Who Trump Thinks Will Be The Democratic Nominee
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He picked them apart and it’s amazing.

President Donald Trump predicted Friday former Vice President Joe Biden would win the Democrat presidential primary, describing him as “Sleepy Creepy Joe.”

“Looks to me like it’s going to be SleepyCreepy Joe over Crazy Bernie,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Everyone else is fading fast!”

Trump acknowledged that Biden’s rivals were fading in the polls, as Sen. Bernie Sanders lost support after Biden announced his campaign.

Sanders support now hovers around 20 percent while Biden’s support has skyrocketed to the 40s, according to a Morning Consult tracker.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke continue to battle for third place with less than ten percent of the vote.

Trump ridiculed Biden on Wednesday for claiming that world leaders begged him to run for president.

“In fact, one of the Democrats today said that he — it’s a he, sleepy person — said that he heard from a lot of foreign leaders, and they want him to be president.”

Trump said world leaders wanted America to be weak again under leaders like Biden.

“Of course they do,” Trump said. “So they could continue to rip off the United States. Of course. I think if I heard that, I’d never vote for him.”

Src: Breitbart

  1. We don’t need Sleepy Creepy Joe to undo all that President Trump has done, and we know that he would, only to reinstate the Obummer failed policies. If Joe Biden receives the Democratic nomination, conservatives need to get out and vote as strongly as they did in 2016 to assure that President Trump remains in the White House.

    1. All that Trump has done??? Please identify. That will be accomplished in the first 3 months of the new administration

  2. Always dangerous to come out on the top of the heap. Only one way to go! Certainly looks like Barry, Inc’s 2012 dumping of white and working class voters in favor of a grand coalition of the aggrieved, may backfire…big time. These desperate groups choked down ‘Felonia von Pansuits’ in 2016, and paid a huge price. Will they suffer in silence again with Sleepy, Creepy Joe? If he ends up heading the ticket, look for another Tim Kaine, aka Major Frank Burns/Ferret Face, for VP. Plugs doesn’t want to be upstaged. Maybe a deja ve 1972 in the offing for the Dems?

  3. It’s kind of ridiculous to ‘wonder’ who the democrat nominee will be. With the “shu-in” provided by the “super delegate” party selection, it’s the ‘party bosses’ who determine the outcome. Ho Humm, another “fixed” primary :^(

  4. Oh, and let’s remember Biden said one of those world leaders who called to say they want him was Margaret Thatcher! You know, the same British PM who died in 2013-lol.
    He would be a disaster, as ignorant and (still after 40 years in office) unprepared. And didn’t he just call China the JV Team?!
    Sounds very similar to his former boss and his snarky passive aggressive, mocking and demeaning comment to Romney in the debate that Russia was no threat and the 80s were calling and wanted their foreign policy back. Yeah, now Biden tells us “Come on folks- China is no threat to the US…”
    Do we really need another round of the failed 8 years of Obama/Biden? – God NO!
    And lets not forget old touchy-feely, sniffy-sniffy creepy Jo how not only has folded hundreds of women on camera but even children- check online there are at least 50 videos of him doing so during WH events and while out and about prowling for new victims to show what an “affectionate guy he is” yeah, Uncles like that usually end up getting beat up by someone’s dad at some point. He even was filmed saying his own daughter told him not to come into her bedroom anymore when she turned 13 – hummmm how many young girls need to give that instruction to their fathers?

    And before any of you triggered lefties want to make a negative comment – check it first as what i am saying is true – nothing you say will make it untrue nor will social media deplatforming and erasing anything that makes a Dem look bad will. 🙂
    It’s out there and will be used when the time is right I can see the compilation video ad now!

  5. I don’t know if it will even be Joe there are rumblings that some backroom deal fixing similar to 2016 s Dem primary are going on to rig the Dems primary nominee again this yr

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