Democrats WRECKED By Their Own Poll
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Republicans are getting a lot of amusement after one of the Democrats latest ploys backfired spectacularly. 

Democrats attempted to prove they’re the first choice of American citizens by posting a poll on Twitter. 

The poll was straightforward with only a single question and two possible answers, “Do you want more Supreme Court justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or do you want more justices like Brett Kavanaugh?”

The answer was overwhelming.

At the time of this writing the vote stands at massive 68% for Kavanaugh and meager 32% for Ginsburg.

So sorry Democrats, you lose again. 

  1. I’ve been saying for a long time, the left is delusional. That the American people are awakening from their liberal brainwashing and seeing the truth.

  2. It’s WE THE PEOPLE not polosi, or gang.
    Sounds familiar, like old world intimidation.
    I know that president trump is way ahead of
    them. He has a plan, he always does.

  3. I’m surprised the Left didn’t Try to Spin it in their Favor like they do all the Other Polls, They always say President Trump is only 40% in the Polls for President.. That’s a Joke, President Trump Won by 60% of all the Votes if not more and I don’t Believe any of his Supporters Deserted him through-out the past 2 1/2 YRS. The Deranged Democrats can ONLY Win when they Cheat the System that exactly how they Won the House Back! I know I change several of my family members minds on leaving the Democrat Party and Voting for President Trump in 2020!

    1. Dems are for the truth. Did you read the Mueller report which is on line? Trump has 17 obstruction charges. Dem is not the cheating party it is Trump. Did you forget that Putin put him in office. All I can say you go low we go high. I have been a Dem for 48 years and I have seen a lot. Trump is a trader and the worst President ever.

  4. Problem, there are more and more illegals voting, and “dead people” voting! Every effort must be made to prevent the proposed legislation that would require every state to give ALL of its Electoral Votes to which ever presidential candidate is leading in the popular vote. The east and west coast states are INFESTED with idiots, morons and morally and intellectually bankrupted perverts and illegas … ALL of whom the democrats encourage to vote! This infestation is growing worse and worse every day. Is their taking over our Republic avoidable? Probably not … UNLESS we do something to make sure it never happens.


    The blindfold worn by Lady Justice symbolizes the concept that justice should be rendered “without passion or prejudice.” Considering only the facts on her scale, Lady Justice does not bother with allowing emotional impressions of the accused to enter into the adjudication as a trier of facts.

    Most assume the minds on the U.S. Supreme Court are some of the most knowledgeable scholars of jurisprudence.

    If that assumption were correct, why are their decisions anything but unanimous?

    How can these legal scholars reach different conclusions, based upon the same set of facts?

    Assuming the blindfold on Lady Justice reflects the suppression of bias and prejudice for the purpose of achieving objectivity, how and why are too many decisions “multi-dimensional”?

    We’ve experienced the phrases, conservative Court and liberal Court, whereas our goal should be an objective Court.

    At the retail level of adjudications, in a criminal trial, the result must be unanimous, 12-0, which, normally, affects only one person.

    Does it make sense that a 5-4 decision should affect the entire nation, i.e., that, in effect, one person can possess such power?

    Now we come to whether 8 or 9 should be the appropriate number of Justices. If the number were 9, a 5-4 vote would control, whereas with a Court of 8, a 5-3 decision would be required, which is, at least, quantitatively, a better “score”.

    When the Court regains its full complement of 9, I would like to see Congress mandate, that to affect law, the vote must be, at least, 6 to 3, but preferably 7 to 2. As an option, I advocate that Congress change the full complement from 9 (since 1869) to 8 or any other even number of Justices, which would necessitate minimum 5-3 decisions, assuming no abstentions.

    If it were rational to place credence in the objective application of law, does it seem unreasonable to contemplate Impeachment proceedings against a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, who allows bias to affect a decision?

    The achievement of an objective Court should be our primary goal.

    michael zitterman
    [email protected]
    Revised 02/15/19

  6. Ginsburg needs to retire and give some one else a spot.She is like the rest of the dems. in congress. Hell they will never leave.
    Kavanaugh good choice!

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