Crazed Celeb Promises To Beat Trump
Image credit: usaherald

The already crowded 2020 election race could be poised to get a lot stranger after celebrity maniac Alec Baldwin began asking if he would be supported as a candidate.

Not only is Baldwin contemplating running, but even promised to win if he challenges Trump claiming that beating him “would be so easy.”

The stream of absurdity flowed straight from Baldwin’s Twitter, were he followed up with a post that claimed “These tweets save me millions in polling.”

With a meager 240 retweets and just 2,600 likes, it’s pretty good sign that Baldwin should keep out of politics. President Trump’s every tweet for the last week has held tens of thousands of likes and similar retweets. Baldwin just doesn’t seem to grasp that he is no competition to the president at all. Although it would be entertaining to watch him realize that fact.

  1. Not even his kids would vote for him
    Baldwin should pray that Trump gets re elected. This way he can keep cashing in on his SNL crap gig since he’s no longer an ALister

  2. Remember when you were in High School and there was one really obnoxious kid. He thought he knew everything and he never shut up. That’s Alec Baldwin!

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