R&B Star’s Shirt A Tasteless Trump Attack
Image credit: marketwatch

One R&B singer is facing a lot of online criticism for what he’s wearing these days and it’s not because of fashion. 

“Sky Walker” singer Miguel posted and immediately removed an image of him wearing a shirt that read “How Nipsey Before Trump,” implying that the singer believes the late rapper should be alive and that Trump should have been gunned down.


If that wasn’t disgusting enough, the artist also wrote in the caption “Jumping realities in 3…2…” 

While Miguel has been known to be an opponent of Trump, this latest attack was uncalled for and was met with plenty of backlash. Eventually it became too much for the singer and he removed the post from his IG. However that was only long enough for him to remove the caption before reposting it.

  1. I Think he should Stop takeing whatever Medicine he’s takeing None of Our Living Present President Shouldn’t be threatened by his comments the FBI and secret Service should get on him as soon as possible.I like all our presidents some of them were goofy some of them run well some of them were right but they were our president of the United States
    Including President Trump. And please don’t forget President Jimmy Carter .

  2. Considering the source this aboriginal statement will only have any impact on similar tribesmen.
    The cities jungles are full of them!!

  3. Why must anyone be killed or severely injured? It is unfortunate that some ignorant stupid people regardless of race feel the only way to show disapproval is by causing pain or death to whomever is giving them bad feelings. All ignorant, stupid people in any race of people think this way. The reason for the US Constitution is to give everyone freedom of speech. That means you cannot go out an blow someone away with either a bomb or a gun. I have found the old saying of “That which comes around goes around’ and believe you me the second time around for anything is much worse because you are involved and the people and things one cares for will be the ones hurt also. Think about it. God gave us this wonderful land which can provide us with food, shelter, peace and freedom and the persuit of happiness. We were not assured of happiness as some things one must do for themselves. That doesn’t mean killing, maiming, stealing or cheating or seeking revenge. Why disturb a good thing and besides that maybe go to hell.

  4. He was a punkass gangster, one of his enemies and I’m sure he had plenty, was jealous of his success and killed him or maybe they just didn’t like his crummy music

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