Capitalism a ‘Threat’ Says Democrat Candidate
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A Democratic candidate for the 2020 elections has gone off the rails slamming capitalism, going so far as to declare it a threat to the United States.

While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Pete Buttigieg questioned that, “America is a capitalist society but it has to be a democratic capitalism. That is really important and it is slipping away from us. When capitalism comes into tension with democracy, which is more important?”

Answering for himself Buttigieg added, “I believe democracy is more important. When you have capitalism capturing democracy, where you have the kind of regulatory capture where powerful corporations can arrange the rules for their benefit, that’s not real capitalism.”

The mayor from Indiana forewarned that if left unchecked, capitalism “turns into crony capitalism and that turns into oligarchy,” alluding that the current system would morph America into Russia.

While it’s certain that Democracy is paramount to the success of the United States, there is no indication that it is somehow being overrun. Buttigeig appears to be resorting to a bit of fear mongering to drum up more than his meager 2.3% support from Democrats.

  1. I tend to agree with the old statement that capitalism is a very problematic system. It’s only redeeming quality is that there is no better system.

  2. Democracy is COMMUNISM,The USA is a REPUBLIC , We need to throw the communist democrates out of office and charge them with TREASON and when found GUILTY they should be HANGED in PUBLIC EXECUTIONS. That’s what the sentence for TREASON is.

  3. Is this guy really that ignorant in regards to both democracy and capitalism. All these demon-crats want is mutual poverty for everyone except themselves. They think the rest of the country is as ignorant about this as they are!

  4. “When capitalism comes into tension with democracy, which is more important?”
    The REPUBLIC…which America IS. It IS NOT, and never WILL be a DEMOCRACY!

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