Ocasio-Cortez Bashes Vet, Doesn’t Expect This
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It looks like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have just bitten off substantially more than she can chew in her latest attack on a Republican combat veteran.

The freshman congresswoman took to Twitter to trash Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw demanding that he “do something” about terrorism.

“In 2018, right-wing extremists were behind almost ALL US domestic terrorist killings. Why don’t you go do something about that?” AOC posted.

Crenshaw is a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander and former Navy SEAL who even lost one of his eyes while on his third deployment in Afghanistan. Needless to say, many Americans came to Crenshaw’s defense. They blasted AOC for refusing to acknowledge all Crenshaw had done in his service, something he continues to do serving his country as a politician. 

  1. I checked Alexandria Cortez Ocasio’s background and educational attainment. It seems she is smart, but no common sense and stupid. REMEMBER HER FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. 37 K DIED IN KOREA AND 67 K DIED IN VIET NAM AND HUNDREDS DIED IN IRAQ. SHE IS UNGRATEFUL AND CORRUPT POLITICIAN.


  2. AOC does not seem to realize that her statement of “DO WHAT SHE SAY’S OR THE WORLD WILL END IN 12 YEARS” equates to nothing less than a Terrorist threat !
    So by fighting her he is fighting a Terrorist!


  4. Hey, Crenshaw, just consider the source, and take no offense.

    This Commie Maggot AOC will get her comeuppance one day.

  5. Congressman Crinshaw…first, Thanks for your service…it is obvious that some gave, while others such as you gave almost everything…and that is because God has some other major tasks unfulfilled for you to do for him, …probably in Congress.
    One can easily identify the cowards that crawl among us, mostly as close to where they can splutter their fears, disguising them as “words of wisdom”. I speak of the female imposture in Congress who laughingly tries to appear as having overrun Adolescence, but simply hasn’t gotten any further than only reading the covers of her “Pamphlet on Overcoming Adolescence”.

    Consider her as a poorly trained Actress, such as THOSE IN HOLLYWOOD, and one WHO STRUGGLES WITH HER LEVEL OF SELF-IMPORTANCE…only to discover it as being at an idiot’s LEVEL OF UN-IMPORTANCE and SELF-EMBARRASSMENT.
    She apparently has no skills this country needs, nor any of significance to her peers. Idiots may well have been paid well to vote for her, and her most enjoyable moments have to come by believing her own press releases.

    Because she is of such laughable and little significance, and because of those alone, she continues to embrace them…eventually placing her on the path of being very dangerous to this nation … she will seek the ultimate, that which possibly causes the most lives, the most destruction…to you, me, us…our Great country.
    America, Thank this Congressman Crinshaw for his love and devotion to our country…and don’t, again don’t, turn your backs on that female-impersonator, she is a Terrorist…and for God’s sake, don’t vote for her ever, ever again…don’t let her drag you into her filthy swamp to become one-of-her minions!

    1. Well said and I agree and yes she also is a terrorist. Do as I say or find out your outcome. She is dumb like a fox–very dangerous. She got her experience from the young social democrat justices. A group of millenials calling themselves democratic socialists funded by soros. Their plan is to primary all dems and republicans with their group….be careful who you vote for—vet them and if they are too young do not vote for them. Be careful what we wish for sometimes we are better off with who is in office.

      I would like to audit every democrat and republican and see their financials and demand to know where they all got their million dollar mansions. I want to see their gross incomes. They want to see Trumps well we need to see theirs and lets demand it.

    2. Well stated Holly! As a SEAL, Crenshaw served with distinction and as a fellow veteran I salute him. As for AOC and her supporters, good luck in 2020, you should all consider resigning now, you have disrespected the veterans and shown how truly stupid you are. BU should apologize for letting you actually graduate!

    3. Holly, one add on the taxes. The old saying, a lot of good men go to Washington to do good and they all do well. Lobbyists were created by carpetbaggers in Congress and the Nazis on the Supreme Court ruled it legal for them to blackmail big business, which gives them no reason to do the will of the people, there no money in it.

  6. She is a total embarrassment to this country and especially this veteran. Shame on her. God forbid we wind up with more like her. She will lead us down the road to destruction. A very dangerous individual. Get her out as soon as possible and never another one like her.

    1. KENP…you nailed it…however,if, and I mean IF!…we are serious about the slime-hood in Congress as being DANGEROUS…so much so “IT”and filth like “IT” can lead this country to destruction, more of our children being sent to battle…all things that threaten us…then we must STOP Bitching, me, and others…and DO something direct, positive, and effective that throws this embiscile slime back into the womb of the she-devil that spawned “IT”. Perhaps her boy friend had it right…I overheard that his attraction to “IT” was more like “Financial”…that “ITs” access to tremendous funds and budgets were his targets…and “IT” passion for him would allow him access to them,…and if not then he will move to the other one and try it on her…he wasn’t even inclined to correct some slander about “IT”, and actually said he would try to select one who is more attractive…it bothers me to hear that our elected are so stupid and vulnerable to be so hungry for attractive attention they sacrifice themselves, or their country to get it!
      Lets get rid of “IT”

  7. Why not just ignore her? I enjoy the conversations on DC alert. AOC is an uninformed nitwit. I don’t think she is amusing. I think her ideas are flat out outlandish. Some of the things she says like”stop having babies” because they are ruining the climate. Why on Gods green earth does anyone listen to this garbage she spews.

    1. Reminds me of the old SNL skit, “Jane, you ignorant slut.” But AOC actually IS an ignorant, pompous ass who needs to be recalled. Actually, I hope she’s recalled and can’t even find a job tending bar. But Karma can be a bitch, and sometimes she lets you watch. We can only hope.

  8. lol now its time and yes we have many vets with brain issues me for one. cant wait when ones had enough of this idiot. the lib cunt will be handled now . she fucked with the wrong people and her lying socialist privileged ass will reap the consequences lol.. this spoiled idiot lib will see her spoiled ass in a world she was so fortunate to miss. lol cant wait you stupid liberal “cunt”

  9. “AOC” is one truly ignorant woman who just can’t cease putting her foot right into her “flapping mouth”!
    The more she talks, the more stupid she looks! And, to attack one of “my brother” who laid their lives on the line in the service of this country is utterly insane! This pathetic behavior only continues to show the world at large just how ignorant, and disrespectful this woman truly is! Enough already!

  10. AOC should be used as a study for what’s wrong with America but ,ore so whats wrong with Washington their is so much money down there and they all get insane over the money and when they get in office the power comes with the money ,I mean look she is asking for a big raise for congress and remember when she was elected she cried she wasn’t making enough money to live ,SAD . Yes she is a foul mouth idiot and she needs to go just like that Ilhan Muslim how the hell did she ever get in again it was Obama so he is the culprit and wants more Muslims in Washington ,I understand they are priming a Muslim man to run for President so do not be surprised if this comes about and you know Obama Soros and these Muslim Congress women will go crazy campaigning for him they already are by what they are saying ,so it’s up to us the Republican to all get out and vote republican and support Trump and anyone you know you need to take by the hand and take them out to register and vote.
    We are losing it and they do all the bad mouthing to us and people will believe them and were done.
    Vote ,vote .vote Republican .Trump in 2020…MAGA & SAFER

  11. She is a disgrace to herself,her parents,her constituents and the reason she should be the Poster Child to NOT send child to Boston University as you can see the results your child will receive by just listening to this idiot open her pie and the trash she spews forth. She has a degree in Economics. Boston University staff probably wish she would keep her pie shut also.

  12. I blame the ACLU and the Liberal Courts for all our problems today. AOC is just the beginning of what is to come out of Colleges today. The Liberal Professors spout this crap and students like AOC just believe everything they are told. They have no concept of anything in the past because History isn’t taught anymore. They are just a bunch of sheep following their ill gotten beliefs. They don’t believe that their freedom is the result of men and women losing their lives to give them a future. Yes, I believe AOC has the right to say what she wants, because the Constitution allows freedom of speech, but damn it she needs to do some research before she opens her stupid mouth.

  13. AOC, Omar and that big mouth from Michigan need to go next election. Our Country cannot afford to elect people like these. There are people who are trying desperately to take our Country down and we can’t let this happen.

  14. Next thing you know, she’ll want to lower the eligibility age for the Presidency from 35yrs to 30yrs so she could run in 202.

  15. AOC’s other half (the 2 congress person) she hangs with n supports} are all too young and too misinformed to know what a SEAL much less a Lieutenant Commander does for us. The press is falling over themselves to get her every comment in the papers. I cannot urge the folks in her Congressional District to oust her and make her a one-term wonder.

  16. This is beyond Republican or Democrat . She is totally un American.

    Its Time for all the elected onesto do their job and clean house.


  18. Let’s count how many times the globalists have said the earth is going to be destroyed first it was we could blow the earth out of existence 15 times over in the 50’s with the worlds nukes which was false all the scientists agree then it was global warming was going to kill us in 20 years in the 70’s now it’s climate change is going to kill us all in 12 years not to mention all the crap that was said in between yet those liberals are getting rich off this 10 trillion dollar hoax meanwhile al gore is laughing all the way to the bank I guess the million dollars she stole from her campaign isn’t enough now she is going after the big money we know what the green deal is all about

  19. AOC is an example of what happens when people stay at home on election day hoping that everyone else will vote for the right candidate. Sad results

  20. I pray for her own good, she NEVER shows her face in MY State. Our VFW Hall is ablaze with anger and disgust at this little Puke!
    How dare her insult a Veteran who lost an eye fighting in our Armed Services!!
    “Domestic Terrorist” is THE best label possible for Lady Toad. For God’s sake, DO NOT kiss her, she will turn into Nancy Pelosi!!
    Vietnam ’71 to ’73, CW-3, MOS-153A

  21. What Lunatic people let that Insane -itch out of her cage? Oh yah, it was the Dumbocrat/Socialists (Not Patriotic Democrats) !!! Yet another very Logical reason for all Patriots Republican, Independent and Democrats to work to clean this “TRASH” out of Our Congree !!!

  22. AOC the freshman congresswoman took to Twitter to trash Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw demanding that he “do something” about terrorism. What that Lunatic has really slipped her gears this time by once again opening her mouth to demonstrate her “IGNORANCE” !!!

  23. This little airheaded teeny bopper in a woman’s body has no experience in life. She has spent her adult life in Marxist Indoctrination Academia and serving wussy cocktails to coifed, fluffed and perfumed metrosexuals and Botox and cosmetic surgery addicted bimbos. She has no love for our nation or the ethics it was founded on. She sees her whole mission in life as, tearing down what we have here and rebuilding it in the vision of Marx and Engels.

  24. I’m amazed this female is able to breath on her own since she’s so stupid. The killings have all been done by Dumbascraps of her own party and trying to deflect what we already know proves just that. Man, stupid is her high point.

  25. He should be doing something about terrorists hu! I guess he needs to call for an investigstion into you A.O.C. as you are the one spewing hate speech towards jewish people and Christians. It is you that aytends C.A.I.R. events which is a. Sponsor of terrorism. It is you amnd your Brother/sisterhood who are the terrorists. And it is you AOC along with Illihan. Or as you say the attacks were from domestic terrorists, Perhaps we should start eoth Deporting all the Muslims that have been allowed into this country by our EX Presidential Disaster # 44. Then they would not be Domestic anymore plus where they really belong.

  26. All great statements and true, just wanted to let you know that there is a petition on internet to get AOC, Omar, and for nose blub out of office. Known fact that the people in those names the state that they have replaced in play. These 3 morons will be put out of office. Everytime a petition show’s up to put them out of office I signed them Everytime. Nancy Pelois doesn’t have the balls to kick them out of office why because she is scared shitless of them and that is why those commists treat her like shit and have no respect for her and that old hag is to stuip to see the real problem

  27. When your mind is full of self it makes you stupid cause you can’t see pass yourself. If Samantha C word thinks she has a right to fling that word around maybe she should put it somewhere it actually fits

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