Reality Check For Pete Buttigieg
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Pete Buttigieg has been enjoying a lot of attention for his 2020 presidential campaign. But while he’s been out cozying up to voters abroad, the South Bend mayor’s residents have been left forgotten. 

For example, the abandoned Studebaker plant that Buttigieg officially launched his campaign from is supposed to be converted into an 800,000-square-foot tech hub. A hefty push for progress in the city. But those who live close by aren’t noting any changes. 

C.J. Neely is a 16-year-old inhabitant of the small city home to roughly 100,000 other and lives a few miles from the plant. But he didn’t hold back in his criticism. 

“This s— looks the same, every time I walk through here,” Neely admitted. “He’s improved s—,” he added of Buttigieg. 

This is just a small bit of the resentment that is building as Buttigieg continues to fall short on his promises to the small city. 

Like the 1,000 Houses project that Buttigieg so often boasts of, despite claiming it as a success residents point out that it left a lot to be desired. 

With the demolition of numerous houses, dust clouds rise from the demolition which residents fear is tainted with asbestos and lead. Vacant lots where crumbling home stood have been turned into small garbage dumps, bringing pests and foul stenches to the streets. 

Being on the campaign trail is vital to winning an election but given that Buttigieg can’t meet the obligations he faces from a small town, how will he meet the needs of the entire nation?

  1. Typical Democrat promises, promises and nothing’. That is what the Democrats are good for. Then take ahold look at the cities they run, all a complete sewer with homeless in the warm parts of the nation and full of garbage, and crap looking like a 3rd world country!

  2. We want to know how marrying your boy friend makes one ‘Closer to god?”
    Does one grow further from God if one marries the girl friend”
    What theBoyfriend marries the girl friend?

  3. The only things this squeer has on his mind is getting ‘butt-plugged’ by his hubby and camping out at his favorite ‘GLORYHOLE’ in his favorite ‘GAY’ bar…….and ‘ADVERTISING’…….

  4. The norm of the past, but the AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO PAY THERE taxes and want what the politicians are saying as their platform for election, then don’t even follow it while campaigning are definitely not worth getting elected!!!!

  5. Peety should enjoy his LIBERAL MEDIA attention for NOW

    But sooner or later the truth will “COME out” of one of America’s WORSE small cities mayors

    Ge sgo7ld CONSIDER MOVING to a larger city first & see if he can be proven successful vs FICTION

  6. Do not really care what the queer community thinks…but…I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A QUEER FOR POTUS…go back to IN and bend offer to take your manlovr right where the sun doesn’t shine….you are a disgrace….faggot!!!

  7. This is what the Democrats have unleashed on America. Whackos, wierdos, and liars. They do not belong on any ballot! His city is suffering because he is their mayor. What a tramp!

  8. I read these comments and I think-are these comments from high school kids, or are these from the Russians? Good job.
    Russia is winning so easily. They don’t need a way to spread suspicion and divisive fake news, all we need is Americans being given permission to act their worst.
    We are now and always divided, thank god. I’m so glad this country still allows us to stay in our own space and say what we feel, and make ourselves feel better by tearing down anyone or anything that doesn’t suit us. We can say it offends our religious or moral code but that’s a lie. God certainly isn’t in these comments on here. It’s just prejudice toward whatever we choose. We are self righteous Americans exercising our right to judge anyone that dares put themselves out there and tries to change things for the better. I don’t care that I have no idea how to run a city, or state, or country-all I care about is someone on my team doing it my way! It doesn’t matter if I think everyone on my team is corrupt and lawless, I want them in charge anyway! I want America run by a complete con-artist. A master of deception. I hope my choice sells us out to Russia for the price of a luxury hotel!
    No matter what, we will always be the greatest nation in the world, as long as we fight to keep the republicans in office, doing away with healthcare, social security, and any form of assistance to those that make less than a $400,000 income. All of us contributing on here are rich experts, so screw the politically correct.
    Let’s all keep making decisions based on fake news and allow the Trump family to run this nation in a way that’s best for them.
    Truth be damned! Let’s all go down as liars. Let’s be against the other team at all costs! Let’s cast out self respect and follow the republicans to infamy!

  9. I know you have friends, or relatives, or hairstylist that are gay-come on, don’t deny it. Have you considered how it makes them feel when you act like you can’t tolerate gay people? You know you have no problem with the gays you know. If you don’t know any gay people then you need to get out more. There are plenty of them serving you in the Republican Party already. Pretend you don’t know which ones they are. Right there, working with Trump every day, in his cabinet. Some of his closest advisors. Just look at who Trumps mentors have been, Roy Cohen, Roger Stone….. look them up. You’ll see. There’s no exclusion of gay people in Trumps party. It doesn’t mean the rest of them are gay, it means they have no problem with diversity. Trump is long time friends with Nancy Pelosi too, even Hillary. Look that up. Just be honest, it’s either no big deal to respect others that are different from you-including political party, or (private life), or you really don’t belong on any
    Team. Go independents!

  10. He has not right running for any office let alone President. They have proven that being gay is a mental disorder and you want someone with a brain disorder being our President, I don’t think so.

  11. Funny! Petey once criticized and mocked Sarah Palin’s political experience of “only being a mayor of a small city and only a short time as a governor, therefore, she’s not qualified to be Vice President.” Well, what does that say about his qualifications to be POTUS?

  12. A mini, mini O. Remember when Barry chimed in with that ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’? Down in Texas when they hear this bloviating it’s referred to as being ‘All hat and no cows’. He’s just part of the Dem POTUS wannabe clown car. Enjoy the show.

  13. Big question…..who voted this man into the South Bend, IN, mayor’s office??? If the citizens of this small town knew who and what this man was….who and why did they vote for him??? Was he the only candidate for mayor?? He didn’t get into this position and develop an inflated ego that made him think he could become president without the help of local voters….unless he and his buddies rearranged the votes. Did anyone recount the votes??? Apparently voters believed the false promises of a Democrat…and now everyone is stuck with this incompetent man and his false promises!! Voters should take this as a warning of what will happen if Democrats win in 2020…..HORRORS!!!….and heaven help our country!!!!

  14. I consider myself an independent and have in the past supported both sides in elections, both national and local. When elections roll around I do my best to keep up with what is being said and I usually do light background checks on the candidates. I’m educated, with a degree in business and would be considered a well adjusted individual by those who know me. But I’ve got to tell you folks that this upcoming election has me about as confused as a grammar school dropout. I have not seen or heard any one of the announced democrat candidates make any sense or show any real knowledge of the condition of this nation. The over all picture they are painting is give free stuff to anyone who will vote for them. As a nation we don’t have the free “stuff” to hand out anymore. Now Nancy Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to sixteen (16). That’s handing a shiny new toy to a four year old. At my age, experience, and educational back ground if I can’t understand the democrat agenda how the heck is a sixteen year old, teenage, child going to make a decent decision to elect someone capable of managing this nation. As I said in the beginning I have voted both sides in the past. But I cannot consider this socialist movement the democrats are pushing this time. They seem to have lost all direction. And the liberal politicians seem to be trying to “out radical” each other. All “legal” voters had best be on their toes this time, paying close attention to the candidates and above all reporting any irregularities they may see at the polls. This election ranks right at the top of importance and you can bet it’s going to be “nasty”.

  15. WE need Trump in 2020. Trump has done what he promised and just think what he could do if he had some help in Congress!!! Vote Trump 2020.

    1. Evelyn–We, US Citizens, TOTALLY agree with you (from here in Chile, SA.) Our POTUS could do so much
      with more support and less whining and complaining. Congress is such a disappointment. TRUMP 2020! Continuing to MAGA!!

  16. This man wants to be President of a Nation where at one time men before him Bowed down in Prayer and reverence to God, and now this man, says GOD/JesusChrist lied when He said men w/men is the course he desires to follow, and yet it is an “ABOMONATION” Romans 1:25-32 KJV George Washington Prayed and knelt to pray and Harry Truman supported and Gave the U.S.A blessing and recognition as a Nation and many another presidents READ the KJV Bible and did right! This man HATES GOD/Jesus Christ and doesn’t even acknowledged HIM at all! 1 John 5:12/2:22KJV AN ABOMINATION Is what this is and that’s from Revelation 21:27KJV Homosexauls do NOT reproduce or procreate they “RECRUIT”!

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