Trump HATES Maximum Security Result
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President Trump was not happy with the recent Kentucky Derby controversy.

Trump is lamenting the disqualification and subsequent loss of Maximum Security. While the horse finished in first place, judges disqualified it for bumping into another horse. This led to the 65-1 long shot, Country House, being declared the champion.

Perhaps not the best day at the races, unless you bet on Country House.

  1. The jockey or the horse , Maximum Security, went across 4 lanes to crash in to one horse, almost knocking his front legs out with his heavier rump and forcing about 6 other horses to rein up. That is known as interference, and very dangerous especially with those wet conditions. Then he went back across 4 lanes and blocked the horse coming up on the rail. It could have been broken legs and dead jockeys. Must discourage such behavior, just like witch hunts by the swamp..

    1. I sooooo agree. The horse behind the lead winning horse had to pull up so as not to take his horse down with Maxim Security. If any interference it was with that horse. Than god for a great rider. But the horse they said won DOD not have any interference at all. Just really a badddddd call. I wont watch ever again. Could have been rigged after this $$$$$$ wise.

  2. Absolutely 100% agreement with President…I couldn’t believe my eyes. The horse that was “allegedly” bumped was not even in the running and had absolutely no bearing on the outcome. Maximum Security was the winner of the Derby and what took place yesterday should be completely investigated by the National Horseracing Association. The Kentucky Derby has lost its prestige and will never be trusted again.

  3. Horrible thing to do to this horse, Jockey, owner, trainer and public , at large. Not a good thing for horse racing. Maybe rule should be: sloppy track, no race!!!

  4. That’s what someone was saying when I wanted to bet on the derby and I was going to bet on Country Horse. I was only going to bet $20 but that still would have been a nice hit for me.

  5. I live in Louisville. It was a over cast, wet, sloopy day. So a horse bumped into another. It was a tight pack of 19 horses. The winner was totally screwed. A windfall for anyone that had the actual long shot they decided to give the trophy to. A ton of mad people, betters, party goers!

  6. I’m a native of Louisville, KY and in all my years of watching the Derby, I’ve never seen such a terrible call. Maximum Security was absolutely the real winner. Country Horse was nowhere near the finish line when Maximum Security sailed across the line and won rightfully. The race, with 19 horses, was way too many. They should limit the number of horses allowed to run. Some are bound to get bumped . In my mind, Maximum Security is the winner of the 145th running of the KY Derby. I turned the TV off and didn’t watch the ceremony of the roses placed on Country Horse. I hope Maximum Security runs in the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness and shows them what a great horse he is and who is the rightful winner of the 145th Kentucky Derby.

  7. Sorry people Maximum Security impeded the path of the #1 horse, he had to be set down, he was definitely the best but he fouled the #1 horse. I believe he should have been placed behind #1 who finished 5th but for some reason was placed 17TH. However the stewards had no choice they had to make that call.

  8. What were they thinking_____This is a horse race that has been run the same way for 145 years but I guess because it is in the South_______They needed to find something wrong! In the future, I think they should review every race frame by frame. The 2-minute race could turn into a 2-hour race!!!!

  9. As corrupt as everything in this country Is today nothing surprises me and I would have a tendency to go along with the president! Big money can and is fixing everything in this country today from the elections all the way down to horseracing and the lotteries in the states.

  10. First let me say I am against horse racing as it is today. #1. I don’t think the jockeys should be allowed to use “whips” quirts. A good horse, properly trained, will give all it has without being beaten and drawing blood. That’s not a “humane society” bleeding heart. I know horses. #2. The “game” has become nothing more than entertainment and stature for the rich. But it is controlled by big gambling enterprise and they will do anything to see the “picked” winner does win, including sabotage of the horses with medication and even stuffing a special type foam into their nostrils so they cannot breathe properly under heavy runs. This particular race should not have been run at all. That track was not in condition for racing without endangering a fall and broken leg. But the stage was set and the result decided.

  11. I did not bet, I just watched the ace as entertainment, those who complained, did they lose too much? or didn’t win enough? Who could predict that the other horse would be coming in second, in order to rig the race? I think is’s stupid to think that way. Doesn’t surprise me coming from where it comes.


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