Ocasio-Cortez Uses Capitalism to Spread Socialism
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Socialist Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is reveling in her own hypocrisy.

The congresswoman is enjoying a fat payday as Netflix uses the mechanic of capitalism to promote the chintzy trend of socialism.

The streaming/entertainment service just debuted “Knock Down the House” which features AOC as a hero fueled by socialist values. 

Netflix paid $10 million for the rights of the documentary, despite the films budget beginning at $28,111 from Kickstarter fundraising.

So despite all Ocasio-Cortez does to dismantle and decry the capitalist system of the country she resides in, she’s still willing to allow that system to make her plenty of money will spreading her skewed views. 

  1. Es una HP hipócrita, anti-americana y mentirosa,,,no puede engañar a nadie,,sólo se está aprovechando de su puesto en el Congreso para hacer dinero facil

  2. She needs a good swift kick in the ass and thrown out of congress and never allowed in government again. She’s a dangerous communist waiting in the wings to destroy our entire infrastructure. She is a national security risk. Remover her and Omar and Talib immediately they are all traitors to our country.

  3. We need to rid ourselves of all these left wing, Godless, socialist, liberal, Trump hating, unpatriotic pieces of inhuman feces immediately before they ruin our Country!

  4. Let’s see a nice political ad showing how Capitalism has made Bernie and now AOC rich- then point out how little They are willing to give that money away! When Bernie was asked if he would pay the 53% tax on his millions that he says the 1% should, he laughed and said No it’s not the Law- So apparently people like him have to be forced by the law to stick to their own principles!

    He also gave a very small amount of those earnings to charity and 25% of the pitins he did give was to his own foundation- meaning he did what the Clintons did and used the “foundation” to give to his favorite charity- Bernie and Wife!

    Now watch AOC who tricks her own followers into giving funds to her own campaign via 5K run fees thinking they were supporting her GND as advertised. But in this I don’t fully blame her- these mindless idiot followers of hers should have read the very fine print at the bottom of the page. Let’s see just how much of this $10 Million windfall she will, as Bernie said- Be “Heroic” enough to give away to the little people. Sorry if I sound cynical but I suspect it will be $00.00 but who knows, with enough press, she might be forced to give a few thousand to charity- I am not holding my breath.

    After all their Socialist Idealism only applies to the little people they are soooo desperate to help right?!

    1. The fair question would be, would you be willing to pay 53% if that was the law? Warren Buffet’s company took over Berger King several years ago and then merged it with a Canadian fast food company, and that made Berger King a Canadian owned company, and Canada had lower corporate taxes than the US, and so while it made its money and profit in the US, the lower tax rate gave the investors higher dividends which made the move, in Trump’s words “a good business decision, and so what Warren and Bernie are doing is just using current law to their advantage, but then there are the charities. The law on Charities is that the donors cannot personally profit from them, so in 2016 Warren gave Billions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foudation, and he could have claimed all of this as a charitible deduction, and if he would have done this he could have avoided paying any Federal Income taxes, but he did not declare $2 Billion of that so he could pay almost $2 Million in Federal Income taxes. The Clinton Chaities have been audited every year and none of the money that was in the charity was ever used to benefit the Clinton’s, so right after the 2016 Bill Clinton wanted to close out his part of this, and put what was left into the other Clinton charity and after another inspection by the NY Attorney General was allowed to do that. At about the same time, Trump wanted to close Trump Chairities and the NY AG said that he could not do that until the investigation was over. which was because Trump had not even registtered his with the Stats, which meant that it was not a real charity so people should not have deducted their contributions from their income taxes, and during the investigation the NY AG found that Trump had not even contributed to it since 2008, and had been using it to do things like buy a portrat of himself to hang in one of his properties, and had donated $25,000 to the campaign of the FL AG, and had paid a fine for a zoning violation from the Charity.
      In January, Trump and his kids entered into a consent agreement with NY, where they paid a very large civil penalty (probably several million dollas) and agreed not to be involved with the administrtion of any othrr charity for 10 years. Now the people who contributed are being audited and are paying all of the taxes on their donations, along with interest and penalties, so they are paying the penalty for Trumps illegal behavior. Now we can see why Trump does not have any friends but his family.. A really really great man that Trump. Would you buy a used car from him?

  5. i watched that film on netflix last night. she sure is trying to spread her rhtoric but at the same time is becoming a millionaire, do much for socialism. it will be alright for everyone but any millionaires in this country includding her. the little liar needs to be th rown out of congressif for no other reason than what she did about amazon in the beonx, those poor peole were waiting to get jobs with amazon, but itis evident she is the only one making out. IMPEACH HER SOON,HPOCRITE. fran toth

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