News Network ‘For People Of Color’ Set To Debut
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The announcement of a fledging news network is getting a lot of attention for its operating practice that many would call a double standard. 

In November the Black News Channel (BNC) is set to launch in announcement shared both on the network’s website and the Pasadena Black Pages.  

The website describes BNC as an “innovative and life-changing network,” whose mission is to “provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring and empowering to its African American audience.”

Minority-owned and operated, the independent network proudly depicts itself as “the nation’s only provider of 24/7 cable news programming created ‘by people of color for people of color.'”

“BNC will be able to make a deep, rich connection to this target audience by being the antidote to today’s toxic news environment; our network will provide relevant news, as well as celebrate black lives, culture, and history,” the website shares.

The network anticipates debuting to nearly 33 million households in heavy African-American markets that include Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York City. 

This is racist, isn’t it? Just imagine the outcry if whites launched a White News Network “by white people for white people.”

  1. If you provide honest and factual news, there is a crying need for your venture. You take on a great responsibility for what could be good or bad. I know Americans wish you well.

  2. So what is the big deal? There have been music stations dedicated to Black music and commentary directed at the Black community. Italian, Spanish and other ethnic stations have been broadcasting for decades. You would think that other races were barred from listening.

    1. I can’t believe the ignorant comments of defense of this nonsense here. Then it’s ok to have all white news channels? All white awards programs? All white colleges and schools? And on and on and on! Why was segregation such a big deal in the 60’s then. If they wanted segregation we should have left things as they were! We should have just gone with white busses, black busses, white fountains, black fountains, white schools/black schools. White sports/black sports etc. Yesm shaking my head at the ignorance!

  3. I really don’t have a problem with an “All Black News Agency”, I only wonder if they will do an in-depth investigation of how the DNC has worked overtime to keep the Black community poorly educated, jobless, and beholden to the democratic party as well as how they worked to split up the Black family unit.

  4. this wont last long.they will screw it up. look what obama did to this Country.look at Detroit! look at Africa! need I go on? Of course it cant be racist,they are black.give the world a break!

  5. If their content is fair an relevant I’m all for them. If they just want to pound the piss out of the white population, don’t bother.

  6. i don’t see anything wrong with this, In fact when watching Most News Stations all you see are White People maybe some Asians but for the most part White People rule the Airwaves! I Believe that this is Needed in the Black Communities As long as the News is Informing the Culture of the Democrats NEED to Keep them Down. Good Luck with the News Station!

  7. If whites want to do just whites show , then we are racist but blacks can have only black events and they are not racist.if they fail in this , whites will be blamed.

  8. every body knows this will be a racist network i hope it isn’t,,,i wish more blaCK people knew the dems have always been holding them back,,ABE LINCOLN WAS THE FIRST REPUBLICAN,,HE FREED THE SLAVES NOT THE DEMS THEY OWNED THE PLANTATIONS AND KEPT SLAVES,

  9. I have no problem with a black station. I would be disappointed if it turns into a “hate whites station”. This could be a uniting of both black and white ideas to stop racism. So please do not make this a forum for hate or a Sharpton or Farrakhan bring down America platform. Omar has downed America with her rants, anti-Jewish, anti-American, these are Muslim beliefs, not AMERICAN beliefs. Democrats have not helped the black community as promised by Obama. Don’t allow the hate to turn what could be an avenue to hear good news and ideas of Black Americans. We are ALL Americans, not black or white Americans, JUST AMERICANS, trying to make a better American COUNTRY for us ALL. WE CAN NOT ALLOW OUTSIDE FOREIGNERS TO TAKE THE GOODNESS OF THIS COUNTRY DOWN BY RADICAL AND DANGEROUS, DESTRUCTIVE BELIEFS. BE TRUTHFUL, BE REALISTIC, BE AN INFLUENCE FOR YOUR YOUTH AND YOUR STATION WILL THRIVE. ! Help bring to light the persecuted blacks in many, many other countries being killed and slaughtered for being Christians by Hamas, AlQueda, Boko Haram. They are innocent people being killed for doing nothing wrong. GOOD WISHES FOR HONEST AND TRUTHFUL. NEWS.

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