Ted Cruz DESTROYS ‘Exceptionally Weak’ Democrat Argument
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Republicans are all having a bit of a laugh at the absurdity of the one Democratic argument that Sen. Ted Cruz just tore apart.

Durning the testimony of Attorney General William Barr, Cruz used his time to review that one of the issues that Democrats have with Barr’s handling of the Mueller report is that he did not release Mueller’s recommended 19 page draft summary. 

Instead, Barr released the full report to both Congress and the public. 

Cruz couldn’t help but point out how that made for “exceptionally weak arguments.”

  1. Love Sen. Cruz.
    He and AG BARR are the smartest men in the room. No matter what you say or what you PROVE, the STUPID Democrats will stick to their story and agenda. Their following of Liberal Democrats just WON’T WAKE UP. They are contributing to these IDIOTS staying in office to comprise a DO NOTHING CONGRESS. God Help Us, PLEASE.

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