Trump: ‘No Redos For The Dems!’
Image credit: washingtontimes

President Donald Trump has had enough of Democrats wasting time.

Over the weekend Trump tweeted in opposition of Democrats continued obsession with him and their attempts to make up charges that they can then use to push impeachment. 

This comes as Democrats propose taking testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller on in mid-May. 

  1. From what I have seen and read the democrate s are Woking for themselves. What is wrong is questioned.I was under the assumption that they were supposed to work for the American people. One problem I see is the abortion they backed. They say they don’t want to empire women. Does this make them woman shatters.?. I do remember the democrate s had a sexual party while at work with prostitutes on our tax money.

  2. Let’s be politically correct, and show the democratic
    Party all the cities they have ruined.
    Let’s talk about the 35,000,000,
    Oh let’s not forget, about everyone the democrats
    Are harassing, are the ones bringing them

    I wish william bar, a very happy evening.

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