Beto Falls Back to Earth
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Beto O’Rourke seemed to be having a good run as he visited Iowa to campaign. A torrent of attention seemed to follow him wherever he went. But as his visit wound down, so did the enthusiasm.

With Democratic candidates coming out of the woodworks, O’Rourke isn’t the shining star that he began as initially. While he’s done well initially he seems to be reality seems to be hitting him hard.

He’s going to have to do the work,” Iowa Democratic National Committee member Scott Brennan shared. “And it isn’t all breathless, 300-person crowds.”

O’Rourke had great beginnings in fundraising, but he still hasn’t been able to surpass Bernie Sanders. Beto has found a niche of national attention, but recently that spotlight has shifted to Pete Buttigieg. It’s hard to say how O’Rourke will fair should Biden announce his candidacy as well.

Although O’Rourke is still holding his own, many aren’t feeling the fire that was present when he ran against Ted Cruz. If O’Rourke is going to start running out of steam already, he doesn’t stand much chance of lasting through the race.

  1. Good. He’s a one trick pony. And if he can’t win at home it’s unlikely he can nationally. Hope he’s the Dems nominee,
    I could use 4 more years of Trump.

  2. We’re not sure he can have jock itch! This dolt is supporting every demonic issue he can speak up for, which means he doesn’t really support any of them! You can always tell a habitual liar

  3. How disgusting. The very imagination of a demonRAT in our white house again. DONALD J. TRUMP IS UNQUESTIONABLY & UNDENIABLY THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN HUMAN HISTORY!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!

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