Trump Tries to Shrink Welfare State with Clever Change
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President Trump is tired of people taking advantage of the welfare system. 

Trump and his administration are looking to readjust how inflation is accounted for in the “official poverty measure” according to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). 

The resulting change could cause the poverty level to rise at a slower rate. 

An administration official shared that the current system hasn’t been changed in 40 years. An update to current standards could change how much others rely on the government for assistance.

“Millions of able-bodied, working-age adults continue to collect food stamps without working or even looking for work,” Trump has previously said. “Our goal is to move these Americans from dependence to independence, and into a good-paying job and rewarding career.”

  1. Build the wall and pay out SSI and there will not be any property in America raise ga wages that are 7.25 hour can you work like a dog and feed your family on that. I have a family of 4 I can make a meal on a shoestring can you. It is not fair make the Democrats give up 1/2 of their paychecks see how fast they find the money for the wall they live to high off the hog while so many Americans make peanuts and can barely afford peanut butter.

    1. Thing that bothers me is that my kids have to eat what low budget meal I can afford….I have seen welfare kids bitch and complain that they don’t like that kind of food and get better food…better than what I get and I work for a living, not sit on my ass like these low life…

  2. His thoughts is an excellent one but for the senior citizen, is forgotten by society by society and younger generation in the corporation structure forget about them they are too old for decent work,-. So, they are reduce to minimum rage work instead. No wonder there are people are asking for assistance when society turns on “the Old people” and the only government is their “only hope”.

  3. Yes, Yes !! It’ll drive ILLEGALS & those responsible for them being here, absolutely BONKERS !!
    I have yet to hear of any Dem. That has taken the time to speak to a RUSSIAN, about their life under COMMUNISTIC RULE & SOCIALISTIC Medical ! Vs the rule & Mexican we have had over the last few hundred years !

  4. Dear President Trump; My husband Frank and I have been on Social Security ever since we got married we live in a ranch home and we live modestly and are Happy when my fparents died We couldn’t afford their Morison sold the house and and little more but We. Would appreciate if it you’d tell the VA to give Frank his rightful pension and a pair of hearing aid He was in WW2 and is 101 75% Deaf He is in great need of them Thank You Mr and Mrs Frank Moore

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