Democrats LOSE As Court Backs Trump On Migrants
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A federal court is ruling in favor of the Trump administration in a move that is a major boon against the illegal immigration crisis.

The court has ruled that U.S. immigration officials will be permitted to instruct asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims are being processed.

The Trump administration had attempted to put such a measure into action earlier but U.S. District Court Judge Richard Seeborg made a preliminary injunction in direct opposition of the move. Less than 7 days later the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals put a stay on the injunction. 

In a more monumental win for the United States that same 9th Circuit Court is completely reversing Seeborg’s ruling. During the ruling the court stated that the Department of Homeland Security “is likely to suffer irreparable harm absent a stay because the preliminary injunction takes off the table one of the few congressionally authorized measures available to process the approximately 2,000 migrants who are currently arriving at the Nation’s southern border on a daily basis.”

This will finally close the loophole that allows illegal immigrants to claim asylum and be admitted into the U.S. to await processing only to disappear after being granted access to the country.

At least until Democrats find a way to interfere.

  1. Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden Adam was labeled the creator of sin by taking a bite of the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Just like here my thoughts are this= IT WAS NOTHING AT ALL I COULD HAVE DONE IT MYSELF! Wow! This has taken 25 years for our government to figure this one out? They have got to be really dumb what`s worse they think we are?

  2. Is this for for real or just more fake news? After 2 1/2 years since 1016 time to end dhis ‘dog and pony show’. I like a lot of other Americans will believe it when we see it. better do something in Washington, the next election will be here soon and we the American people are sick and tired of this liberal BULLSHIT, we demand an secure southern border and an end to ‘sanctuary cities’, illegals and boat people getting services destined for US citizens, Enough!

  3. Please tell me what the Democrats think we should do about this problem. As a citizen in the USA, I have been unemployed for years. I have lost my home due to foreclosure. I depend on Medicaid. It rarely pays for medications my doctor prescribes. I live in s leaky camper that isn’t fit. It would be dangerous for a family with children to live here. How can our government take care of these immigrants when they can’t take care of it’s own citizens? If they were in such bad shape, why are they still having more children??????? I am not!

  4. This government needs to open it’s eyes and take care of our people! We are overpopulated enough. We can’t keep helping everyone. We’re losing ourselves. These people need to start helping themselves.

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