‘Smash ICE’: Antifa Out Of Control
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In Portland, Oregon one Antifa group is proving themselves to be nothing more than violent vandals escalating conflict after causing thousands of dollars in property damage. 

The politically motivated hooligans targeted the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement union lawyer Sean Riddell, flooding the office by inserting a garden hose through the buildings mail slot. This also victimized an innocent bystander as Riddell shared the office with another lawyer operating a separate practice.

The group would later take credit for the immature act by sending a letter to the Willamette Week which reads:

“Sean Riddell currently provides legal representation to the National ICE Council, the union which represents ICE agents, in a lawsuit against the city of Portland in response to the Occupy ICE PDX encampment last summer. Sean’s new law office, located in Portland, was purchased partially with the money he’s made from the work he’s done for the National ICE Council. We decided to congratulate him on his new building by unraveling is garden hose, pushing it through his mail slot, and turning on the water. Our goal was to cause maximum economic damage, that should serve as a warning to all individuals and businesses that profit off the human misery perpetrated by ICE… For a world without borders and prisons. For the free movement of all people. Smash ICE”

This a threat to a government organization and should not be taken lightly. 

  1. You can not fix stupid can you? The insurance (which means everyone picks up the tab with continual rate increases, which has the consequence of you spitting on those you seek to represent) will pick up the tab minus the deductible, usually $500. So, for $500 in actual damages you have shown yourselves to be inept, immature, and basically criminals that hide behind masks. Congratulations for showing, for a reduced price to us all, how incompetent you are, unfocused, inept, uneducated, and criminal minded you are. What is next? Do you want to cut off your penis because it is smaller than anyone else’s?

  2. Since they want to destroy property and attack or hurt people it’s time to send in federal marshals and arrest them on terrorism charges.

  3. We need to look at them as terrorist, in America, and start killing them, that is what you do to terrorist, when they have there faces cover we don’t know who they are, they are no different then the enemy, lets not make the mistake, that just because they are in America, makes then American, only crooks, and some one looking to do harm, hide there faces, get them be four they get you, we need to let these scumbag’s know we wont hesitate to kill them.

  4. Antifa and its sister groups should be treated as terroristic and seditious groups, and their members prosecuted for the criminals they are. Incitement to riot and sedition are crimes, and not covered by the Bill of Rights; they whine about prejudice and hate crimes, without being self-aware enough to realize their persecution of conservatives — consisting not only of bigoted and incendiary speech but of assault, vandalism and other similar crimes– is the very epitome of “hate crime” and “hate speech”… the whole bunch of them are sociopathic, smug, self-laudatory thugs. They describe themselves as “social justice warriors” (how self-flattering!) but what they are actually more like Hitler’s Brownshirts. They are deluded, and would be laughable were they not so pernicious.

  5. There insisting on no prisions. Grab a few dozen of them and throw then in prison general population for a month and see how it turns out.

  6. The next time an Ice office has this BS pulled on them, the solution would be a shotgun in the office loaded with shells containing salt the salt won’t kill but it will leave a severe burn, the ice officer needs to shoot these assho**s with the salt and there will be no guessing who was involved it will be obvious

  7. i live in the portland oregon area , antifa is not made up of thugs , it is made up of social misfits who are unable or unwilling to act like adults , have no abilty to speak clearly or logicaly about what they want or what goal they seek …. and frankly are like teen age boys in moms garage talking about starting a rock band and how to deal with all the fame and money they will have . they do not even rise to the adolescent development of day dreamers with undefined personal experiance or real world understanding of the issues they seem to have …. i have acyualy talked to a tiny representitive sample of them …. and genaraly , genaralisations are to genaral to make genaralizasions or to be taken as factual … but they , as a group are univercity trains students who are totaly clueless , passionate with out direction or ideas of their own ….. and quite honestly… could not manage a paper rout if their parents drove them each morning … they are not simple the waste products of a failed public educational system , they are the natural biproduct of progressive liberal democrats , and the news cycle that covers their misbehavior …. if children acted this way , their parents would be shamed into disiplinary action …. honestly…. the greater problem is…. there are not enough adult men in the whole of the city of protland ,
    to take these little penicle neck children into an alley and beat them senseless for a few
    hours , and correct their attitudes about bad behavior . frankly… antifa does not need to be taken seriously , they are not terrorist… and the more attention the news media pays them… the more likly it is that one of these losers is going to take daddys gun and shot some one , because they think they need to live up to the press coverage they are getting…

  8. When is the Government going to dismantle, convict & send to prison these fascist felons who are disguised as a political group. They are no better than the Skinheads or Nazi groups. Although it’s a different story headline when the skinheads want to have a rally. I am really ashamed of these so-called democrat leaders that endorse, promote, encourage this type of civil disobedience. Yeah I know it’s an American right to protest. It may be their right but it doesn’t make it right. I am waiting on the civil war that will happen when states like California tries to take Trump off the ballot. There will be anarchy like we haven’t seen since the civil rights era, which most of these millennial’s didn’t witness. That is illegal to prevent Trump from being on a State ballot. The dimawits & libertards have no self dignity they will stoop to such lows just to get a dimawit into the Oval office. When the SHTF I hope they are in the front line but we all now they will be cowering in their gated mansions.

  9. Looks like it is time to break out the Dillon 134D.NOW is the time to quell these sick fucks BEFORE they
    really get a foothold and get people killed.They are committing multiple crimes up to and including
    felonies.Kick their asses REAL good one time and they MIGHT get the message and back off.BUT then
    again they seem like inbred idiots that don’t have any sense of morality.Hell, kill ’em all and let God sort
    them out.They’re the disease, and WE are the cure! GOD BLESS AMERICA and FUCK THE DEMONCRATS
    and ANTIFA.

  10. CONGRESS need to pass a law that those wearing covering on their faces are breaking the law especially in groups. It will continue to get wirse if we allow rhus sort if things.They need to be arrested.

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