plantation a the demorats have done to the Afro-Americans for decades, control education and healthcare, take all the guns away from the citizens. When that is accomplished we have a socialist government. With out guns the rats can try and force the rest. The end of our freedom is what they want. School shootings they use to their advantage and might contribute to them by all the warning signs they conveniently miss. Just think about it and see what you conclude.

    1. If the truth be known the Democrats are setting up these School shootings to further their agenda as they need proof that guns kill people. No guns do not kill people, people kill people. Never Never give up your guns as once you do not have any leverage.

    2. I have to disagree with you when you say they “conveniently missed” the warning signs. I know you meant it sarcastically but that’s giving them way too much of an easy out. They didn’t miss anything. From the local Sheriff’s department to the FBI, they absolutely chose to totally ignore all of the tips and information that was given to them about the Parkland shooter’s intentions. I don’t see how they can look at themselves in the mirror or get a good nights sleep.

  4. I think he’s absolutely right about the Democrats and the media. It’s pretty obvious from their actions. However, what have Republicans done? For example, we know a significant number of shooters and homeless suffer from mental health issues. Politicians in both parties from federal to local seem to be AWOL in doing anything to help these people or address the threat and drain on society.

  5. BINGO!!! You got that totally correct. They could give two shits less about any American children, or adults. They just want to take all rights away so they can control everyone like mindless dummy dolls. They want to bring their Socialism Sharia control. And you have mindless people falling for their bullshit

  6. They failed to say two other reasons the media did not cover this case- the shooter was a transgender kid and his “girlfriend,” who self identifies as a male, who helped him, is the child of a twice-deported illegal alien who had been convicted of violent crims and kidnapping!

    Wow, there is a liberal paradox for you, if we do what we usually do- scream about taking away peoples guns, then we also have to acknowledge the Transgender killer and illegal alien criminal connections. This is an unacceptable narrative twist that we must not speak of or draw attention to- so Media Silence! No exploitation of frightened traumatized teens to manipulate into delivering your liberal message, No national outrage over Guns, No marches on the capital. NOT even talking about what happened, and how heroic some of the students were, who, unlike police who hid safely outside during other shootings, took down the Transgender mentally ill killer giving his own life in the process. They barely even reported on that!

    So next time you hear a DEM virtue signaling and showing how very Woke they are and how evil you are for not wanting to capitulate to the narrowminded simplistic idea that if we just get rid of guns we will all be safe- turn away and give them the Silent treatment.

    1. I total agree with all that has shed light on the Demorats Politicians, citizens who has voted for the Demorats. What a shame our grand children will go thru if the Democrat party win another election, which will be socialist America. I pray that God will deliver us from this nightmare.

    2. I total agree with all that has shed light on the Demorats Politicians, citizens who has voted for the Demorats. What a shame our grand children will go thru if the Democrat party win another election, which will be socialist America. I pray that God will deliver us from this nightmare.

  7. After Parkland happened spineless Rick Scott caved to the anti-gun clods and denied 2nd Amendment rights to citizens under 21. Thank Heaven we now have Gov DeSantis! He just passed SB-7030, making legal the training and arming of teachers and school personnel to assist in securing our schools! This was a recommendation of the Parkland Commission. Too bad so many deluded counties in Florida are denying acceptance of this new law. Mark these words- the next school shooting in Florida WILL occur in one of these counties that refused to allow this protection policy!

  8. Is there anything the DumbA$$ oc RATS do that is actually good for the USA and tax paying working Americans? Seems all they’re interested in is taking our tax money and using it to pay off their voters for support and use it to fund their campaigns and social programs.

  9. Democrats are vile sick ghouls that can’t race to a news camera fast enough to spew their gangrenous anti-gun filth when one of these tragic incidents happen. These monsters that perform these evil acts are the result of a dysfunctional system, that has turned it’s back on the things that made this nation great, the public school system. In the modern school system you cannot speak of GOD, it might cause some snowflake libertard extreme mental agony. You can not say the pledge because MUslims owe their allegiance to Islam and only Islam, Libertards think America is a racist unfair nation, and illegals are here just to plunder as much of our national wealth as possible and send it home. Patriotism, moral virtue and fair play are no longer taught. The collective, wealth redistribution, Marx and Engels are held up as the new generations virtues and heros. We need to return control of the schools to the states. What works in L.A. or New York will not work in Broken Bow, Oklahoma or Rains County, Texas. And maybe we need to have Homeland Security declare the Bolshevik Democrat Party a National Security Threat Group.

    1. So true!!! And it will never change until President Trump puts the hammer down!! Which he will do after he’s elected again in 2020!! Then sit back and watch AMERICA BECOME GREAT AGAIN!!!!!

      1. He should also be given these two years back that the dems. have stolen from his 1’st term.
        I also believe the dems. are behind these shootings to promote there sick agenda.

  10. Maybe the ones pulling the trigger were also hired by demoncrats to stage the shootings. They just love to make trouble and blame others. They try to smell like a bouquet of roses but true Americans know the stink is more like horse manure. I am tired of the lies and nonsense-!!!

  11. We install paid police details in our schools five years ago. If you come to our schools with your foolishness, the armed detail are instructed to shoot first and then ask questions. Any one that enters our schools armed and looking to cause a commotion, they will leave on a gurney in a body bag. This is the deep south and we don’t play.

  12. He nails it, and the Dems are the real problem! They hate it when good people can defend themselves!

  13. I am very sorry that Mr. Pollack lost his daughter due to a mentally disturbed kid’s violent actions that went unchecked despite the many warnings to the various law enforcement agencies of his intentions. He told the sad truth about the democrats though. All they care about is pushing their gun control agenda and getting votes. They are poisoning our kids minds with their anti gun rhetoric blaming the gun instead of the person pulling the trigger. They’ve even said the same. The hope that by doing this the fresh graduates that are voting age will fall for it and vote for them. They just tell them what they want to hear. I think the kids at the STEM School Highlands Ranch showed them that they aren’t buying into their gun control agenda by walking out when the insensitive democRATS changed the mourning vigil into a political rally. How pathetic can they get. Again, I’m so sorry for Mr. Pollack’s loss, but he has told us the real truth.

  14. Since when did the left ever NOT use children or young adults as nothing more then tools for their sick agenda’s. The liberal progressive/regressives don’t care a whit about the people, just themselves and the power they can wield.

  15. This is all about the Democrat leadership, or lack of it. Most democrats that I know, which aren’t that many, are normal people and not haters. They acknowledge Trump won and that he’s not doing a bad job even though they don’t like the man himself. It’s from Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and the 20+ nitwits running for President.

  16. Sadly they can pass every gun law conceivable and these senseless incidents are going to continue. Criminals commit the killings and they could care less about any law that is written, gun or otherwise. Legislation can ban guns completely and criminals are going to get them. The Democrats are so busy investigating that they can’t get anything done. They are creating a crisis. Wait til AG Barr gets thru investigating and lets see how much fun investigations are.

  17. It is extremely impressive to me that these kids walked out on the hypocritical PsOS politicians who AGAIN tried to take advantage of a tragedy to run their garbage BS. To me — it means they understand the situation and it is NOT about the libtards BS gun control. It is disgusting that these dirtbags try and use travesties like school shooting to run their politics. My hat is off tho these students. Thinking about it — looking at the shape the state of Colorado is in — I wouldn’t listen to ANY of their politicians about any subject.

  18. Thank you Mr Pollack for having your eyes wide open, not being tricked by the rhetoric and having the backbone to stand up and call it!! Citizens do not need their guns controlled unless you intend upon disarming them “for the children”. I am so very sorry for your loss, sir! We have lost 2 nephews and I still find it difficult to believe people are swallowing the immediate turn from kids to gun control. I believe you are very correct that Dems are using the shootings, if not staging them for their own agenda, just like the attacks on our southern border has been incited and financed by the left…. Both are acts to cause Americans, if possible, to relinquish their freedoms for some very well financed and yet totally trumped up disasters! Its the same story (empty chants to protect our kid from gun violence) that the left used in Yugoslavia and again in Venesuala to disarm the legit citizens of their legit guns. Then the left wing government rolled in with tanks and , yes, AR15’s to force submission to the freedom grabbing left wing dictators!! Hold on to your kids! Harden the schools! Lock down and defend the safety of our country (including our kids) at the borders! And keep our guns to keep ourselves, family and our property safe just in case our government decides that it doesnt think it needs to be “for the people” (including our kids!) and “by the people” anymore…. Quotes: “To disarm the people… is the most effectual way to enslave them.” George Mason

  19. Criminals who use guns to commit their crimes are already breaking several laws and could not care less. So why or how are more gun laws going to protect us? Criminals, by definition, do not obey the law. Gun control is insanity.

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