‘Hostile’ Migrants Use ‘Aggressive’ Measures
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The flow of migrants traveling towards the United States hasn’t stopped and recent actions prove that they are more “hostile” than ever.

An announcement from Mexico’s National Immigration Institute shared that a group of 350 migrants had forcefully broken through the Guatemalan-Mexican border.

The agency described “hostile” and “aggressive” migrants had destroyed the locks on a gate in order to enter the country illegally. 

Authorities claim that these migrants also attacked Mexican police at the border town of Metapa, before joining a larger caravan of about 2,000 others.

Now indistinguishable from the rest of the asylum seeking migrants this group along with the rest of the caravan are headed towards the U.S. border.

  1. Funny the Left describes this as a Humanitarian Crisis, Where are all the Women and children, There are none for the majority, ALL 17 to 38 yr old males,

  2. I want the borders secured. Treat violence with violence. What really needs to happen, The President needs to go after , BIFG TIME, George Soros and others who, are funding these immigrants to break our laws. These people should be arrested for Sedition, ally their assets seized, all the assets is also their stocks in major corporation. All moneys to everything should stop. that includes the money to Justice Democrats. When I say all assets I mean ALL ASSETS. This should include his computers. Search out and arrest all for sedition, who are involved. Use the Muller Tactics, arrest and charge all his attorneys also. Any Politicians who stick up for Soros, or who he has donated to, arrest them also. For all who are arrested, size and Freeze all assets. Muller started it , the Democrats cheered him on for two years. Look at all the Good Trump ,has done so far, and all the lies these scum still say about him. Stop the money.

  3. This is exactly what the Democrats wanted and were anticipating to finally happen, which will result in somebody getting hurt or killed on our southern borders.

    While the Democrats are hoping that will be an illegally immigrant, they also fear that it may be a US Border Patrol agent, which would ruin their plans.

    The Democrats are hoping that their gamble will pay off with an illegal immigrant getting killed, in the US Border Patrol’s attempt to stop the illegal immigrants from crossing our southern borders.

    Think what this could mean, and how the Democrats would use it for their propaganda against President Trump.

    Our patriotic US Border Patrol agents are attempting to enforce our laws, which the Democrats want repealed, but haven’t the votes in the US Congress to do so, so they put our patriotic men and women, who enforce our laws, at risk just so the Democrats can keep inspiring foreigners to violate our laws.

  4. President Trump, I have a suggestion. Activate the Militia. I’m getting a bit old, but if you say the word I will show up at the border with rifle and ammunition, ready to defend our country. I’m a veteran. There are thousands of us who will go, ready, willing, and able. You can’t have the Regular Military fighting, but they could certainly provide temporary housing, a medical facility, and a mess hall. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at how many show up. Ex military are some of the most patriotic people in the country. We can be a huge asset. Put us to use, please.

  5. I was under the impression that when a country is attacked, they attack back! Why have we not
    put the US Military on the border with orders to Shoot to Kill if Necessary. When they get here
    will they just Invade each individual Home? Perhaps they should start with Pelosi’s home, as
    well as Newsom!

  6. If any of these ‘families’ reach our soil, and by our catch and release procedure, provide them with travel vouchers. Let them pick their designation city.

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