Democrat Upstart Eyes Election
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One Democrat who has already been a part of a controversial election is considering running for president.

Stacy Abrams, the Georgia Democrat who lost the race for governor to Republican Brian Kemp, may still decide to run against President Trump.

On Dan Pfeiffer’s “Pod Save America” the host asked Abrams if she was thinking of getting into the 2020 presidential race. 

Abrams quickly answered, “Yes.”

Abrams garnered a lot of attention when she lost to Kemp. She raised quite the uproar accusing Kemp of being in a conflict of interest holding his position as secretary of state while running for governor. 

Abrams threatened to take the matter to court, but backed down when losing would put her political career at risk.

However Abrams won’t need to worry about any such issue should she decide to run this time. The race between her and President Trump would be far from close. 

  1. We don’t need a woman for president. If you think it bad now wait till there a woman in office they think they are better then a man every woman thinks that so shame on woman go back and be house wife

  2. This person couldn’t even announce she lost the election. She refuses to do so. Because she says she was robbed of the governor position because they weren’t allowed to get the votes illegally. Really, I don’t think she will be able to beat Trump. Trump will win the election and all the precincts will be watched for any illegal voting. We all know the demoasses are the only ones that do this.

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