BREAKING: Hillary Henchman Trying To DESTROY Kavanaugh
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They are trying everything to bring him down.

A top aide to former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is leading a dark money campaign designed to topple Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

He group he is heading aims to prevent the justice from teaching a course and George Mason University based on the failed rape charge leveled against him, Fox News reported.

A student group calling itself “Mason For Survivors” began circulating a petition last month, so far attracting nearly 5,000 signatures, urging to “terminate AND void ALL contracts and affiliation with Brett Kavanaugh at George Mason University” on the grounds that the justice was accused of misconduct.

But the campaign is being given a partisan boost thanks to Brian Fallon, former press secretary for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, who’s now in charge of Demand Justice, a liberal advocacy group that doesn’t disclose its funding.

Fallon and his group are paying for Facebook ads that target anyone linked with George Mason University, urging them to sign the petition, in addition to signing a separate petition that calls upon the Democrats in Congress to investigate Kavanaugh, the HuffPost reported.

“Brett Kavanaugh’s performance during his testimony in front of the Senate was a disgrace. His blatant partisan attacks and hostile behavior towards senators calls into question his ability to serve as a fair and impartial judge,” it said ina Facebook ad.

“His conduct undermines the legitimacy of his decisions and the entire Supreme Court. We’re calling on Congress to open an investigation into Kavanaugh right now,” it said.

“Brett Kavanaugh has been credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women whose allegations have not been thoroughly investigated,” Fallon said in a press release.

“His confirmation to the Supreme Court does not absolve him of guilt, and he should not be given a platform to teach,” he said.

“We stand with survivors and urge the George Mason University administration to fire Kavanaugh,” Fallon said.

Angel Cabrera, the university’s president, said in a statement last month that the group would not prevent Justice Kavanaugh from teaching.

“I respect the views of people who disagreed with Justice Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation due to questions raised about his sexual conduct in high school. But he was confirmed and is now a sitting Justice,” he said.

“The law school has determined that the involvement of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice contributes to making our law program uniquely valuable for our students. And I accept their judgment,” Cabrera said.

“This decision, controversial as it may be, in no way affects the university’s ongoing efforts to eradicate sexual violence from our campuses,” he said.

Src: The Federalist Papers

    1. I totally agree with Ana. Judge Kavanaugh is a great person and judge. This pig Hillery should get her own affairs in order before attacking someone like judge Kavanaugh. I can hardly wait until they put her and her husband in prison. When you have a husband that would and did bone anybody he could . Even girls the age of his own daughter. Hillery must remember that anyone without fault cast the first stone. Then again, when you look at Hillary its easier to see why he would sway.

      1. You took the words right out of my mouth Dick. Bill had more proof of what he did by women than Kavenaugh did. Thy talk about Kavnaugh ‘s attitude before the senate.I don’t blame him after what they put him through. I’d be enraged too. That woman couldn’t identify him and didn’t know where the house was or what time of year it was. The witnesses she named all said they weren’t there. I wish these two Clintons would just fade away .Hillary lost. Thank God.She should get over it and so should all the House and Senate dems who are trying to destroy Trump.

      2. Yes, we also agree with ANA. Who are these people who keep attacking innocent people? Only people who do not believe in our constitution can show such un-American activities. There was not a single item of proof against Kavanaugh and in fact, it now appears that all accusers have lied and in fact deserve some punishment for spreading such lies.
        We must always follow the law of innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers.

      1. Why TF is this skanky lowlife scumbag even still in the public eye?!?!

        Also, does anybody who isn’t totally retarded really pay attention and give credence to anything this walking piece of shit has to say?

  1. Prof Ford caught in at least five lies….Her best friend said it never happened. She told Grassley she was claustrophobic and couldn’t fly while sitting on the beach at Dewey Delaware. She said she was afraid to go into Safeway because his friend Judge worked there even though that store wasn’t built until she was 21, six years later. She mentioned her cell phone although they were not on the market yet. She claimed to her psychiatrist the second door in her $3.1 million dollar home was because she was claustrophobic even though the planning office stated they wanted an entrance to an apartment from the outside. She lied lied lied and then disappeared with her GoFundMe $$$$…don’t fall for this woman.

  2. He should not be a Supreme Court Justice, just as Clarence Thomas should not be, they both lied under oath, Kavanaugh even lied about little things !!! No Supreme Court Justice who is the most powerful justice should even say one word even no matter how small that is a lie. He needs to be impeached along with his pres.

  3. Poor Hillary is such an angry, broken soul she can only focus on destroying others who are honorable and successful. She must be the unhappiest person in the USA.

    1. Hillary hates Judge Kavanaugh because he’s a Catholic. Her friend, Kamala Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics! Both of them are are part of a left wing hate group!

  4. The problem is that these liberals are so butthurt that they are trying everything to bring someone down. They couldn’t get President Trump so now they want to get the SCOTUS. Justice Kavanaugh was cleared and confirmed to the Supreme Court because they found that the women that were testifying against him were telling false stories. The Damned Democrats need to be gotten rid of and voted out of office. The Democrats are destroying themselves from inside. Let’s vote Red for the next election and get rid of the problem with America….Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The globalist machine has to stack our system so they can slide out from under justice and our laws. For instance, the Mueller no collusion report and findings that Trump did nothing wrong but killiary was the stooge to pay for the dossier and gave her puppets railroad it to obtain a FISA warrant. Kavanaugh is a dyed in the wool conservative christian and the heathen libturds vieq this like bc vampires react to a holy cross. The globalists are losing their grip on the government they infiltrated with their sycophants and minions which decreases their desire to make the US subservient and losing any and all human rights and freedom of choice so they can dictate the terms for our society which is tyrannical control

  6. Why are Bill and Hillary Clinton not imprisoned for their corruption and Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults and escapades on multiple women? There are many unexplained and suspicious deaths in this duo’s past.

  7. He just stood “ACCUSED”….NO EVIDENCE of WRONG doing whatsoever…..BUT what else is “new” with these brain-DEAD leftists, to them an ACCUSATION is a “CONVICTION” in the PUBLIC eye…NEVER in a COURT room…..!!!!!

  8. I was expecting this from her and she knows why. She has played this game for a long time people She knows why kavanaugh is in the court. — think people — what is his purpose. And trust me she will try and take him out. He needs protection –with arm guards before this is all over with. Think of the people that have died because of her. She is ruthless people and will go to any length to protect herself. She knows time is short. Trump needs to send protection or any military that needs extra pay for guard duty. I have followed this women for a long time and know her without being around her. Think of the people who were witness to her crimes——–they are no longer around.

  9. It is time for we the people that has faith in GOD and Our America to take them all down and put them in jail they are trying to put our country down to their level we can not let them do that.

  10. God bless Judge Kavanaugh & give him strength & knowledge to survive the attacks against him! Thank you JESUS for giving the United States such a good & respectable man to be a Justice on United States Supreme Court!

  11. i have said it many times. Crooked Hillary has no right to express her opinion on anything. She had her use but nobody wants her anymore but for some reason she thinks she still matters. She is not fit to be a dog catcher . when Trump vowed to drain the swamp I took that as a promise to the American people who support him. Nothing less than prosecuting the haters will suffice for all the people Hillary and her gang of criminals have dumped on innocent people. Stop her and the others now. Lock them up , Try them and execute them for their Treason . Preferably on National TV.

  12. Kavanaugh is innocent and everything and everybody connected to Hillary is a fraud , thief, or POS! The Democrats and their minions are the lowest rung in the human world. Liars, thieves, traitors, murderers, you name it. There is nothing to low on the totem pole for them to stoop to. Time to clean up America. Vote Republican!

  13. Prof Ford was caught in over five lies during her testimony but your lying media never put those lies in their front page newspapers.

  14. What happened to the “innocent until proven guilty” in this country? Seems that if there is an allegation of sexual misconduct the accuser is always right and without question and the accused is always guilty. The accused can profess innocence until he drops dead and with the media it has no meaning. The way the media presents the story, he is always, and already, guilty and nothing he says or any proof he offers is going to change that. Don’t quite understand that. It seems to be more and more prevalent now that such allegations have entered the political arena. “Guilty by media” is not the way to do things. We have courts in this country that historically made the right decision in most cases over the years based on “facts”, proven “facts”, not hearsay!! One of our many serious problems is that we have too much media telling us the story they want us to hear.

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