Trump Fights Back Against ‘Hit Job’
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President Donald Trump is setting the record straight in response to the New York Times making another run of fake news.

NYT managed to obtain 10 years worth of Trump’s tax information from 1985 to 1994. His total losses during that period surpassed $1.1 billion which Democrats are all too ready to say disproves his claims of being a successful businessman. 

However Trump was quick to explain that such losses came from creating a “tax shelter” and was a regular practice during the real estate market at the time.

As Trump describes this is another “hit” put on him by Democrats. The information itself is dated and not of consequence while the way it was construed was purposefully misleading. 

Democrats are just too desperate to care.

    1. You are 100% correct, Pat. However, the tax returns were obtained, it was illegal. It would not matter what the tax returns shown, the Democrats would create the most negative spin……such as losses=poor business man…..gains=cheat and charlatan. His management of the country shows his business savy…..all while the Democrats are trying to block every move. BOO YA!!!

  1. Who the hell cares what his losses were 30 yrs ago. What matters is now. Who even reads a rag that publishes garbage trying to mislead the public. Get over it. TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT FOR THE NEXT 6 YEARS.

  2. Democrats have NOTHING about trying to better the United States, all they do is try and demean Trump!!! They are USELESS and STUPID!!!! They should all be fired , every last one of those Sorry Pieces of Vile Shit!!!

  3. This templu is going to be a little long first when the muslim that was in office for eight yes. No one could say things about Jim cause it was seen as a racial outburst like I always Said I dont care about the color if his skin. I care about the color if his Heart and soles and I definitetly dont like his color in fact I hate it .you are he has one thing I dont trust and I cantar for the life of me understand how he gota votes into office he is a muslim inform yourself people read about the religion,and two this is worst he is a communist how in heaven could Americans vote a communist into office,you have to be really ignorant to vote a communist into the president’s office ,and now a days you have voted two wackos into office and to top it off also Muslims I can’t believe Americans have lost all touch with reality and their brains have gone to S! WHY do you think people come to the USrunning away fr communist countries and listen folks don’t believe this crap of no I’m a socialist . Socialism doesn’t really exist it’s has always been a theory that has never worked. Wake up people if you let these people take over the US you will regret for the rest of your lives . For years the Democrats have been screwing things up for some weird notion some people believe that the Democrats stand for democracy BULL!!!! Yet have the fall to mention the Constitution as if they want to defend it when in actuality it’s the opposite they want to destroy it . that’s why they don’t want borders and what every piece o crap out there to come into the US .I wonder if there families would get killed if they would keep thinking the way they say they do this situation with the so called socialists which in actuality are Communist has been going on for years since the twenties to be exact .Do you know one of the most important reasons why the US fought to get freedom from England exactly for that word so many people take for granted FREEDOM!!!! S far as the Democratic party they can’t really be to proud of themselves they have had all kinds of things in the WH weaklings ,sex Maniacs, crooks and communist and now that you finally have a man that is a nationalist do you know what that word means he is an American who loves his country it amazes me how many of you don’t love your country.I lost mine and by the way the US is partly responsible for that.but I sure as hell don’t want this country to go to hell,cause if it does where are you planning on going to live . And by the way what the hell do I care what Trump made or lost either way it doesn’t effect my life what effects my live is what I do or don’t do not what he does in his business I don’t live with him I m not a part of his family.He is doing great and the reason he is doing great is exactly because of the fact he is a businessman not a politician and even less a crooked one it seems lately a lot of the career politician are increasingly crooked like the Clinton’s she is a corrupt thief and he is a corrupt sex maniac that treated the highest house in them and s. WHORE HOUSE Plain and simple Disgraceful. And I just want to throw out there a bit of information for all the black people in America since Obama is black do you know who created the KKluxKlan A DEMOCRAT go ahead look it up .

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