Trump Forbidden? Student Recounts Shocking Bias
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Understandable outrage is sweeping through parents in Lake Ronkomkoma, New York after one student confided that she was not allowed to choose President Donald Trump for her an assigned hero project. However choosing former President Obama was considered fine. 

Bella Moscato a sixth grader at Samoset Middle School was told to write a report on a figure they found heroic and worthy of admiration. However, when she revealed her choice as America’s current commander-in-cheif she was told to select someone else.

“She said that I wasn’t allowed to do Donald Trump because he spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women,” Moscato shared with News 12. “The thing I didn’t get is she was okay with someone doing Barack Obama, but not okay with doing Donald Trump. That’s what got me angry and I didn’t like that.”

This didn’t sit well with her parents either. Her father, Arthur Moscato slammed the school board during a meeting saying, “My daughter’s hero is the president of our country. I can’t believe that anybody in the school would tell my daughter that something — that that guy can’t be her hero. I’m incensed by this.”

Moscato’s mother, Valarie also found the discrimination “frustrating” adding, “It was really upsetting to me that she [the teacher] was trying to shut her down.”

When pressed the schools superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Graham, tried to make the girl out to be a liar saying her story was “not accurate.”

Something Moscato’s father also contested, “My story is not inaccurate. My daughter didn’t lie,” adding, “No one should make a child feel that way.”

  1. It’s coming, civil war is inevitable.
    We can no longer coexist with the fing c sucking life forms.
    We need to get started while president trum is in office.
    He can keep the military in their bases while we resolve the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical life forms once and for all.

    1. Lock and Load…….a Civil War may come but the American Patriots are ready, Locked and Loaded while owning 95% of the Weapons in the United States of America with many trained by the US Military!!!

    2. Absolutely right Jerry!! The fag liberal idiots don’t believe in guns…. it will be over quick and we’ll finally have America back again!!

  2. That young girls 1st amendment rights were violated. The tescher and principal should be fired. Obuma was a huge liar and his terms were rampant with scandals and he was a terrorist lover.

    1. They loved Obama because just like the media and certain people in congress, he was and IS a muslim sympathizer. Obama just might be 1 of the most UNPATRIOTIC, COMMUNISTIC, AND LET’S NOT FORGET RACIST PRESIDENT’S in my lifetime, and I’m almost 50! Even though presidents are little more than figure heads for the REAL owners of this country. Trump at least DOES SOMETHING. He WANTS to protect us and his patriotism can not be matched. Obama was WEAK, VERY WEAK n he actually apologized for our behavior in the past!!! When i heard that i was flabbergasted. How DARE he? What a loser! Remember this country is run by a bunch of luciferians that ultimately want to destroy us. They drop chemicals from the military planes overhead, they put plastic and weed killer and many other toxins in our food. Ever notice how all these elite scum live so long?? I wouldn’t doubt it if some of them weren’t even human (reptilians)! I’ll end with this cuz i could go on forever. TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY

  3. Foolish people say things when they are upset . Believe me most thinking people know the damage Hussein did and that’s why Killary not President.

  4. Civil War is for sure coming soon!!! This crap has got to stop! I would remove my child from this school where you apparently have to play by their rules because if you are a Republican or you like our duly elected President you are punished! You aren’t allowed to have your own views or thoughts! That is what they are teaching children now! I have been wondering why people kept Home Schooling their children now I’m beginning to see why!!

  5. When did teaching our children to be ready for their future turn into politics. Majority of the news people are democrats and they are biased. Let’s not let the democrat teachers teach politics at the schools. The students need to make up their own minds.

  6. We need an overhaul of all schools that have liberal teachers, school boards that promote hate for our country by promoting liberal socialist ways and principles, deans and any other non-patriot of our great country. Then it is onto the liberal judges, democratic congresspersons, and congresspersons who want to change our country. Personally, if you want to change our country and its values then you should not be allowed to hold any office. We need to take a stand now before they illegally take the elections again like they just did which put the demos back in control. It is time to descend on Washington and all Democrats offices and have our voices heard.

  7. Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
    Racism, Lying, Antisemitism, misleading, deceiving, obfuscating, Provocateurs, prevaricators, perjurers, Communists, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  8. This is appalling! Little Ms. Moscato you stand up for your rights! Don’t ever let anyone tear you down. Kuddos for you Valerie and Arthur for not letting these type of teachers and superintendent’s get away with such bull crap. We are behind you all 110%

  9. The whole faculty at this school should not only be fired, but also investigated for communist indoctrination! The nerve, telling a student that the President of the United States cannot be the subject of her hero essay! Wake up, America!

  10. It’s what LIBERALS do, silence their opposition. They want to revoke OUR second amendment rights and ANY OTHER WE ALLOW THEM TO TAKE. THEY ARE EVIL, VILE, INFANTICIDAL DIRT BAGS.

  11. This is outrageous, teachers an principles who ever are there to teach an guide not show there opinions that should be personnel REPRIMAND OR FIRE for this

  12. – Cut all federal funds. Teachers and students MUST learn that we have a legally elected president, (his name is TRUMP), and he must be respected.
    – Teachers and students must learn that the democracy is not “my way is the only way” – give-up that idiotic idea.

  13. [“She said that I wasn’t allowed to do Donald Trump because he spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women,” Moscato shared with News 12.]

    The ones that are going around and spreading negativity is only the Democrats and their lapdog liberal biased mainstream media, and they do it constantly 24/7, 7 days a week, and then blame President Trump for it. And when President Trump says bad stuff about any woman, it is only because that woman said bad stuff about him first, and is only defending himself with the same tactics he is being attacked with. These idiots are too stupid to realize that intelligent Americans are discerning of what’s going on, and what the Democrats and liberal biased lapdogs are trying to do to President Trump, and they’re having none of it.

  14. jim, pa. it is becoming time to close our schools and colleges till we can get teachers that are intelligent enough to be able to be fair enough to show and practice democracy. till then pack these school board meeting with good solid american patriots, that is us folks. We must demonstrate and demonstrate till they get the idea, that we will not stand for stupid PC crap. We should always honor our President and the office of our leader. Former President Obama, was a not a good leader for our country he had no good leadership ability. A good leader is a positive not negative.

  15. if I was those parents I would sue that school. That child can pick President Trump as her hero. Why is obama ok but not President Trump. obama was a disgrace to our country, he fueled racial tensions, caused problems between the police and people, gave money to terrorists, released terrorists from gitmo, I could go on and on about how much he destroyed our country. And now we have a President that cares for the country and they are going to deny that girl from admiring him. I doubt if there is man around that hasn’t had locker room talk with his buddies talking about women. That school needs to be sued…

  16. It is disgusting to see what is happening within our great Republic. How do we defend against liberalism, internationalism and globalism when our higher institutions of reduction are promoting it?

    What has happened to our professors, deans and teachers that they have lost the value of what our founding fathers gave us? …. Where did they get lost?

    What has happened when our mojority, loyal members of Congress do not stand up and protest using the Koran, the most hate filled book ever writen to swear in a new member that is the follower, believer of that same evil book with its sharia laws?

    I often hate to open email and Face Book anymore because I know there will be so much that will raise my blood-pressure to dangerous levels with an already bad heart.

    I hope that God will grant me the time to see sanity restored within our government and educational institutions. … I am a Korean vet and was proud to serve for what our forefathers gave us. … I hope it will not be all lost.

  17. shocking and terrifying when you consider the consequences for the children. Teachers have become something quite different from what i and my peers, (boomers) had as children. Schools now do not allow children to share. They do not allow children to do so much as swap lunch like we did at that age. Parents need to be made aware that teachers are teaching children that it is okay to be gay, teaching them explicit sexual material (kindergarten and up). This is evil incarnate. They are doing this without the knowledge or consent of parents. This is part of the plan to take us out from the inside. They are making children feel as if is wrong to bring children into this world because it is already over crowded, which is ridiculous. We have some major problems coming our way if we don’t start paying attention to what is being taught to the innocents. I, for one, am outraged that teachers would discuss
    and teach explicit sexual material to our babies. Most of the teachers i know about are devoutly democrats, which speaks to me quite loudly about their lack of character.

  18. Did the Parents resolve the situation by the child submitting her paper regarding her hero, President Trump? For if the child was telling a lie as they reported to the parents, then Why wasn’t she allowed to submit her paper on her Hero, President Trump. Either way, she should have submitted her paper and been allowed to share her comments within the class. Parents should try to get the teacher and the School Administration removed…..They are not following our constitution. God Bless our America.

  19. The Democrats and Liberals insist that President Trump is taking away people’s Rights, when it is them taking Citizens Rights away, AND GIVING illegals Rights like they are privileges do them!?
    Teacher’s pushing their hate, what next?!

  20. Civil war is the only answer. Let’s take back the country from the liberal/progressive/democraps shitturds💩. Lock and load ….we cannot allow the shitturd Left turn America into a socialist Venezuela. MAGA/KAG 🇺🇸

  21. I am not American and i have not been to America, but its obvious to the whole world why they hate Trump. God bless America, God bless President Donald trump. How its going to happen i dont know yet , but im sure they can never take Trump Down. May God punish whoever wants to impeach trump . May they choke when they speak. Trump so far is the only patriotic American president i have kown in my lifetime after Bill clinton.

  22. How dare they tell a child who her/his hero should be. To tell a child OBAMA would be ok when he has opened us to Sharia law which is what he intended is ludicrous. The teacher needs to be fired and never be able to teach again. Write the report on who you want and tell them what they can do. Take it to the courts and sue the teacher and school board!!!

  23. OMG 😮! We really need an overhaul of the school system. They are operated by liberals and teaching our kids to think like a Socialist. Prime example, AOC, junior official from N.Y

  24. So I ask this so called “teacher”, whom might you suggest? Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Guevara? And since we’re in the anniversary of the Tutsi genocide, I’ll throw in Theoneste Bagosora. These may be better ‘hero’ candidates than the man who is responsible for the lowest unemployment among minorities ever. Also, in 50 years of being a business leader he has never been accused of the negativity you allude to. Stop poisoning our children.

  25. If the assignment called for writing about a hero, who is to deny one from writing. Who are you to say someone is or is not my hero? For all anyone knows, ” Jack the Ripper” may be a hero to someone. what about “Al Capone”, “Bonnie and Clyde?” Apparently, no restricted names were posted. If a President is objected too, then no President should be and posted as a restriction. The school board should intervene since this incident based on the teachers dislike ones hero.

  26. I dealt with this before my daughter has CP her teacher called her stupid . Oh did it make me upset I called meeting with the staff we met 12 to 1 Of course my daughter lied. I said you covering for your teacher hmmm. Here’s your choice you replace teacher or move my daughter to another teachers room.The Staff said they would think about it and then vote I think you don’t understand , we will vote now and did you know that my vote is 95% . So might as well get her to apologize to my daughter and get her another teacher that would have more patience with my daughter.

  27. this is nut’s when iwas in school you would be PRAISED not condemed that teacher should be fired. What is this contry coming to when you can’t choose the leader of of our country. This is attempted programing at its worst Do we live in russia or USA I thought it was USA.

  28. Not only should the teacher be fired and have her teaching license REVOKED but, the Superintendent should be fired as well! To tell a child she is NOT allowed to choose the US President as her hero is an outrage. I’m proud of this child and her parents for bringing this public.

  29. When the Nazls were taking over Germany they first weaseled into (at the time) the radio stations and got control, then worked their way into the schools, sound familiar.

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