Homeland Security Chief Out

Kirstjen Nielsen will leave her post as secretary of Homeland Security, President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday.

“I am pleased to announce that Kevin McAleenan, the current U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, will become Acting Secretary,” the president added.

Nielsen oversaw the implementation of President Donald Trump’s contentious immigration agenda, including the separation of thousands of families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

She had been in the post since December 2017, succeeding John Kelly when he became White House chief of staff, a position he no longer occupies.

The president was widely expected to dismiss Nielsen after November’s midterm elections and surprised allies by keeping her on board. The two have clashed on their approach to immigration and border security from the outset of her tenure, with Trump complaining that she was too soft and regularly pushing her to take measures that crossed legal boundaries, she told allies.

Was she fired for not implementing Policies?

  1. Let’s be clear, FOR A CHANGE, the policies you are saying we’re President Trump’s we’re actually OBAMA’S and he has been carrying them out just as OBAMA did. It seemed all right when he did it eh?

  2. Hell no if they work gain citizenship and put money into it of course..but don’t steal from the US citizens to give to people who don’t contribute..it is not welfare it is our money that we worked hard for and payed into…I think government owes us money and needs to pay us back plus interest…..

  3. I’m glad she is leaving . Nothing against her but I don’t think she was being tough enough . We have a Huge problem at the border that can Not wait to be addressed . There has to be a way to Stop all of these people from coming into our country ! Next Trump should close these points of entry and Not allow anyone through until we can get a grip on things ! Anyone caught illegally crossing need to be turned back on the spot !

  4. He’s the boss, not her…her job is to make his plans work and her personal desires to herself…

    If she finds these cumbersome to her desires, or different…then QUIT.

    Good luck

  5. We have to be tough on the craziness on our southern border. It’s been a long time coming to regain control of illegal immigrants. Everyone wants their way. We have to put personal feelings aside and do whats best for our country for decades to come.

  6. Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary was asked to leave…..aka….fired for not
    implementing many of President Trump very controversial and often illegal immigration policies.
    She has continually been the President’s “Whipping Boy” for what he perceives as failures, as well
    as the volume of BAD PRESS. We all know………NO ONE CAN DO THIS JOB BY the President dictates,
    Hardcore Base !! The new Acting Secretary will not be able to pick up the challenge and will, unfortunately, have NO SUCCESS IN SIGHT, IF EVER !!
    A bi-partisan Immigration Policy is really needed……..but WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH THE “MY WAY
    OR THE HIGHWAY APPROACH of the President !
    The extreme bad press and very ill-conceived BAD Border Immigration Policies will continue to persist
    without success………..UNTIL THE PRESIDENT HAS BEEN PUSHED OUT OF OFFICE…..which will be

  7. Probably fired her. She was in over her head and ineffective. President Trump, like any good CEO, was obligated to replace her.

    1. So glad to see this! She was very weak and something about her, I have felt she was never really behind POTUS Border Wall Agenda, Securing the border for The security of the American People! GLAD TO SEE HER GO! Hope the next person is Tuff as can be and Takes this Job as Serious as it being one of the most important Positions I feel to have.

  8. Is that black guy with the big eyes and mop of hair
    The same guy does the TV ad and says, “What’s in YOUR
    WALLET” but has a bald head and wears magnifying glasses??
    What a filthy mouth this guy has! I have never seen such
    a vulgar collection of words from the sewer, that he is
    quoted as saying. Totally outrageous for all to see. This
    guy needs help……he is seething with hate!

  9. Yes…he fired her….she has a heart…he can’t deal iththat kind of insubordination…….

  10. How could anyone survive working for Trump. He was the best of two evils, but I cannot forgive the Commander and Chief for belittling and putting down Mr McCain, a true war hero. Just because McCain didn’t follow his wishes, he attacks Mr McCain. Trump, stop acting like a little whining baby when you don’t get your way.

  11. If Trump is mad he should come down on every Republican that was in the Senate and Congress right after he was elected! They screwed him royal and continue to do so! Not counting the hell fire evil democrats waiting for this nation to fall! Hate Congress! Sick of all their Hate Hate Hate and the phony media! If everyone can break laws to get in then why can’t we break laws to throw them out? The Obama Administration, Clinton, DOJ, FBI, and CIA broke laws and got away with it. If they cross the border illegally, why do we have to take them? Arrest them all and send them back to their countries!

  12. Just close the border! She was just another liberal wanting all of Soros money she could collect for doing as he wants. No borders, governments, or religions! Read his goals on the “Open Borders Foundation’s” website. The “Elite Billionaires” in control of the world. Just like he did in Europe with his “European Union”!

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