Trump Calls For John Kerry To Be Prosecuted Over This
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President Trump recently made a declaration that shows he is through tolerating failed presidential candidate John Kerry.

Speaking at the White House, Trump shared that Kerry has been advising Iran behind the president’s back. Going so far as to tell them to “wait out” the president.

This would constitute a violation of the Logan Act and now Trump wants to see Kerry prosecuted for it. 

This isn’t a new occurrence either. In Sept. of 2018 Kerry even admitted to Dana Perino that he was telling Iran to wait.

“Is that accurate?” Perino asked. 

“Well, I think everybody in the word is sitting around talking about waiting out President Trump,” was Kerry revealing reply.

  1. It would be a violation of current law to charge an Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, with a crime. This according to FBI Director, Christopher Wray.
    Perhaps it’s time for this COCKROACH to be terminated from his employment.



  3. Mr. Kerry should be charged with violation of the logan act. He no longer hold any official position with the government so how is it he is meeting with IRAN and advising them on anything that has yo do with current policies. Maybe if he and his former boss had some balls and stood up for America and its Citizens when they were in power we would not be in this mess. Any bas that happens now is on their heads

    1. I don’t think Mr Kerry deserves bein charged with violating the Logan Act.
      What do you charge someone with who’s aiding and abetting the enemy?
      Consorting with Iranian leaders as to how our inner political process works.
      “Just wait out the Trump administration “

  4. What I want to see is Kerry Rat on Obama and get a light sentence providing we could put Obama in GITMO where he belongs the gay sicko for life!

  5. Could this be part of the shadow govt? It sounds like Kerry is Colluding with the Iranians against the President and the American People who voted for Trump – NOT Kerry!
    Yes, by all means, prosecute him and all the other deep state criminals we can- once they see that we will be willing to actually uphold our laws- maybe Kerry, Polosie, Clinton (both of them) and all the other arrogant self-absorbed , self-important, Narcicists will realize they took an Oath to this Country and it’s President- regardless of whether that president is a Republican or a Democrat!
    Toss his butt in prison right alongside the Gitmo terrorists he is so fond of and makes him listen to recordings of James Taylor singing “You’ve got a friend in me!” 24/7- see I don’t have a problem with torture 🙂

  6. So… will Dems ignore this COERSION with a violent corrupt American-hating regime? Oh, wait s minute! They ARE a violent corrupt American-hating regime!

  7. It’s about damn time that these people who think they are still running the country and trying to sabotage Our President Trump be convicted of their crimes! Those no longer in office need to be in prison or worse!!! They are trying to tear our country apart from within and if they are not stopped we will be a socialist country instead of a FREE one. God help us! Civil unrest is brewing in our Great Nation and my family and friends will stand with President Trump all the way to victory over these traitors. God bless America and our President Trump! Trump won, so get over it now.

  8. Kerry (lurch) should be slammed into a jail cell head first, he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, lurch has committed how many acts of high treason against the people of th his country, lurch is the one who is going to get this country pulled into a war of some kind. TRUMP needs to push for lurch to get tried in a CV ourt of law and then executed for the crimes he has committed.

  9. Yes Kerry should be charged for the violation of the logan act. He has no right to try and under mind our president with Iran who wants to take America off the face of the earth. Iran musthave paid Kelley and Obama a lot of money.

  10. He should be charged. In fact he even admitted to having conversations with Iran without the Presidents knowledge or being appointed to do so. Perhaps if some of the law breaking Democrats were charged, this harassment of the president and his family would stop and perhaps they would get down to business. Maxie Waters urged rioting. She told her followers and anyone who would listen to go after Trumps followers, follow them where even they went, get in their faces, and even threatened to kill Trump her self, Elizabeth Warren stating that she was a Native American to get what she wanted, especially a free college education. She finally agreed to take the DNA test, and it was proven that she was not actually a Native American. Hilary Who used a private e-mail server to send classified e-mails, some to her daughter, tried to wipe the server disc clean, use her office of Secretary of State for a pay to play scheme and others involved in the fraudulent Dossier to remove Trump from office.

  11. Kerry is a jealous traitor…he lost his run for president and wants revenge so he sided with the deep state…what he is doing is treason…

    GITMO …. GET READY FOR ……….JOHN “THE PUKE” KERRY …. HE’S ALMOST THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kerry does not represent or speak for us or our President. He SHOULD be charged. Who does he think he is…Billy Carter ???

  14. It’s about time.
    This is one of those things He or the DOJ should have done at the Very First Moment that they had Proof of Kerry’s doing this.
    Kerry is truly a POS and has been since the Late 60’s. I hope to see him eviscerated …
    I don’t care how much money he married into by hooking onto the Heinz Heiress.
    I couldn’t believe when Kerry ran for President and then I could barely believe when Obama replaced the Failure of Hillary as Sec of State with an EVEN WORSE (How CAN There BE a “WORSE”?) CHOICE in Kerry.

  15. Kerry and Obama should both be in prison for taking our money to Iran in the middle of the night like common thieves. like. As I see it, they were using taxpayer dollars to soothe Obama friendly Muslim brothers.

  16. Charge this Traitor Accordingly with the Crime of TREASON! Deserves the Death Sentence and NO LESS! Wish Trump would just do MILITARY ARREST OF THESE DEEP STATE POS! NEED THEM GONE, OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE, LIFE, PUT AWAY FOR GOOD! Nothing but a bunch of Criminal Narcissistic Ego driven power hungry out of Control Traitors!! STILL WAITING TO HEAR OF THE MILITARY ARREST! These Deep State Traitors are the biggest Treat to this country and n put out of Operation!

  17. ‘Ol Horseface Kerry is “coated” with the same stuff frying pans are made of. Remember when he HID his big expensive yacht to keep from paying taxes on it. He walked away clean and never paid a dime on the boat. But even that is small potatos compared to his handling of campaign funds when he tried to run for president and his treasonous lies about Viet Nam veterans. The @#@$%!! should be handed the firing squad.

  18. Why would any person vote for a Democrat? They have lied to us, the people, for years and years. They send people around before an election to see what they want and then promise them they will do that, but when they are elected, they do not keep their promises. They make excuses and then do as they please or what those who paid for them to get in office. They just put on a show. I have seen this happen for years. They care nothing for the people unless they are the elite/elite. Those who can put millions of dollars into their pockets. We finally got a person whose pockets are already full and who actually worked for it and he has done almost all he promised he would. Notice how they ridicule him and try to run him down. Democrats!!!!!!

  19. Prosecute the worthless piece of crap! He has been a traitor all of his adult life, Vietnam, the Iran deal and finally working to subvert the President of the United States. Prosecute him and put him in a gray rock federal prison, not a holding facility for the wealthy with political connections. He is as egregious as they come. Stop purchasing any and all Heinz products!

  20. Kerry has this coming to him. He knows he is not supposed to be communicating with an other country without the President’s permission. Kerry’s one of Obama’s stooges in an attempt to take down the President.

  21. I am up to my earlobes with Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc, etc. It is high time to start kicking ass and taking names and we should start with the Democratic Party. How can we clean up the world when we can’t even clean up our own street.

  22. I agree with Edward Dosh. It is time to prosecute the Democratic Party. All they do is complain about our Presidet. They have done nothing to make this country better. It is high time to CLEAN HOUSE of the ones who do not work together for the good of the American people.

    erd j d0sh

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