Democrats TRIGGERED By Barr Refusal
Image credit: foxnews

Democrats are losing it after Attorney General Barr refused to continuously be grilled by their members of the House Judiciary Committee.

“He’s trying to blackmail the committee… The administration cannot dictate the terms of our hearing in our hearing room,” chairman Jerry Nadler complained of Barr’s declination. 

This comes after Barr endured a trying session in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee where they berated and slandered the official. 

Barr’s rejection now has Democrats calling for his resignation while leveling childish insults.

Democrat Steve Cohen spoke during one conference with a figure of a chicken and then later indulged in fried chicken at the House Judiciary Committee making statements to imply Barr is a coward.

Democrats are lashing out in a desperate attempt to provoke Barr as they run out of options to force him to participate in their continued farce. 

  1. The dems r truly demon possessed. The Devil can be literally seen in their gestures.,their words, their facial contortions & in their black hearts!

  2. AG BARR volunteered and was willing to appear before
    the HOUSE without a problem!
    Than that sweet faced Nadler decided to change the rules
    after Barr agreed to appear!
    Afraid! YES, the Demis are afraid to interview the AG without
    Attorneys that are not part of Congress!
    NADLER you and your Counterfeit buddies are attorneys????

    1. These people should be ashamed of themselves for their treatment of Barr. When you change the rules in your favor just before the game begins is not acceptable to any competitors. Their unreasonable actions are the cause for Barr staying at work and avoiding these irrational people.
      If they are serious, they would not do this in order to “create a show” as they do quite often. They don’t care about the truth. The Dem’s want to delay the beginning of the investigation of the investigators!

    2. My understanding of the Judiciary is that these members of the committee are all lawyers, & prosecutors, It’s pretty childless to a not ask your own questions , Sorry but you democrats are a bunch of whiny crybabies, You didn’t get the results you want from Mueller report & now are playing games to keep yourselves in the news because you all don’t have a message for the 2020 election !!!

  3. Truly goddamned Rats are panicking being unable to find how to destroy Potus JusticierTotally NO WAY , understand ?

  4. I do not understand why these nasty democrats are getting away with all there Bull …..
    Spending money galore on all this nonsense, badgering everyone. You mean to tell me that they can not be
    Stopped. Who gives them the right to do all this bull ….,
    Please do something about this.
    Thank you.

  5. You have to assume that the committee changing the rules so their staff could handle the questions is because the members are not smart enough to ask the questions themselves. Obviously, if they are not smart enough to ask the questions, they sure as hell are not bright enough to understand the answers! Perhaps the staff should replace the members of Congress.

  6. Nadler needs to be put in his place and as I see it
    AG Barr is doing just that. I do not remember the Republican
    Acting like spoiled brats when they were in power. Barr agreed to appear before committee members and answer their questions not the questions of hired hacks who are trying and trying to impeach the President. These people including the elected representatives will say and do anything including slander of anyone to get at Trump
    People need to put these Democrat slime balls in their place and vote them out of office. Wake up California, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii and all the othe blue states that continuously elect or re-elect these idiots.

    1. they aren’t idiots, their lying cheating lowlife scum bag bottom feeding cockroaches!!! exterminate them all

  7. In my opinion this congress is messing with the wrong guy. Mr. Barr is better qualified than any of those criticising him, he is more intelligent, and he is certainly better qualified in the legal sense and profession. But undoubtedly we will continue to see this garbage from congress until the next election. Again just my opinion but I believe they are shooting themselves in the foot with all this idiot thinking and and attempted action.

  8. When are these dummerds going to realize that this thing is over. Final!! Finished! Ended! The AG gave his report, answered dumb questions, presented the Mueller report to them and they still can’t get over it. You can bet they’ll change their tune when the investigations that are currently, and planned, by the AG gets underway. Seems like the liberal media has forgotten to report that these investigations are getting underway. Enough is enough. These people need to get off this investigation trail and get back to work representing the American People. At this point they have failed miserably to represent anything except their own self interest.

  9. Nadler is the coward! He wants “Demoncrat Committee Lawyers to do his dirty “political hatchet job” by ignoring the facts. Time to cry to Mama Nadler! Attorney General Barr has more integrity and knowledge of the Law than any Democrat on the planet except for perhaps Allan Dershowitz, who ironically agrees with William Barr’s conclusions and interpretations of Mueller’s work.

  10. All Media Is An Obvious Threat To American Freedom. We Are Now Living In The Age Of Communist Propaganda.

    Two Years Have Passed Since God Chose President Trump To Intervene In The Democrat Destruction Of Our Nation.

    All They Have Done Is Waste Time And Money Trying To Impeach The Peoples Choice.If You Get The Book Not A Shot Was Fired Or None Dare Call It Treason. You Will Quickly See That The Tactics Of The Communist Democrat Party Are The Same As The Communist Take Over Of Czechoslovakia In 1948. You Can Also Google The 65 Goals Of The Communist Party Read Into The Congressional Record In 1963.

    When The Majority Commits Murder. Murder Will Be The Law Of The Land. Abortion Is Murder. We Are Now A Country Distracted By Foolish Things And Do Not See The Noose Around Our Necks. Less That 1/2 Of 1% Defends This Nation. When Reality Becomes Obvious There Will Be A National Draft Or We Will Be Overun Not Only At The Border But Throughout The Land.

    University’s Are Propaganda Palaces And Training Grounds For The Fifth Column Of Communism. 1.2 Million American Babies Are Torn To Pieces In Democrat Coliseums Each Year, They Are Replaced With Legal Immigrants.

    The First Guarantee In Our Shredded By The Aclu Constitution Is Life. Today The Acronym Pow Stands For Prisoner Of The Womb.The Child Has No Rights. No Legal Representation But Does Have A Soul. That Is God’s Black Box Which Returns To God Awaiting A Heavenly Trial. There Is No Difference Between Roe V Wade And The Nurenberg Laws Of 1938.

    Sixty- Five Million Americans Elected Donald Trump. After Witnessing The Failed  Communist Democrat Attempted Coup, We Must Now Double In Size To Protect Our Nation. It Will Only Take Each Of Us One Phone Call To A Relative Sitting On The Sidelines And Beg That They Vote With You. Especially The Ones Who Have Given Up Voting. Help Me To Help You.

    We Have Seen With Our Own Eyes The Lies And Treachery From The Party Of Death And Slavery. We Must End This Betrayal Now. Once And For All Time. Those Who Take Your Guns Away Intend To Kill You. Bill Ayers Told Obama That 20% Of The Nation Will Never Submit And Must Be Liquidated. We Are Back To The Times That Try Men’s Souls. Strike For Your Country In The Voting Booth.

    Latinos And Gospel Blacks Are Coming Over To El Trumpo. Union Members Know That Trump Is For Them Not Only In Word But Deed.
    All The Signs Point To A Big Economic Win. If Anyone Can Do It Trump Can. Let The Democrat Communists Spew Their Venom And Continue To Divide The Nation. Our Answer Is God Bless The USA And Chik-Fil-A.

    Spirit Of America Party Radio Show On You Tube Abutom

  11. Mr. Barr, thank you for accepting the very difficult task of Attorney General in 2019. I hope and pray you and your family will be able to withstand the negative speech and/or yelling that is going on.

  12. Committee: Definition- a group with 6 or more legs, but no brain…

    That pretty well covers the House Judiciary Committee, anyway.

  13. Sue them for slander for calling Barr a Liar! What an asinine act of by bringing chicken to the hearing. Man what a bunch of idiot children the Dem’s are!

  14. Tell the crude, rude and full of SH-T deamoncrats to F off. They are floundering and going down with the ship. They are a bunch of classless jerks who think they can push and muscle people around. Screw the POS deamoncrats.

  15. The dems (commiecrats) are hell-bent on destroying this great country and taking down the best president we ever had! They cannot get over the loss to Trump and are acting like spoiled children that didn’t get their way.
    Commiecrats have nothing to offer that is sensible – free everything and hard working Americans pay for it via huge tax increases. Vote all commiecrats out- help Trump drain the swamp!!!! MAGA

  16. The Dems not only suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, they are now overcome by Barr Derangement Syndrome. As it happens, this is a real diagnosis. None other that Charles Krauthammer (who had been a psychiatrist before he became a journalist) diagnosed it during the George W. Bush presidency. Krauthammer wrote a paper on the syndrome and it is published in a medical journal. Therefore, this is not a made up condition, and watching the Barr hearings, yesterday, confirms that the Democratic Party and the media as a whole are suffering from this syndrome. Listening to these people is more than alarming, it is scary. To listen to them badger, insult and downright slander someone that is far superior in information and intellect is unconscionable. In my lifetime I have never seen such hatred directed toward the president and anyone connected to him. It’s obvious they need serious therapy. They should not waste any time getting it.

    1. The explanation has been known for a long time:

      Conservatives believe it when they see it and Liberals see it when they believe it.

      Just think about it! It is true!

  17. Congrats to Mr Barr. Not intimidated by this simple-minded groop of peasants – starting with their so called weak leader. Do your job. You’re beat and you know it. Act like adults if you can. A group of baboons for sure


  18. I hope American people don’t forget this in 2020.
    Need vote republicans ,if not come the socialism in AMERICA

  19. If I were a very powerful attorney, my questions to all Democrats party will make them burn and destroyed. Let start with the most concerned question, as we know that to becoming for President of the United State, you must be natural born United States Cizitenship. As it’s a same principles for the member of the United States Congress, my question is that; has the member of the Democrats Party unlawfully admitted to elected non-U.S. Citizenship to becoming a member? (There are possibly 3 to 4 people that are under investigations with background check).

  20. I don’t blame AG Barr for refusing to meet with the Democrats, who are rude, insulting and name calling. The woman from Hawaii really was nasty. She referred Barr as a liar, she also is the same person who stated that men should sit down and shut up. Real manhater. I watched yesterday as the chair decided to ignore a person and do a role call. The person kept calling on the chair to be recognized but was ignored. It was decided that today no one but Nadler would question Barr. I think that AG Barr would have been better off skipping the meetings altogether. I was surprised that Obama was not called in to question Barr. After all, he still believes that he is president. His actions speak for him. Remember he started this mess when he got people to spy on Trump and his campaign.

  21. The way the democraps treated AG BARR was the worse, disgusting, act of immature, worthless pieces of crap, that Washington has ever put up with! The dems are scared out of their minds. AG BARR now can get on with investigating the real criminals, obummer, killary, holder, lynch, clapper, top FBI and DOJ criminal leaders and probably a lot of demos in congress. BARR, please turn all of their world’s inside out for their little secrets. Their little circus shows just where their agendas are going! PRESIDENT TRUMP, TELL THEM TO SHOVE IT AND A G BARR tell those morons to jump off a bridge. Dems are enemies of our country, our citizens, our children, and our future.

  22. As a citizen of Tennessee I am embarrassed and ashamed that such an idiot as Steve Cohen represents a district of our state. People will only look on this as what is: an act of loonacy. When will we stand up to such people and say “enough is enough?” Steve go home and stop embarrassing us.

  23. The democrats are still trying to undue the 2016 election. And the liberal press is supporting them. They cannot stand the fact that an outsider beat them at their own game. It was quite an achievement that Trump won the presidency not only beating the opposition party but also members of his own party. They won’t quit until he is ousted from office.

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