Trump Goes ‘Game Of Thrones’ As Barr Releases Report
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Attorney General William Barr is delivering the release of the Mueller report to the public and President Donald Trump couldn’t be happier. 

After two years of constant harassment, Barr once again shared in a press conference before the release that the report found there to be no collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia. 

President Trump was quick to respond to the announcement with a tweet that both declared his victory over Democrats and drew off the fun that is the Game of Thrones phenomenon.

President Trump hasn’t lost his signature style and with the Mueller report finally falling behind him he seems more than ready to get things done.

  1. Congress needs to get back to work for the American People and get off this vendetta. This constant investigation of everything the man does is ridiculous. Now they want to pry into his income taxes. The Mueller investigation was started based on a totally fabricated story and has now gone on for over two years. Cost millions of dollars and probably 95% of the people in the US could care less about it. The Democrats are going to create their own stories that they make up which they’ve been doing ever since Trump was elected. Nothings new except there is a new piece of “Fat” for them to chew and make up their own stories. Enough is enough.

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