AOC Takes Bait, Completely Embarrasses Herself
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Republican Senator Rick Scott just got the best of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a sparring match that left AOC looking quite the fool.

A feud began when Scott called out Sen. Cory Booker for his oppressive gun control policy and then added a jab at Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”

This triggered the socialist congresswoman who lashed out with unreasonable accusations of sexism. 

Scott blasted back that Ocasio-Cortez had missed the tone of the argument while adding that she had “embarrassed” herself to the “point of irrelevance.”

With every argument Ocasio-Cortez makes she continues to prove she is unqualified for the position she holds. 

  1. When oh when will this twit learn it’s better to remain silent and suspected a fool then to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

    1. I totally agree with Rodney as he was only saying what the rest of the country is saying about this bimbo. How on earth did ANY ONE dig so deep to come up with her. PLEASE PLEASE VOTERS DO YOUR DUTY TO OUR BELOVED COUNTRY AND VOTE FOR SOME ONE WITH A BRAIN NEXT TIME. A SR. CITIZEN

  2. AOC will not suffer fools., no matter how sarcastic they are. She is right. Comparing an AR-15 to a sharp knife is truly an ignorant stretch. One must own a cauliflower for a brain to think that is a good Cory Booker put down. She is also right about who would suffer more, a woman with similar sarcasm, or a man. Dumb conservative men are no way capable of dealing with a thoughtful, aggressive, and outspoken woman like AOC. Funny thing. She knows that is a cat toying with a mouse game.

    1. Wow John….ur not really that ignorant, nobody can possibly be. I would like to see things from your point of view…BUTT…I cannot get my head that far up my ass

    2. Oh john kominitsky, , there are a lot of dumb white men/women and more dumber white liberal men that think the taxpayers should pay the way of everybody who don’t want to work, just come to America and get freebies. By your last name, can’t tell who you are but seems to be Russian or Muslim by the name. So might want to study things that AOC says and stands for reality purposes. She is a cat but Trump is no mouse.

    3. Dear John,
      What a fitting opening to a fool, “dear John.”
      My apologies to all the other Johns who were not named after a “water closet”. Keep up the good work and sound reasoning as you continue to demonstrate how your toilet mind works.

    4. How does a fool not suffer fools? She is a Nazi and needs to be removed from office.
      Nothing was said about women until She tried to play the you’re picking on me because I’m a defenceless little woman.

      She and Booker need to be forcibly deported to a country that has a constitution they do like and stripped of their citizenship.

      Ask the police in London about the knife/gun analogy.

      The 2nd amendement is the only defense we have against these Nazis and communists who are determined to turn the country into a 3rd world communist shithole.

    5. So, John, I am a conservative woman and more than capable of recognizing sarcasm when I see it. (apparently, you are not) I am also able to recognize someone who is trying to deflect attention away from the real issue by playing the victim role. Nowhere in that response was he saying anything about her being a woman it is her own insecurities and oversensitive and imagined victimhood she is using to try to shut him up so he will not do what he was really doing- Criticizing her intellect. AOC, Talib, and Omar use this tactic on a regular basis- criticizes or disagree with any of the ridiculous idiotic things we say and we will call you a Racist, Mesagonist, Islamaphobe, Zenophobe ….and on and on (Yawn) this is to shut down the argument and not defend the stupid things they say or promote. If she is offended because he says something about her ridiculous GND then she should simply defend it and tell us how it will work – in reality, I know she does not think facts matter only good hearts, but it will make a difference to millions of people if she gets her way. So she should have to answer in actual facts, and not play the victim or semantics. Strong independent woman? AOC? Really? All I (another woman) see is a child who believes she has allll the answers if only the grownups would listen. lol, I have a daughter her age who could run circles around her intellect with half her brain tied behind her back. I also have a nine-year-old granddaughter who has more smarts and common sense and fffffarrr less arrogance then AOC- she should stick to looking pretty and tending bar, it is about the best we can expect from her.
      As to Cory Booker, he does not give an F… about guns he is just desperately looking for Any issue to cling to in order to save himself from his sinking campaign.

  3. I wrote AOC as the liberal blithering idiot she is the 1st time I heard her state that the world as we know is going to disappear in 12 years–how stupid!

    She took the bait on this last Twitter spat, & revealed just what a fool she is.

  4. AOC and Cory Booker both had lobotomies and no one told them! They want to destroy American “democracy” and “capitalism” as we know it, for socialism!! Look at Venezuela for their explanation of socialism and how great it is??
    AOC is under investigation for various campaign fraud issues so she may soon be gone!!
    There is a lot of truth spoken in jest, and Rick Scott is great at it!
    Keep America soverign ! Keep capitalism alive!
    Trump 2020 our only hope!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. The Democratic Socialist Party of AOC, Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren, Kamala Harris, Robert O’Rourke, et al is the party of overt racism,anti-Christian, anti-Semitic socialist dim wits. They are masters of prevarication and accusing their opposition of what they themselves are actually doing. Loathsome and irresponsible ignoramuses all.

  6. AOC is such a Total Twit that her district would have been much better off if they had voted in Sponge Bob Square Pants !

  7. I am a Floridian and I am embarrassed by Rick Scott John K has it right. I would also remind Ahem Tonto that the Bible tells us to feed the hungry and love our neighbors Please do not equate Christianity with the G.O.P. (Greed Over Principle).

    1. Do you know what the Bible does not say? Feed and clothe your neighbor’s children before your own!
      Loving thy neighbor does not entail endangering your own. You know what the Bible also says, Judge not lest ye be judged… so dear while you sit here holier than thou thinking your party with its post-birth abortions, flagrant anti-semitism, philandering rapists, touchy-feely sniffy-sniffy, black face wearing undercover racists, have no Moral ground to stand on. So DNC pull the beam out of your own eye before you start looking into others. I can see right through those glass walls you seem unaware of dear.

    2. So where in the bible doesn’t say to feed the hungry and clothe the poor with other people’s money? That’s where you socialists get it wrong. If you want to give your money to others, you are free to do that. If you want to save the planet by living according to the Green New Deal, go right ahead, no one is stopping you. But stop trying to be righteous by spending other people’s money on your pious causes. That’s theft and it won’t get you into heaven.

  8. OAC is a dumb whack job. It’s really difficult to believe this woman got put into our congress. she has no qualifications except that she can mix a drink or serve everyone a beer. Just an embarrassment to our congress and to the people who voted for her. this shows how much the voters know about what a congressman does.
    The world is laughing about NY and it’s people being so stupid.

  9. Well Sandy how is it that you can’t think of the disaster that your green deal is.And what it would cost the SR. and middle america. But of course –you came the high end of society and would realize the hurting that your deal would cost people. its you that doesn’t think first and write down the right and wrong of your idea. Don’t do that ——-that would take thinking.!

  10. I just do not understand how such a crazed imbecile made it as far as she did. She is a man hating feminist
    and will stop at nothing to belittle men, let alone being a Republican. She should be thrown out of office and see what happens to her without the backing of the Democruts.

  11. i think enough has been said about this little twit, i still can’t beievet that she chasws amazon out of the bronx. maybe she can set up soup kitchens for the people who don’t have a job or prospect of one. she will be ricjh enough to pay for it herself./ i’m sure bernie will help to support her.

  12. Senator Spartacus thinks he can never go LEFT enough!
    AOC believes she can never sound dumb enough I was going to say “thinks” but she can’t! Poor single digit IQ AOC!

  13. AOC speaks before she thinks. Of course, I believe she doesn’t know how to think. Getting rid of farting cows means getting rid of farting people too. Maybe she should be the first to go because she never makes any sense.

  14. Quack, she is not what she says she is. Nor does she tell any truth. Every thing she does is political like every other self-serving demoncrat leftist. Reality means nothing to the left, emotionalism and wild promises are the norm. Cortez should go back to playing with dolls she can’t handle reality of that I am quite certain.

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