‘Dumb’ Democrat Gets Dragged For Trying To ‘Screw’ Trump
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Whoa. Republican Senator John Kennedy is not holding back when it comes to ripping into Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal for trying to “screw with the president.”

Kennedy made an appearance on CNN’s The Lead” to give the Neal a piece of his mind after the Democrat tried to justify his demand that the IRS surrender six years of President Trump’s tax returns because he needed to “determine how Americans — including those elected to our highest office — are complying with” tax laws.

“I can’t believe he really thinks the American people are going to fall for that,” Kennedy declared in response. “It must really suck to be that dumb.”

“Look, this is very simple. Mr. Neal wants to screw with the president. He doesn’t think the president ought to be president. Well, you know, words can’t express how much I don’t care,” he continued.

“This is wildly dishonest,” Kennedy bluntly shared. “This is thoroughly in bad faith. And I don’t blame the president for pushing back.”

  1. I would tell the democrats to go to hell. How much money a person makes or how much he pays in income tax is none’s business. Trust me if he wasn’t paying his fair amount the IRS would have gone after him by now. The democrats act like little kids. When will they grow up.? If they want to go after someone they should go after the clintons. Everyone knows how rotten they are. Why not go after someone who is a
    a democrat there are a lot more bad ones in that party.

  2. Gee mr neal I bet you do not even know the complete tax law. I bet the IRS folks are better at it then you. Why are the Democrats so complete stupid. Would you think they would have something important to do after all we are paying their damn wages and their staff wages and for their office space. How about they fix the unfair trade rules India set up 30byears ago that has cost millions of Americans their jobs? If you vote Democrat your stupid

  3. The democRATS can’t read so even I know there is no law that requires the president to release his tax forms unless he voluntarily chooses to do so, how much dumber can the democRATS get, how much longer will America put up with their idiot ways, they seem to be getting more radical every year putting illegal rights(which they have none legally) above the American citizens all at the cost of the citizens, they use our tax dollars to provide illegals with medical, welfare and sometimes housing, how much longer will the tax payers continue to elect a democRATIC congress or house rep to rule for America which every day they show they have no intention of doing, time people woke up and looked at the facts, democRATS no longer protect the US citizens

  4. What the Democrats are demanding the IRS do is illegal. By law (you know that thing Congress does) the IRS is not allowed to disclose tax returns to anyone.

    1. That is the entire problem with the left. They have no conception of the law. They only know what they are told by the leftist politicos and their paid buffoon teachers. They do not think, they just follow what someone tells them. They are getting dumber and more violent, exactly what the left wants and they are just shills. They have no idea what they are doing or what the damage is. Such a bunch of no brain followers who will wind up in jail, or dead because they have no minds left. All we advise them is to stop and start thinking instead of following blindly with no logic involved. Wake up and grow up or you will wind up in a very bad place.

  5. What’s it going to hurt to show his taxes unless he has something to hide. I think he is the most dumbest piece of trash that you people voted for. He got 5 not 1 but 5 deferment’s so he didn’t 9to go to war hope he thanked his daddy. You Republican’s all just steal money you don’t care about we the people, Just in case you forgot you work for us not tRump Mr little fingers he’s one of the dumbest potus we ever have had.

    1. Tracey Flannery, you just go ahead and believe every worthless bit of you DEMs fantasy & make belief that your own party creates. Your liberal media also in on it as well. Nothing at all you DEM’s BS fantasy & make believe is nothing but trash. Yet you believe every bit of it !!!!!!!! Stupidity runs deep with you !!!!
      No facts or proof, just BS lies made up and you DEMs fall for it !!!! NO such thing Tracey as you say and all you had to do was research on the internet and you would of known that was all a BS LIE !!!! But people with low IQ’s do believe and spread BS as if your still in elementary school. Trump went to Military School for four years and was Top of His Class. He put in the extra time to get that award also. He went there for preperation of the Military. He could of gone to a non-military school and that would of been easier. But he choose Military. At the end he failed the medical with bone spurs in his ankles. This is worse then flat feet which also would of kept you out of being drafted. So had Trump known before military school he could of gone to another non-military college. Time to put your immuturity
      and lack of intelligence away. A smart person would have researched that. A immature elementary school child will just believe and spread the lie as a low I.Q. person does. That was you Tracey.

  6. If they want it then a law should be passed for all gov elected officials have to report their income every year of office and 7 years after being out, its amazing how some get into office with very little and end up multi, multi millionares, like Berney S and Mad Max just to name a couple,, but that wouldn’t fly if they had to do that

  7. Baby Killers that’s what Democrats are and they are also bullies to the unborn 😢😢 I will never vote Democrat. #Trump 2020

  8. I never thought I would see Democrats become so evil and mean. They have such hatred in their hearts. They r terrified of President Trump. He’s a great man.i love the fact that he says what he thinks . Four more years!!!

  9. This is a Dem manner, find a person and investigate the person. While the American justice system is find a crime and investigate a crime. We’ve gone down a rabbit hole.. into Secret Courts using Grand Jury in unlimited scopes, never ever done before to anyone in America even Drug Dealers and Terrorists which are the people that the system was designed to stop.. people that could buy any Judge, terrorize any witness.
    Every country on the planet( except for Liberia which is run by international banking where NO OUTSIDER can be elected to stop 80% poverty levels) has abandoned this approach. Because their are no Democratic principles, primarily EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.
    SO it IS… a witch hunt…


    1. Democrats are as dumb as a box of rocks and there is no help in the future as the more that comes the dumber they get. Check it out!!!!!!!!!

  11. The President is doing a good job & hope these other party would leave him alone.The entire county are much more concerned with politicians that are borrowing monies from Social Security and want to take away benefits that we have already paid for. I believe this is a crime and hope the President can see thru that. Keep going Mr. President.

  12. First congress needs to receive the smart health care they. It’s in for the people , second how do the be one multi millionaires aftertastes they come to congress, dirty money that’s how and why doesn’t the president push for term limits for the do nothing congress

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