The Votes This Democrat Wants Are Criminal
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Looking for another way to rig elections in favor of Democrats, one 2020 candidate is now suggesting that even convicted felons serving in prison should be allowed to vote. 

Senator Bernie Sanders told a gathered audience at a town hall meeting in Iowa that making such a practice nationwide law “is absolutely the direction we should go.”

As a Representative of Vermont, Sanders comes from one of only two states that currently allow incarcerated criminals to vote.

“In my state, what we do is separate. You’re paying a price, you committed a crime, you’re in jail,” the Des Moines Register reports Sanders saying. “But you’re still living in American society and you have a right to vote. I believe in that, yes, I do.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sanders, with his socialist leanings would seek to undermine yet another tested American system. 

  1. Can you imagine how grieving parents would feel in the event that the cold blooded murderer of their little girl has a “right” to vote. Come on Bernie! Would you allow your son’s murderer vote? Bernie seems desperate for votes. He will take them from anywhere and everywhere, be they from prisoners in the US jails or brand new immigrants with criminal records–just as long as they vote for him!!! Come along Ultra Socialism you found your man in Bernie!!!

  2. Throw that worthless piece of hippie trash in prison where he belongs. He has mooched off the taxpayers his entire life.He is an avowed Socialist. A Russian and Cuban lover, send him abroad for his free retirement under a tyrant’s rule.

  3. This is soo wrong. When you commit a bad felony you lose all your rights. I guess BS is a lot of BS!
    Bernie Sanders will ruin this country in one year. If you like your 401 K and the way it’s going , well we need 45, 4 more years. Convicted felons lost there right to vote, to bare Arms. I feel theses so called felons should spend more time in jail, and learn how to read and wright. My opinion, I’ve seen a few who could care less if they serve 3/4 more years in the “Institution” How about that Bernie your kind of guy, or gal?

  4. Convicts should vote?
    Illegals should vote?
    Sixteen-year-olds should vote?
    How quick would the evil dimmercrats abandon these demographics if they voted Republican?

    In a freaking millisecond, eh?

    The Dems have become downright evil, there’s not another word that fits them as well.

  5. Prisoners have no rights. They gave them up when they committed the crime. Absolutely they cannot vote. What kind of crazy is this? Does Bernie really think America would say this okay?

  6. Dems are pathetic there looking for any way they can get votes because they have no real plan, they have no game lol… The economy is blowing and on fire Sorry Obama you lame piece of crap that sold out the USA, Trump has waived the MAGIC WAND lol hahahaha.Trump is beating them at every turn and they can’t believe it. Sore losers all the way. I guess the DEMs dont realize shit doesn’t stick to TEFLON lol…. The socialist games not gonna work either, ya you make it sound good, free health care 4 everyone, free college, free section 8 housing for all illegals, free everything lol.. WHERE IS THE 93 TRILLION $ COMING FROM CUZ ALL THOSE PPL ARE NOT WORKING FOR FREE TO ACCOMPLISH THIS LOL… Teachers dont work for FREE, Doctors dont work for Free, Who pays for there living expenses and kids when they dont even have a job and cant speak english DUH…. Be realistic ppl we cant pay for everyone to come here on a free dime no wayyyyyyyyyyyy… Common sense but obviously the Dems have lost all that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄

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