Truth Of Border Captured During Live Report With Trump
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Fox News caught some unplanned footage when Maria Bartiromo was hosting Sunday Morning Futures live from the southern border near El Paso, Texas.

During a segment where Bartiromo was conducting a phone interview with President Donald Trump, the captures rolling in the background managed to capture a group of illegal immigrants sneaking into the country. 

Bartiromo even spoke with one family from Honduras who shared that they had been told the could stay in the U.S. if they could just cross the border. 

“Did somebody tell you in Honduras that you’d be able to stay and get to Oklahoma if you crossed?” Bartiromo asked.

“Si. A lot of people do,” was the simple reply.

This was the perfect backdrop to demonstrate how continuous and serious the problem of illegal immigration has become. 

    1. a nice application fee for the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS would be $10,000,000….. non refundable. CATHOLICS destroy every nation they invade. There is no recovery from any Catholic nation. Into poverty, crime, corruption, ignorance and failure forever. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS, and all the above.

  1. Build the Wall and stop these invaders, our safety comes first. We already have enough Americans that need help in this country.

  2. What a sad state of affairs, for power and money politicians are selling America out! Yes, a few weak ass Republicans and 90 percent of the Dems! The border issue should have never happened, previous politicians let it go for 50 years because they didn’t have the balls to address it! It’s not only a crisis, it’s a f….. mess. The hard working tax payer is screwed again, having to pay for all this while the rich politicians sit on their asses and fight like little kids. Obama looked the other way, hell he brought in thousands of Musilims that would support his faith.
    When you have assholes like Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Feinstein, Schumer, Schaffer and 50 more interfering with the legal process not a dam thing to help our country. Just look at them, old, out of touch liberal bastards! Each one of became rich in the political arena and have huge walls and human security to protect their estates and them. Dam, spiteful hypocrites they are!
    They’ll do anything to bring Trump down, they have lied, preached violence, pushed racism, and stopped the wall being built! Someone should tear their f….. walls down and invite aliens to camp on their property.
    It’s easy to feel sorry for a family who walked across the border knowing dam well they are not a citizen. They seem to have nice clothes, cell phones, not even dirty! Taxpayers are getting screwed, , for everyone that crosses we’ll be paying out 2 to 3 million each to take care of!
    It’s not my job to work all my life to pay for aliens and all the shit that goes with it. We are responsible for our families and no one else, bleding hearts who say, it’s humanirptatian, go fuck you selves! You want this , but you want other to pay for it! If this doesn’t stop America will become the shithole, the whole country will end up like CA, New York, LA, Chicacgo, Detroit, San Francisco, yes shithole citirs! Anticlerical just published, in a San Francisco Sanitation needs to collect 240 tons of human shit off the streets and sidewalks!
    Build the wall, put in tech to help security, add more enforcement officers, use tear gas on any one trying to gain access, , shoot invaders with rubber bullets, if they throw objects or shoot at border agents shoot the invader dead. The wall is on American soil and so are they on the buffer on the other side, a few times of this the uneducated, criminals, rapists, foreign terrorists, murders, drug dealers, radicals, masses, future freeloaders, disease ridden, violent offenders…… would all quit trying!
    America – it’s time to wake up and and take action to take back American values, we need to vote those pieces of shit out of their crooked positions. Just look at The 3 new women of color, imagine them running the govt for 40 years, nasty now, be bitches from hell with any more power!

  3. Turn them back! Why do we keep letting them in? I know what the stupid law says, don’t you think it’s time to change it! Until then Mr. President, turn their asses around and tell them to wait until its their turn. Don’t let them in PERIOD! It’s a bunch of scrap and it needs to stop!

  4. I was wondering How many Democrats actually have been to the border. How About Leader Pelosi or Schumer !!! They do not care how many cross the border , Open Borders is there policy !!! Democrats weak on the border issue & Illegal immigration. When President Trump stated that he was going to release the illegal cross er is their communities they had a different reaction > Liberal New York City Mayor de Basio said I will sue to stop it & & Liberal Cher said no Los Angles can’t take care of there own !!!

  5. We MUST stop these illegals from entering our Nation and hanging out in our communities without jobs or legal means to lie around our towns and cities living as they have in their own cities an destroying out infrastructure. Let them apply for Amnesty but thy cannot be allowed in this Country before they are vetted.

  6. Wow!!! You all EVIL!!! I’m sure you all go to hell with Trump!!! I’m sure you all very happy knowing Russia made Russia made all the decisions last election. I’m sure you all going to love it when Russia decides who will come the next president.If you think you are so smart & know so much how about the billions of all tax payers going to other countries war? How about take care are kids, are family’s first. Very Scary be in this blog full of haters in the name of God!!!

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