Latest Chuck Norris Partnership Puts Left In A Frenzy
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The liberal loving left is on high alert now that the legendary Chuck Norris has made a new partnership that conservatives love.

Second Amendment advocates are having a field day after Norris announced on his Instagram that he would be the new spokesperson for firearm manufacturer Glock. 

Of course those pushing gun control can hardly stand it adding comments like, “I do not like people who serve the gun industry,” “So sad to see you’re just a sponsor now,” and “Chuck shouldn’t be working with gun companies at a time like this,” referring to violent shootings.

But those comments were quickly slammed down by those who love the idea. In fact the Chuck Norris meme machine is already at work producing gems like, “I heard you sleep with a Glock on your nightstand so the Glock doesn’t get scared.”

In reality the image of the Walker, Texas Ranger star and Glock seems like the perfect matchup. The partnership will include ad campaigns as well as public appearances in the future.

  1. Those who truly love America and understand that our forefathers established the 2A to “protest America’s liberty from enemies from without and within” Thank You Chuck!
    It is a sad thing to realize how many of our people are deceived into believing that guns kill people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE; whether it is with a gun; knife; hammer; car; fire; or what ever their choice of weapon , that fact is, it is the human element which made the murder possible. And the left’s proclivity toward “hate speech” and instigating violence, is responsible for many crimes which we see today. Not to mention the American’s (both left and right) fascination for violence in movies; and music!

    1. The Left are true haters. Trump has caused them and their media to be in meltdown mode 27/7. Pretty soon they are going to need straight jackets. I’m serious! I’d like to see Swallwell go into the mountains in this country and take legal gun owners who are law abiding citizens. Everyone of the Dem wannabe president are out of touch with American people. Just like a Dems running for office, promises, promises, that will not be kept because they are insane. Whether you like Trump or not, every promise he has kept, except the wall right now because the Dems hate to give Trump a win. Dems have had control of the House for almost 4 months and have accomplished nothing except raging about Trump. They have blood on their hands. They hate this country and want to destroy the Constitution. How can you take care of strangers and not your own children? Wrong! It’s a war.

  2. The muslims fisa spy Obama was the worst president of all time beyond a shadow of a doubt & sources are saying he is probably the biggest thief ever to enter the White House

  3. I am so glad that someone like Chuck Norris is proud to stand up for what is right, and the 2A gives us that right. Our forefathers knew that one day we would be attacked from the inside so they made sure we the people could and would protect our way of life. Guns do not kill, how stupid it is for anyone who even states that they do, lay a gun down does it sit up and kill anyone, NO! We kill, and if they do not have a gun they will use a knife, a hatchet, a lead pipe, a vehicle, a rope, or even their bare hands. Taking away our guns so we cannot defend ourselves will not stop the evil in this world from doing their sick acts of violence, it will only stop law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their loved ones. On average when a gun is used it was illegally gotten and that will not stop. Thank you, Chuck Norris, for standing firm with your fellow Americans who believe in our God-given rights to protect ourselves, keep our rights, keep our freedoms and to remove those who do not share the values so many of our men and women died for. God bless America!

  4. Many liberals have been crazy for a long time and others have been on the edge of insanity. Chuck Norris is not responsible for making them crazy.

  5. THANK-YOU CHUCK for taking this very public stand, I appreciate it immensely. Soon my daughter will complete her first year as a prison CO and be authorized to carry on the job. Although they issue an official carry gun only for the job, she will be acquiring a ‘ Glock’ for concealed carry off the job, and I will contribute towards that purchase. thanks again! JERICHO

  6. Anyone with a grain of common sense should know that guns do not kill people and gun control freaks apparently DO NOT any common sense. If guns kill, what about knives, ropes, cars, airplanes, animals etc. etc. Are they to be banned too? I don’t own guns, never have but I believe people who do should have every right to do so if they practise safe gun use.


  7. Thank you, Mr. Norris, for being secure enough to stand out from the “silent” ones in Hollywood. Your patriotic stance is a standard for those who cower in the shadows, afraid to voice their opinions.

  8. Chuck will be truthful and just, not like those on the left who are not capable of the truth. As told, guns do not kill people, people do.

  9. Beautiful. We need all the spokespeople we can get to combat the socialist, Marxist Hillary/Obama types rampant today. Marxism requires complete domination over ones citizens and that’s not possible if those citizens are armed. One of the first things every totalitarian regime in the world did was disarm their citizenry and that’s exactly what people like senators Murphy and Blumenthal are trying to do today . Thanks Chuck,

  10. This is not driving the left crazy as some would suggest. They’re as totally insane as they could possibly be. Talib, Cortez, Omar, Pelosi, Schumer, Mueller, Comey, Schiff, et al. Need I say more?

  11. The criminal Democrat Party Mob is going to use as there gun spokesman none other than Nancy Pelosi to counter act this Chuck Norris , and beg people not to buy guns!!! Go get her Chuck, because she has no idea which end of the barrel the bullet comes out when it is fired!!!……

  12. I never thought guns were needed to prove your manhood. Mr. Norris should know this better than most but by inciting the brainless my respect for you, Mr. Norris has taken a dive.

    1. Chuck did not say that. Others on this page said that. He is also a martial arts expert. What is right is right. I salute him for taking a stand in our behalf. Shame on you.

  13. Question: How can you make Social Democrats that have already been crazier for decades, even more so? You could make them crazier I suppose but, that would be hard to accomplish considering they’ve been at their limit for so long!!

  14. This doesn’t surprise me at all that Chuck would do this. It’s all part of being a Christian, patriotic, freedom-loving American.

  15. When the government confiscates your guns, millions will die.
    In 1915-17 Turkey banned guns. In 1914 the government exterminated 1,500,000 Armenians.
    In 1929-45 Soviet Union bans guns. 20,000,000 citizens exterminated and 7,500,000 Ukrainians starved.
    In 1933-45, Nazi Germany bans guns. 20,000,000 citizens were exterminated.
    In 1937-49 China Nationalist bans guns. 10,000,000 civilians were executed and starved.
    In 1949-52, 1957-60, 1966-76, China Red bans guns. 35,000,000 civilians were exterminated.
    In 1960-81, Guatemala bans guns. 300,000 civilians were exterminated.
    In 1971-79, Uganda bans guns. 300,000 civilians were exterminated.
    In 1975-79, Cambodia Khmer Rouge bans guns. 2,000,000 civilians were executed.
    In 1994 Rwanda bans guns. 800,000 civilians were executed.
    Guns help prevent violent crimes, according to a new study by the Crime Prevention Research Center. The study found that between 2007 and 2015, the amount of conceal carry permits issued rose by 190 percent with a corresponding 18 percent drop in violent crime, as reported by SSRN

    1. Absolutely true! Why should Hollywood liberals be allowed to criticize firearms manufacturers and others that they disagree with yet those who have different views from the liberals aren’t allowed to voice their opinion or ideas? That’s the definition of hypocrisy! Liberal elites think they have the right to say whatever they want but if we disagree with them, we need to just shut up. BULL! What’s really hypocritical is that the liberal leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, etc. all criticize us for having guns to protect ourselves & our families, yet they have no problem having armed security for THEIR protection. I guess their poop from their rear must not be stink like ours, must be special sweet-smelling or odorless. They think that they deserve special treatment because they’re so “high & mighty”. Sorry but you guys are no more special than any of the rest of us.

  16. Congrats Chuck on your new assignment, Liberals will not be happy because you will speak the truth about gun control and they cannot defend their position with facts and logic. Expect meltdowns in even greater numbers now that you will be the new Ranger in town!

  17. Great. Glad to see one the Hollywood team speak up and be counted with the rest of the true AMERICANS. MAYBE this will help some of the others stand up to the liberal left-wing nut jobs.

  18. Faaaaaantastic! Not that I don’t love Ollie North, but we finally have a guy representing us with the stature of Charlton Heston!

  19. GOD Bless you Mr. Norris. You’ve always shown your true colors and we can see they are still an un-faded Red, White and Blue.

  20. Hay Chuck, Congrats on joining the Glock Team. Now when you get a chance, tell me what is your favorite Glock Model.

  21. I hope the dummiecrats are stupid enough to mess with one
    of the GREATEST PEOPLE ON EARTH they will be taught a
    lesson that they won’t forget in their life time. CHUCK IS A
    THEM A LESSON ON GUN SAFETY, but the dummiecrats are
    to stupid know that so they will have find out the hard way!!!

  22. Thank you Chuck Norris, maybe you can educate some of the idiots out there that believe guns kill people, I have always said guns can’t walk, can’t think or can’t drive a car, it takes a person to drive to a place where they plan to kill someone, walk in with gun in hand and pull the trigger, people kill people they make the plans and execute them, not guns but people with guns

    1. I find it so hypocritical of firearms-hating liberals who always blame the inanimate hardware (firearms) whenever some criminal shoots someone. Yet, when a drunk driver kills someone with his vehicle, NONE of them ever blame the vehicle or try to sue the vehicle’s manufacturer. Or if some criminal seriously injures or kills someone with a baseball bat, they NEVER attack the manufacturer of the bat, nor do they try to restrict who can buy baseball bats. They’re so ignorant that they call semi-automatic rifles “assault rifles” when by definition only rifles with select fire are “assault rifles” because they can fire more than 1 round per trigger press. What’s really ignorant is when they use the term “assault weapons” for ARs, etc. because by definition, a golf club, baseball bat, knife, 2×4, shovel, pick, etc. are ALL “assault weapons” if they’re used to commit an assault on someone. I guess the rest of us will just have to accept their stupidity and allow them to say idiotic things because they do have the protection of the 1st Amendment.

  23. If you really look hard (which is actually quite easy to see)….everything that the hard LEFT is doing supports Communist Doctrine. They want to take our freedom of speech, take our guns so as to not be able to defend oirselves, guilty till proven innocent….and they keep on going right down the Bill of Rights. To see it shredded into pieces. I actually believe that they’re working for the Communists. Kruschev told Kennedy that Communism will rule the world….and the Dems are helping to make that happen.

  24. Thanks Chuck for stating that guns do not kill people, people do. I don’t own a gun but I am seriously thinking about buying one for my personal safety and I am not a youngun’ I am 87 years old. I have heard that thefts of elderly people are taking place all over the country and I would be safer if I had one!

  25. Great job Chuck! American people need to stand up and fight for our country. Those liberal PIMPS in Congress need to be voted out and put people who truly care and respect our proud heritage. America use to be a country respected throughout the world. Now, every country wants to just kill any American they can get a hold of. Lets make our country great again before even thinking of sending hard earned tax’s payer’s dollars to other countries who don’t really care about us just our money. Their all just “FREETARDS”. “I’m Proud To Be An American”. Thanks Chuck…

  26. Good for Chuck. The USA needs more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens to stop the criminals, illegal aliens, and communist advancement of the Democrat party.

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