Pelosi: Democrats ‘Untainted’ in Recent Feud
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It’s funny what Democrats have to tell themselves in order to get through the day. The most recent example coming from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Defending her party against the claim that some members like Rep. Ilhan Omar were anti-Semitic, Pelosi made the statement that there was “no taint” of anti-Jewish sentiment to be found.

While in Dublin, Pelosi shared with CNN that she did not think that Omar was anti-Semitic. She simultaneously knocked President Trump for stoking the speculation against Omar.

“We have no taint of that in the Democratic Party,” Pelosi said of racism. “And just because they want to accuse somebody of that doesn’t mean we take that bait.”

Omar has caused many issues within the Democratic Party since being elected. She has repeatedly insinuated that Israel is manipulating Washington. She has been unrepentant about many of her comments including a tweet that called on American supporters of Israel to “pledge allegiance” to a foreign country. 

Her comment eventually even garnered the attention of President Trump, who tweeted a video slamming the Democrat after outrageous statements she made during the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) resurfaced. 

Omar was defending the founding of CAIR when she claimed it was established in direct relation to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks “because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

CAIR was actually founded in 1994.

  1. CAIR was actually founded in 1994 yes, Just another politician that doesnt know what shes talking about. She is so unfit to be a politician, Just like her new sidekick Cortez another ignorant mouthpiece who knows nothing. Ya we should listen to the bartender lol… The worlds gonna end in 12 years what a joke she is……

    1. Can someone tell me how Nancy Pelosi and all these Democrats can fly around the world and meet with government officials and we the Taxpayers pay for this. President Trump is the only one I think that should be meeting with heads of State. Pelosi shouldn’t be flying anywhere, she is NOT the President.

      1. You are so right….what gives the losing party the right to even leave the country on junkets for political reasons? Where is their sense of loyalty to their country?
        As Obama has shown the left i.e. the losing party, has absolutely abused their oaths and have absolutely
        no loyalty whatsoever. My mother drummed into us kids …you do not air your dirty laundry in public.
        Apparently the left of all colours and sizes have not received this message from THEIR parents. SADLY!

  2. Got to hand it to Pelosi. This woman can lie without batting an eye. She couldn’t report the truth if her life depended on it. What’s more she wouldn’t see the truth if it bit her in her ample posterior. Gary

  3. Nancy Pelosi resides in a mental make believe world with most of the Democrats. Democrats today are not the same Democrat party that Nancy has spent years championing. The sad truth is that the average Democrat does not believe in God, does not accept the concept of what’s REALLY in the best interest of the United States (such as controlled and limited immigration) and is all for the destruction of the unborn as a tool to advance their agenda. Instead of being horrified at the murder of a human being, they are horrified at an individual wearing a MAGA hat in public.
    I place the blame for the millennials lack of empathy and being vested in the me first attitude at the feet of the Democrat party. They have spent years dumbing down the schools, removing prayer and respect from educational facilities and blocking attempts to recenter the destructive hard left direction of Democrat politics.
    Like most Americans, I am at a loss to know how to REALLY make changes.

  4. CAIR is a terrorist mouth piece much like this shill that managed to get into congress! SHE DOES NEED TO UP DATE HER INFO BECAUSE CAIR started in the mid 90’s!!! She talks about the USA but how far could she go in her home country that wouldn’t let her DRIVE or GO OUT IN PUBLIC without her MALE FAMILY MEMBER until recently!! Yeah she’s a peach!!!

  5. Doesn’t matter what she says she can’t stop the democrat party from imploding. She can act like everything is ok and normal but I’ll guarantee that more and more Americans are leaving them behind everyday. I think everyone will be surprised at how bad Trump beats them in 2020. Maybe then they will know they are done.

  6. MA MA Nancy…is in a state of denial…or is it a state of Senility? Maybe a hearing problem? Or is it there are too many 5 lettered words and other levels of verbal communication that she can’t process rapidly like the high school kids can?
    Nancy…listen closely. Are you ready? OK, here goes:
    Nancy, Rep. Ilhan Omar HATES JEWS! Got it?
    That means she is ANTI SEMETIC…I know that is a big grouping of letters, but it also means she was placed in your Democratic Garden of FRUIT CAKES on purpose…
    …first, to piss you off, and second to encourage America to bomb Israel, or third, to turn her state and others under the control of Muslim Laws…

    Repeat…SHE IS DANGEROUS and

  7. She is a liar! Her intentions is to control America through the same sorry rhetoric that the DNC uses to guilt people into behaving in a way that pleases the Liberals. The DNC knows her comments are very biased and inflammatory but they always cover their hypocrisy publicly. One lies and the other swears to it.

  8. The Democrat women are so embroiled in hate and deceit that their looks are going quicker than they should want. Look how ugly PIGLOSI, WATERS, WARREN, KILLARY TO NAME A FEW….GOOD GRIEF……THE HORROR. WRINKLES SO DEEP THEY COULD CUT THROUGH ANYTHING

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