Trump Turns Collusion On Its Head
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President Donald Trump has constantly been fighting against the left’s claims of Russian collusion. In spite of that weight, he is now making even bigger strides toward Russian cooperation.

Trump recently tweeted to share about his call with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump admitted that the “very good call” showed signs of developing into a “great relationship,” proving that not only can Trump defeat the claims made against him but make actual political progress against them at the same time. 

While those with their head in the sand will criticize that Trump is making friends of foes, that is exactly how politics is played. Search for common ground to turn enemies into your allies. Make amends to make understanding that will make a future. If only Democrats would take note and make the same attempt with Republicans. 

  1. He was the worst President ever. He tried to destroy the country. Corruption at the highest level in his administration! Send him to prison!! God bless America. We finally have a Christian president who is making America great again. Thank you President Trump!

  2. Mr. Trump is an amazing President. He’s proven what he said he’d try to do. We lived through 8 looong years with Obumer. He did enough to the citizens of the U.S..

  3. President Trump is diplomatically interfacing with Putin, Kim, and other powerful national leaders with tact, skill, and confidence. Thankfully, POTUS Trump does not make a practice of apologizing for the foreign policies of his predecessors. Trump is not saddled to tired old foreign policy decisions which appease those who protect the status quo when it mainly serves their purpose of derailing any possible progress which could be credited or attributed to a brilliant, duly elected conservative POTUS.

  4. Best President ever! or at least since Harry Truman, which is already a gap. We need to have more cooperation with Russia. It could be our greatest ally, and it is changing for the better daily.

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