Youtube BANS Conservative, Wilts Under Backlash
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Youtube continues to manipulate its description of hate speech to attack conservatives and the observant public is getting fed up with it.

Just recently the video sharing site decided to ban conservative Hunter Avallone. The website said the ban was a result “due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines.”

Avallone has over 600,000 subscribers and regularly speaks out against flawed liberal rhetoric and legislation. Just the kind of thing liberal media can’t stand. 

However after facing backlash, (likely from those 600K viewers) Youtube decided reversed its decision and reinstated Avallone’s account. 

While this does serve as an unsettling reminder that the liberal media disregards American’s freedom of speech when it suits them, it also serves as an example that we the people, can hold them accountable. 

  1. The way to beat them is show support for the remaining channels, and post and watch on alternative platforms such as These don’t have the following yet, but if everyone who posts on YouTube also posts their content on these sites, YouTube will either get the message and reform it’s ways or it will just fade away!

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