Ocasio-Cortez’s Super Villain Theory
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Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going full tilt off the deep end. In a recent video posted to Instagram, she claims the United States tries to “cage children” and “inject them with drugs.”

You can see the clip below:

Ocasio-Cortez’s unhinged theory is based on a racist government that is targeting these children based on them being migrants. She probably also envisions them wearing stained lab coats and manically laughing as they stroke pet alligators. 

  1. I think somebody injected ACO Kotex with some bull shit. She is one sick bitch. If she had nuts she’d be the king of bull shit. She’s nuts but there in the wrong location.

  2. This crazy bitch has to go–we need to stop giving her so much publicity–if we just ignore this stupid bitch she will go away

  3. What worries me so much is the fact the democrats don’t seem to be concerned with her insane behavior. I would love to hear from a few patrons in the gin mill where she worked. Tell us what she was like. You know, when Kavanaugh’s life was filleted open. Democrats are good at that.

  4. Just when I thought she couldn’t come up with anything more stupid than her last remark – – she proves me wrong! What a total nut job!!!

  5. I’m thinking that doctors would be interested sted in innoculating ALL illegal alien children to protect the legal populace from imported diseases. Stroking their pet alligators seems to me to be a fetish that would more reasonably be reserved for far-left nut cases like AOC.

  6. This sick p.o.s. is an indication of things to come as far as the dumbocrap party goes. I wonder how long those idiots are going to allow it (do we really know a.o.c. is a woman) to keep spewing all this total bull s**t from her pie hole.

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