Crazy Candidate’s Plan Just Needs $1.25 Trillion
Image credit: cnn

If there is a sure way to rally voters it’s to promise them lavish opportunities, even if you can in no way afford them. 

That’s the tac Democratic 2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is going with in a post she made on the website Medium. 

Arguing that student loan debt is “crushing millions of families and acting as an anchor on our economy,” Warren is proposing to wipe out student loan debt while providing universal “free” college. 

A plan that should only cost taxpayers roughly $1.25 trillion over the following decade.

Warren offers that the plan would start by forgiving 95 percent of student loan debt at “a one-time cost to the government of $640 billion.” She boasts that “experts also conclude that my plan will likely provide a boost to the economy through ‘consumer-driven economic stimulus,'” and “help close the racial wealth gap.”

Following the cancellation of debt Warren then wants to implement the Universal Free College program that would cost close to another $600 billion. 

The Massachusetts senator assures lower income families not to fret sharing, “Some people will say we can’t afford this plan. That’s nonsense. The entire cost of my broad debt cancellation plan and universal free college is more than covered by my Ultra-Millionaire Tax — a 2 percent annual tax on the 75,000 families with $50 million or more in wealth.”

  1. Why on earth would you give Elizabeth Warren and air time. It makes you look stupid. This lying ditz is terminally dumb. You make your viewers look down on you for giving her any space on your columns or computer site. I feel sorry for the students what went to the same schools as she did, they must be embarrassed to admit that she went to the same school that she did. If her IQ was 1 point lower you would have to water her to sustain life. I can’t imagine any body willing to spent 1.25 trillion to bail out students tuition.

    She might consider getting out of politics and trying her hand at stand up comedy. This clown has no future in government. I can only imagine how embarrassed her family and friends must be. They probably don’t claim that they know her.

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